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Arch Angel Ariel is my healing angel during I.E.T. Integrated Energy Therapy

Spiritual Medium

Welcome! I’m looking forward to assisting you on your spiritual journey. During our session together, I will help you clarify and gain insights into your current life experiences, patterns and lessons.

We will focus on  current life issues, including career changes, business advice, love & partnerships, and challenges in relationships to self and others. Information may come in from guides “on the other side”. The guides who come through me include my personal spirit guides, your personal spirit guides and the dear ones who have passed over, including pets.

My readings will leave you with a sense of clarity and peace. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to use my gifts in service of our mutual spiritual growth. Readings are by appt. only. Please email/call to schedule a time for your reading.

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  • 20 Min:        $40.00
  • 30 Min:        $60.00
  • 45 Min:        $80.00
  • 1 Hour:        $120.00

For immediate payment, please go to and send money to my PayPal email: Upon purchase, please add the service you are seeking in the subject line. Please send additional information and questions via email, or feel free to call me anytime. Thanks!


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Change your thoughts


The Law of Attraction is responding to your thought, not to your current reality. When you change the thought, your reality must follow suit. If things are going well for you, then focusing upon what is happening now will cause the well-being to continue, but if there are things happening now that are not pleasing, you must find a way of taking your attention away from those unwanted things.

You have the ability to quickly change your patterns of thought, and eventually… your life experience.

Take 15 minutes daily, thinking of pleasant scenarios regarding your body, with the sole intent of enjoying your body and appreciating its strength and stamina and flexibility and beauty. When you visualize for the joy of visualizing rather than with the intention of correcting some deficiency, your thoughts are more pure and, therefore, more powerful. When you visualize to overcome something that is wrong, your thoughts are diluted with the “lackful” side of the equation. In time, your physical condition will acquiesce to your dominant thoughts.


In the Stars for February


This winter has come in with all kinds of turbulent weather; perhaps due to Uranus/Pluto square so continue to expect the unexpected.  A  Lunar Eclipse Feb. 10th in Leo will bring about a strong Full Moon this month affecting Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius sun signs. The Solar Eclipse Feb. 26th in the water sign Pisces starts the finishline for winter. Great awakening on Solar Eclipse day especially for Pisces Sun signs.

The Sun in Aquarius fosters the energies for the new and innovative. It is a positive outgoing energy concerned with sharing knowledge as that is their way of showing compassion. The glyph symbolizes electro- magnetic energy being poured outward.

Aquarian Sun signs carry the message where ever they find a listening ear. Their positive outlook adds excitement and progressive outlooks are the norm for this Sun sign.  Aquarians are loving, original, inventive, and caring but with detachment as objectivity is their goal. Freedom of expression is close to their hearts and minds especially in relationships they must have room to do their own thing. The Uranian energies that rule this sign may cause them to be erratic, inconsistent and self-absorbed. They view their relationships and activities from an impersonal intellectual standpoint.  They are fascinated by that which is different and tend to choose professions that enable they to do their own thing. They like to experiment with ideas, gadgets and original designs. Some prefer to act in the political arena to help guide humanity. This sign has ruler-ship over applied scientific technology and positive occultism in conjunction with its planetary ruler Uranus.  A good color for Aquarius is a shimmering electric blue and the gemstone is the Sapphire.  Happy Birthday Aquarius! In the last few years, Uranus your ruler has been in conjunct to your Sun. It’s been a ride, some of it bringing strong change and an awakened consciousness.  Some may be having electro- magnetic changes to their bodies, inspired visions and flashes of insight; do find ways to ground yourself during this time of erratic change and evolution.

Planetary Transits
Mercury is direct and has been in practical yet ambitious earth sign Capricorn it will move into Aquarius Feb. 7th where it brings in more objectivity to our thoughts and sparks inventiveness and fosters humanitarian energies with relationships.

Venus planet of love and values moves into Aries ending the emotional ups and downs of the last month and brings in the charging, passionate nature of this fire sign. Look first and think before you jump to conclusions this month as Mars planet of action is also transiting through Aries which it rules so this can be a powerful time for actions that are Spartan in essence.

