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Arch Angel Ariel is my healing angel during I.E.T. Integrated Energy Therapy

Spiritual Medium

Welcome! I’m looking forward to assisting you on your spiritual journey. During our session together, I will help you clarify and gain insights into your current life experiences, patterns and lessons.

We will focus on  current life issues, including career changes, business advice, love & partnerships, and challenges in relationships to self and others. Information may come in from guides “on the other side”. The guides who come through me include my personal spirit guides, your personal spirit guides and the dear ones who have passed over, including pets.

My readings will leave you with a sense of clarity and peace. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to use my gifts in service of our mutual spiritual growth. Readings are by appt. only. Please email/call to schedule a time for your reading.

Yahaira    •    (928) 203-6461    •

PRICING (for all prices, click HERE)
  • 20 Min:        $40.00
  • 30 Min:        $60.00
  • 45 Min:        $80.00
  • 1 Hour:        $120.00

For immediate payment, please go to and send money to my PayPal email: Upon purchase, please add the service you are seeking in the subject line. Please send additional information and questions via email, or feel free to call me anytime. Thanks!


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Autumnal Equinox- Mercury Direct


astrology-1293255_960_720The Sun enters Libra, the seasons change with regularity and Mercury is now moving direct. Things should start to smooth out in the next few days. If you find yourself in a chaotic state, working out the Mercury Retrograde decisions may be in store for you. This was an incredible learning curve now we can relax a bit and enjoy the Autumn colors and breezes. Libra fosters cooperation; relationships get a boost this month while Sun and Jupiter travel through this harmony seeking air sign.

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Jupiter in Libra








Today Jupiter planet of growth, wisdom and wealth shifts into the harmony seeking air sign Libra. A welcome relief from the last 1 and a half year of Jupiter in Virgo. Benefits come from cooperation and teamwork in relationships. Jupiter in Libra seeks to expand our sense of justice, fairness and democracy.  Jupiter represents opportunity, increase, rewards, abundance, tolerance, charity, philanthropy, faith, ehtics, confidence, idealsim, aspiration, justice, loyalty, self-indulgence, joviality, extravagance and conceit. This year Sun signs Libra will get an extra boost in their confidence. Sun signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will be moved toward opportunities to expand and grow. Jupiter will transit throght Libra until Oct. 2017.

Grand Quintile of August 28, 2016

Great insights!


As we have written elsewhere, we are entering an amazing window of time.  Here is the basic chart for the Grand Quintile of August 28, 2016, filtered for the Grand Quintile:

Grand Quintile 1 2016-08-28 (prior to Solar Eclipse)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is what we have written about this window of time that begins with this pattern:

We are at the edge of entering a truly amazing period of time that starts “about now” (late Leo, circa August 15th and points forward) until some time in late September, possibly “about’ the change of seasons at the Fall Equinox.  Here is why it is amazing:

  1. A Grand Quintile forms on August 28th.  These are even more rare than the Mystic Rectangles we encountered a few weeks ago.  By itself, that would be enough, but….
  2. Mercury stations retrograde on August 30th (and, as of August 15th, we are in the “shadow” of the retrograde where we are…

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In the Stars for September


bjasmine-cm-virgoIn the Stars for September-Solar Eclipse in Virgo-Mercury Retrograde

The transiting Sun is now moving through the practical analytical earth sign Virgo. The Solar Eclipse on September 1 initiates a charging, bursting new energy this month. Solar Eclipse energy works to wake us up to a new awareness at its best; at its worst it can upset those who remain unaware of the change causes apparent disruption.  These are the last weeks of summer and cooler temperatures arrive when the Sun enters Libra Sept. 22 on the Autumnal Equinox.  As the cycles continue with regularity around the celestial zodiac the energy of Virgo brings in a discriminating discerning busy energy around practical concerns which can revolve around indecision this month due to Mercury Retrograde. However, it will be a good time for research and evaluation.

Virgo ruled by Mercury is very much concerned with communication and organization. Traditionally, this is the time to evaluate and to harvest the crops clean up the garden and get ready for the fall. The symbol of the virgin stands for purity of mind and the stalk of grain indicates potential fertility. Virgo rules the abdomen and lower intestines both which focus on the elimination processes.  This is a good time to check dietary considerations, as the weather changes warmer foods, root vegetables are a good way to prepare to strengthen your body for those environmental changes.  As the analytical energy gets strong we can sort through our options and get ourselves organized, clean up loose ends with any project especially now until September 22nd since Mercury ruler of Virgo will go direct. The Solar Eclipse occurs Sept. 1 ushering a burst of energy evolving a new consciousness especially to the mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces a new life is unfolding.