Jupiter the great benefic turns retrograde Feb. 6th in the justice and harmony seeking sign Libra until June 10th when it turns direct at 13 degrees Libra.  Consider this a time of great inner growth and expansion for the more philosophically minded. Our direction in how we consider and weigh the details of our relations will hopefully grow more wisdom and faith which Jupiter rules. A good aspect for the air Sun signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Saturn planet that represents Karma, restrictions, limitations and how we approach the obstacles in life continues its trek in the fire sign Sagittarius between 24-26 degrees it’s almost at the end of this sign this year. However, we continue to work with the energies of Sagittarius which helps to inspire conscientious intellectual responsibility and serious view based on traditional concepts. The moralistic and limited views of the past have resurfaced creating obstacles that challenge our collective today.  Psychologically, Saturn represents the shadow self. Whichever house in your natal chart where Sagittarius is placed will continue to bring you your greatest challenges this year to overcome fears.  Sun signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will feel the pressure more than other signs.

Uranus planet of electric change, revolution, upheavals continues in the fire sign Aries ushering in the new and initiating flashes of insight as to how and where to assert ones independence.  We may look for freedom but not at any price-patience is warranted.

Pluto in Capricorn has been busy showing us the need to regenerate our systems of government, order and structures that hold our system together until 2024 as we usher in a new world order. The last time we had Pluto in Capricorn was during the American Revolution and the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  Since that time we are now globally interconnected thus a new way will emerge.

The Lunar Cycle for February
The lunar cycle determines the stages of growth during the month; we start this month with the First Quarter Moon in the practical security minded earth sign Taurus on Feb. 3rd.  This is a good time to grow your plans and projects and to start your seeds indoor.   Taurus does not like change so clinging to one’s ideas of security may be the norm – appreciate and enjoy what you have.

The Full Moon  Lunar Eclipse in the fire sign Leo Feb. 10th. This is a good day to look at your ambitions and your personal expression within the whole of the collective. Eclipse energy can set off many changes for those with planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.  This is a good time to evaluate.

The Last Quarter Moon issues in the ending cycle of growth for this month. The Moon in Sagittarius inspires adventure, freedom of thought, outgoing and idealistic feelings.  This may be a restless day as the Sun enters into the mystical water sign Pisces. A heightened imagination and sensitivity to our surroundings is in store for this day.

The month ends bursting with energy as the New Moon Solar Eclipse in the water sign Pisces occurs Feb. 26th.  This eclipse may start a new cycle of activity but it’s not always a good time to start a new venture on the time of the eclipse as the Moon blocks the light of the Sun from the Earth. The times occurring are Pacific at 6:58 am and Eastern at 9:58 am.  Some people are affected positive or negative by the eclipse.

Astrology shows the energies that are available; we get to choose how to work with them
Peace and Blessings


In the Stars for January 2017


Happy New Year 2017 of the Gregorian Calendar

The transiting Sun is now in the practical ambitious earth sign Capricorn. The fullness of winter is here as we look at the pretty snow falling in most places this holiday season in the northern hemisphere. This is a good time to do as nature go within and conserve your vital force energy.
This year 2017 resonates to the number one in numerology which stands for new beginnings it’s a force of energy that charges forward towards new initiatives and pioneering movements.
If your birthday personal year is a 1 year then you will feel it more than others. Also if your life path is a number 1-originalaity, leadership initiating projects are your strengths. We shall see how planetary wise people and nature reacts to this force as new beginnings can begin with unsettling energy.

Capricorn’s historical symbol the goat-fish stands for the serious somber nature with a steady rise from the ocean to the sky, as it climbs the mountain of ambitions.  The glyph represents the knees bent to obedience to Saturn the task master of the planets. Capricorn sun signs are known for their focused energy which gives them a bad rap that of being ambitious concerning work/career. The Capricorn sun sign is a cardinal feminine earth sign, focused on overcoming fears, limitations and obstacles in order to achieve its ambitions. Capricorn Sun signs are known to be organized, efficient, status-seeking drives, self-discipline cautious and conservative in style. The Capricorn Sun increases the desire to better oneself regardless of the conditions one is born into thus overcoming Karma which Saturn rules.  It is a sign chosen for the ability one has to change limiting conditions of one’s consciousness.  Capricorn is a loyal dedicated friend and a hard worker. They work to provide security for their loved ones with whom they feel loyal and dedicated towards.  They are born with a mature outlook often suffering in their youth and being more youthful in spirit in their mature years. A very creative sign they prefer to use their intelligence doing useful things and keeping busy with their hobbies as time is important to them. The quartz crystal and the Birch tree are your elemental helpers here.
Happy Birthday Capricorn natives this is your year to really change your ego and transform your-self to a more positive open minded person. The process of transforming into a new consciousness and awareness has been coming closer as Uranus squares and Pluto conjoins your Sun thus giving you a better sense of what power or empowerment can be for you through a new identity.

Major Planetary Transits
Mercury goes direct motion Jan. 8th in the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius then shifts back into cautious practical Capricorn Jan. 13th at the Full Moon phase also in Cancer. So we have that polarity on that day of the Capricorn/Cancer opposites. Mercury retrograde periods help us finish things up and learn conscientiousness and develop plans not yet to be ready to launch. Mercury rules communications, networking, schedules and the way things hold together it is like the glue in things that’s why when its retrograde things that are going to break down will do so. Each year there are three of these cycles the next one is in April/May 2017. As Mercury moves direct through January, we may find ourselves sorting through decisions made under the retrograde can change during this time.

Poetry, inspiration and love-Venus in Pisces with Mars in Pisces are transiting in together forming a conjunction to one another.  This can influence our ideals around love relationships, negotiations, artistic inspirations and sensitivity with our actions this month. This aspect can make for more subjective love, passion, dreams, perhaps a romantic or poetic time for the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Action is more centered on aesthetics.  Neptune in Pisces adds more mysticism to this mix. Pisces Sun signs are particularly influenced to reach for more meaning in life as the veils of self -deception and illusions are washed away by this transit. The best way to handle this aspect is to practice yoga and meditation type disciplines for the higher spiritual and mystical experiences are there for Pisces now.

Freedom vs Tyranny-Jupiter in Libra helps increase our sense of justice and fairness where it helps expand grace, legal contracts, and fairness in business dealings. The Sun signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are mostly helped to grow in beneficial ways by this transit. Uranus in Aries opposes Jupiter in Libra this month. This aspect may bring about a release of energies which can foster freedom and liberty for those under the tyranny that is impinging human rights around the globe.

Karmic endings-Saturn is nearing the end of its transit through the fire sign Sagittarius. If you are a Gemini, Virgo, Sag. or Pisces the pressures and burdens are lightning up. Saturn transits over the Sun or forming aspects to the inner planets can give some needed lessons to the ego consciousness that may help to lift the restrictions and limitations from ones experience.

Transformation and Change continues to be the challenge world-wide, as Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn continue to create the tension for us to break up our limiting structures; be they mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

The Lunar Cycles for January
The New Moon started Dec. 28th in the practical ambitious earth sign Capricorn. This Sun and Moon conjunction starts off the new phase of growth for this month.  Be careful not to push ahead too quickly as Mercury is still retrograde. The new moon energy always wants to push and grow new projects and those may be more practical realistic yet ambitious under the Capricorn influence. This is also a good time this year to clean out the old and bring in the new.  This is a good time for inner hibernation. A time to reflect on what has changed for you this last year and think on the new plans hopefully more clear as we go into the start of a new zodiac cycle in the spring when the Sun enters Aries.

The First Quarter Moon occurs in the fire sign Aries. This can be a very energetic day and time to put things into action. Uranus in Aries and the Moon influences our minds to be erratic, independent, inventive and self-centered.  Jot down those new ideas as this can be awake up call.