Virgo natives are concerned with methodical action, effort, exacting drive and a sensible attitude. These intellectuals are discriminating which is an attribute of Virgo. Persons born from Aug.23-Sept. 22 are predominantly motivated by a sense of duty and service. They are likely to fulfill their obligations as the abhor procrastination, tardiness and laziness. Most are born with great impeccable taste in fashion and can design as they see patterns quite easily. They are motivated to be of service towards others and though they are practical rather than romantic they will commit to any relationship they feel they can be of service as ethics are important to them. They are logical and witty souls who enjoy detailed work that allows them to use their discerning sharp mind. To them facts should fall into an orderly sequence thus they make for great crafters, analysts, teachers to name a few profession. They enjoy friendships with more intellectual types and seldom waste precious time. They tend to be busy with many activities and projects going on at the same time. They are the ultimate multi-taskers. To achieve fulfillment, they must feel that their work is of practical value to society. Most Virgos love to garden, write, create forms through crafts, or work with nutrition as they are motivated by health concerns. Happy Birthday Virgo! The next few months will be a great time to evaluate your life progress as your ruler Mercury is retrograde in Virgo; this strengthens your energy to put things in order and prioritize your interests and plans for the next few months. The transiting conjunction of Mars and Saturn together cast a challenging aspect to your Sun; this square will bring tension and pressure upon you to make needed decisions. Neptune is also squaring your Sun encouraging you to bring about a better vision of hope and dreams for the future.

Planetary Influences for September

Mercury is retrograde in Virgo until Sept. 22 when it turns direct. Mercury retrograde periods are a great time to evaluate, go over old plans and projects. Research, writing, planning can take on unusual detours. As Mercury rules over how things come together on the earth plane, it stirs up any material objects that are in need of repair. As things do not always move smoothly while this planet is retrograde we must pace ourselves, learn patience as schedules can change without cause, and troubles can pop up out of the blue to trouble shoot, and communication systems can break down.  Indecision, changes, orderly thinking is required as not all the facts may line up.  By transit Mercury retrograde conjuncts Jupiter planet of expansion and opportunities also transiting through Virgo this aspect can focus our energy to deepen our research regarding networks for expansion, wealth, perhaps helping us to develop a philosophy that is more practical, ethical and earthy.

Venus planet of relationships, values, negotiations is moving through the air harmony seeking air sign Libra. This is a great placement for Venus as it seeks to negotiate, create harmony and balance particularly with negotiations; relationships can benefit from the cooperation that Libra lends.

Jupiter will transit into Libra September 9th starting a new direction with the forces of expansion, distribution of wealth and may be helpful to the arts, relationships of all kinds where partnering is based on cooperation, respect and harmony plus a benefit to legal systems. The transiting Sun in Libra Sept. 23 conjoins with Jupiter bringing at least a two week period of optimism, hope, cooperation and enthusiasm to our spirits.

Mars and Saturday the lesser and greater malefic continue to move through the fire sign Sagittarius for the first part of the month then the tensions and frustrations will ease up mid-month.  This is a good time to watch your judgements about others and eliminate restrictive belief systems that bring about difficult karma.

Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn are still squaring showing us the challenges to maintain our freedoms and to change and reform restrictive governments, banking systems, and or anything that does not work for the benefit of all any longer.  Pluto Stations direct Sept. 27th this is a powerful station for the forces of transformation ,rejuvenation or endings.

Neptune in Pisces continues to exert its influence particularly to the signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. These Sun signs can benefit from hooking into the spiritual benefits of Neptune; love, imagination and surrender your ego to your higher self and let go of attachments that bring more suffering. Learn to go with the flow.

The Lunar Cycles for September

The New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs Sept. 1 in the practical analytical earth sign Virgo. Eclipse energy brings great insights and changes like a wake up call. We can feel the new energy bursting and opening our minds to greater insights. But with Mercury retrograde best to check things out before jumping ahead.

First Quarter Moon occurs Sept. 9th, in the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius, this may be a good time to explore new directions as Jupiter also moves into the air sign Libra and we can hope now to have more symbols of justice and retribution start to show up. This may be a good time for relationships.

The Full Moon occurs September 16th in the mystical water sign Pisces. This can be an inspirational time to revision yourself by surrounding yourself with beauty, music, or meditation on the universal flow of love and healing available to all; but watch out for escapist tendencies. Full Moon energy brings things to the zenith of their development and heightens our emotions.