The Full Moon occurs Jan. 12th in the intuitive security centered water sign Cancer.  A time for reflection and introspection as this may be more the day that things come to a head during this lunar cycle. Harmony and balance I felt from the solar plexus a good day to take a hike in nature and let the burdens fall away. The Moon shifts into Leo on this day and the tone changes from the somber to the carefree joy.

The Last Quarter Moon in the intense water sign Scorpio finishes off this lunar cycle of growth. This is a day when you may find that being with your feelings is the most productive way to experience the flows of life around you. Moon in Scorpio increases our suspicions, sensitivities and is good for cleansing our emotions. The Sun shifts into the freedom seeking air sign Aquarius this afternoon lifting up the energies.

Happy New Year!  Another numerological cycle is completed of the Gregorian Calendar which we subscribe to. However, our 4 seasons around the 12 signs of the zodiac end in the time of Pisces and the new cycle begins with Aries.
Peace and Blessings


Winter Solstice


The Winter Solstice is when the Sun enters 0 degrees Capricorn the shortest day up here in the northern hemisphere. Traditionally we have lots of lights, candles and fires to keep us warm as our ancestors did in the uppermost northern countries. Capricorn being the opposite of Cancer; respectively our winter and summer seasons reflect a longing for one another as the cold seeks the hot and vice a versa.

Capricorn is a practical earth sign, which seeks to fulfill its ambitions in meeting the necessities of life. Capricorn  Sun signs must overcome the fear of survival, and the blocks to its ambitions. This is the tendency around their ambitions and the executive manner in which it seeks to climb up the mountain and gain its self-esteem and power by overcoming so many obstacles to its sense of freedom. Happy Birthday Capricorn! Strong changes in your egoic expression due to Uranus and Pluto aspects particularly at the end of December. Change is good though it may be painful.

Keep it simple for the holidays


Mercury is Retrograde in the practical earth sign Capricorn this holiday season. Mercury rules communication systems, networking, all things as they come together to join, mold, connect and make a form that works that is why if machinery is about to break down it does under the retrograde we need to be more patient with everything and especially our communication with others since things can be misinterpreted and confused.Computers get slower, transportation hassles and re-scheduling are more prominient during this time. Pace your self, know that things can be sudden and surprises are likely to happen;  be conscientious.  So check all your lights and things that may be malfunctioning;  just fix them or replace them and avoid bigger problems.

Keep it simple is my motto this season. Mercury goes direct Jan. 8th. Happy Holidays!

In the Stars for December




In the Stars for December
The positive Sun now transiting through the fire sign Sagittarius showers us with enthusiasm to further our goals. It is the season for giving as we are encouraged to be jovial, optimistic, outgoing and sincere right before the transiting Sun goes into the practical serious earth sign Capricorn on Dec. 21, the Winter Solstice point the longest evening here in the northern hemisphere. Traditionally we light candles and adorn the fir tree; celebrating the Yuletide and all holiday celebrations going on this winter season in the hope that the Sun will return again with its warming light.

Sagittarius Sun signs are optimistic, adaptable outgoing folks who like to aspire to the heights of their ideals. They are always busy with the aim to get their ideals off the ground. They need freedom of expression, and room to have many adventures in their life for they are natural travelers and philosophers otherwise they can be unhappy, arrogant, dogmatic and high horse riders, who can be tactless, irresponsible and capricious.  But generally they are freedom-loving people who need their space around them. Happy Birthday Sagittarius! It is has been a tremendous year to work on your goals, and to develop the discipline to carry them through to completion as Saturn has been conjunct and going over your Sun. This represents a time to understand your limitations around your self-worth and to resolve any issues which may be holding back. A good time for growth and good luck!

Planetary Aspects
Mercury will turn retrograde station on Dec. 19th in the practical earth sign Capricorn. Mark your calendars! If you are making any major decisions, like signing contracts or purchasing major items do it before or after the retrograde. Most likely you will find that not all the information was there in the beginning of the negotiation and after the retrograde is over things change or go in different directions when Mercury turns direct. It is best to finish up projects, give plenty of time to schedules, traveling because the pace of time changes. So plan things but don’t execute until after the retrograde is over on Jan. 8th, 2017.

The transiting Sun in Sagittarius conjuncts Karmic Saturn also in Sagittarius for the first two weeks of December, there is likely to be a tone of serious or focused energy during this time.  Perhaps, we as a collective will revisit the goals and ideals we share around our rights for freedom of speech. We could devise and put forth some realistic plans to ensure those rights. Saturn in Sagittarius will bring about karmic retribution, perhaps new teachings around our belief system. We reap what we sow.

An urge for the new and innovative is afoot, as Venus will move into Aquarius away from restrictive security seeking Capricorn where it was cautious about any moves or investments. With Venus in Aquarius, we are more likely apt to entertain unconventional values within relationships but from a point of view of a cool detachment yet concerned with humanity’s welfare.  Venus conjuncts Mars who is also in Aquarius where it seeks out the original, innovative and unique way of doing things. The two may impart more friction for us to break through the conventional forms and seek out more innovative ways of holding value about relationships, partnerships and negotiations. Mars seeks self –determination, choices for change and stratagems for those freedoms.

Jupiter in Libra brings growth and expansion within the collective mind is the response to humanitarian values as we seek to grow the spirit of sharing and cooperation as Jupiter in Libra enhances our minds with the spirit of justice, harmony and balance. As the masses organize against tyranny true leadership will emerge from the group mind which is appearing more adverse to self -centered interests.

Going forward more chaos Uranus in Aries goes direct Dec. 29th at the New Moonphase squaring Pluto in Capricorn bring about the needed impetus for those changes to take place. All those who are aware of the call are emerging everywhere some are laying down their lives to make the world pay attention to the need for a new organization centered on human rights. The question of the day is:  are we aligned with the greater forces of change based on thinking in terms of abundance rather than of the fear of scarcity and survival of the fittest based on Darwinian values? Some are listening to the humanitarian calling, as history repeats itself we do have choices to evolve. The needs of the whole are greater than that of the few.

Neptune continues to impart mystical vibes while it treks through Pisces which it rules. All the mutable signs:  Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are under Saturn’s in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces influence.  This may seem as if you are urged to discern the real from the unreal, the ethereal and idealistic notions in your life. Some may find it to be a confusing or inspiring time depending on how flexible you are.

The Lunar Cycle for December
We started this lunar cycle Nov. 29th with the New Moon in the fire inspirational fire sign Sagittarius. Starting those new projects and finishing up things you may have laying around is a good way to start this cycle.

The First Quarter Moon occurs Dec. 7th in the mystical water sign Pisces. Venus shifts into detached Aquarius. Our energy may drift during this day as the moon will be void of course. Avoid major making purchases or decision until the next day when the moon shifts into the dynamic fire sign Aries.

The Full Moon occurs Dec. 13th in the curious air sign Gemini. Social contacts are a plus on this day. Good for networking and celebrations going on this week. And if you are still purchasing gifts this is the week to finish up before Mercury goes retrograde.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Dec. 20th. Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn just before the Winter Solstice on the 21rst the shortest day of the year when the Sun enters practical earth sign Capricorn. 
Your patience will be tested during the next few weeks, so take your time during the holidays because of the retrograde. It may feel as if all the joviality got taken away like the story of the Grinch who stole Christmas.  It’s rather the time to look beyond the material world and see into the light in ones’ heart to find the real gift of this season.
Happy Holidays!
Peace and Blessings


Anticipation is a good feeling when you feel that something new and exciting is in the air. When it feels that your outlook is positive and expansive. When it feels like the flow is in your favor. When you just know that some thing good you’ve been asking for is on its way to you.

“There is nothing that you’re wanting to know that you do not have the capacity to understand fully. And there is nothing that you’re wanting to know that the Universe does not already know that you want to know, and has already begun the process of answering. And so, go forth in excited anticipation that the new ideas will continue to bubble forth, and that the Universal Forces will continue to come forth in loving, benevolent, eternal answering to that which you are about. ”  Abraham-Hicks