The Last Quarter Moon in the water sign Cancer can bring a great shift to the many considerations and decisions made this month. This will be a good time to evaluate what has happened due to Mercury retrograde now direct by sorting and sifting what you want to keep or to fix any messes that occurred during the retrograde as they will show up. This is a time of back trekking before the New Moon starts a new cycle. Venus shifts into the mysterious intense water sign Scorpio intensifying emotions, agendas, and needs around relationships.

The New Moon arrives September 30th in the harmony social air sign Libra. This cycle starts off with good positive energy that helps get things moving forward again. Social graces, harmony, cooperation are the strong forces around today.

As always we can choose how to use the energy available and not be ruled by the stars.

Peace and Blessings







Whenever I find myself to be overwhelmed, scattered and without energy to continue working on my projects, I sit down for a half hour meditation open up and recieve from the eternal source of energy available from Source. While in this restive state, I often chant some OMs and it always brings my chakras and auric field into alignment, centers my energy and revitalizes me. Here is my meditation technique.

Meditation Technique                  

Begin by sitting in a comfortable position with your back straight or propped up on pillows.

 BREATH- Close your eyes and begin taking in deep breaths, slowly inhale through your nose and out through your mouth.  Visualize the incoming breath as two beams of white light. See this breath as energy or prana. As you begin to concentrate your attention on your breath, allow your body to relax, releasing the tension in the body with flow of the incoming and out going breath.  When you feel relaxed begin to visualize a beam of white light coming in through the top of your head. Visualize this beam coming down over your face, neck, shoulders, down the front and the back of your trunk, out your arms, hands, and out through your legs and feet.  Create an oval of white light all around your body. Remember to keep breathing gently and rhythmically. Connect the breath and light as one process. This process takes about 5-10 minutes.

 Chanting-Toning, is another way to relax and concentrate on your breath to create an inner space for meditation to occur. Start by chanting the OM. Start saying it outwardly in repetition; hold your inner focus on your third eye, the center between the eyebrows.  The OM, the universal sound of God, works to clear all the chakras, the main energy centers in the body. The OM aligns the four bodies, i.e., the physical, the emotional, mental and spiritual we have four bodies and 7 levels of awareness available to us.  The sounding of the OM is really A-U-M the registers at the base and sacrel chakras, the OO sound registers at the solar plexus and heart chakras, and the MM sound registers at the third eye and head center. Practice chanting the OM to clear the centers for energizing and aligning to your higher self or soul self.  5 minutes

 Visualizations- Affirmations

This is when you can use your mind to visualize the things you want to get done and prioritize see them easily completed.

 When you feel you’ve settled into this quiet space you can work with your own subconscious by affirming positive feedback to the areas you would like to work on. Use your visualization to create pictures of what you want.  For example to eat better food, to clear up negative behavior patterns, to focus on problem solving. To strengthen your self esteem.  You can create your own affirmations like:  I am light, I am love, all good things flow towards me and out of me, I give and receive naturally. All my needs are met by the Creator physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  I ask for a solution to my challenges and the universe responds. I am faith. I am a good person. I am harmony today. You can use this time to pray to your supreme being, deity, saint what ever you believe in.  5 minutes

 A 20 minute meditation morning and night are best for optimal results.

You can do all these at once when you get familiar and comfortable with the process.  The habit of relaxing when breathing will put you into an Alpha state or Theta by quieting the mind and allowing you to connect with your soul body or Source.




Moving with the changes


“There are those that say, if you do the uncomfortable thing long enough, it will become comfortable. But we are really not encouragers of that. We are encouragers of coming into alignment, and then taking the action. We are encouragers always of getting rid of the fear; we would never want you to keep doing things that you feel fearful about. And maybe the path of least resistance is just not get on the horse. Maybe the path of least resistance is to get on a different horse—but we would never move forward in fear.”



Bach Flowers and the Planets

Bach Impatiens

Due to the planetary configurations, affecting Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces; this is an important time to treat symptoms like depression, indecisiveness, fears, anxiety, directionless with the wonderful Bach Flowers.  As Mars/Saturn in Sag. brings on frustrations, limitations, grief, depression and suffering and Jupiter in Virgo/Neptune in Pisces cast the confusing indecisiveness, faithless and directionless energy we have been feeling all summer. Particularly if you are: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. These planets have been making a T-square aspect which is challenging to most. Here is a suggestion to help you get through this phase. I suggest a mix of Star of Bethlehem, Impatiens, Gorse, Aspen and Wild Oat for Mars/Saturn for depression, low spirits and frustrations, and for feeling rudderless, directionless, faithless due to Jupiter/Neptune opposition try: Wild Oat, Sweet Chestnut, Aspen, and Scleranthus.  For more information try most remedies are available over the counter at health food stores.