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In the Stars for June

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In the Stars for June

The transiting Sun is moving through the curious intellectual air sign Gemini until June 20th when it moves into the emotional water sign Cancer and we have the Summer Solstice. Gemini’s symbol is the twins, Castor and Pollux whom represent two sides of the personality positive and negative aspects which are seen in this air sign.  Gemini stirs up the mental forces this month increasing our proclivity to want to network, socialize and have creative fun with our ideas.

Gemini Sun natives love to communicate their numerous ideas. They need to constantly pursue the exchange of their fertile minds with others. They are adaptable folks who can be witty, logical and inquisitive. Spontaneous conversation comes easily and they prefer to have numerous friends from all walks of life. They can be nervous and restless and perhaps at times inconsistent and superficial but they are always flirtatious and the life of the party. Happy Birthday Gemini! This year Saturn is making its last difficult aspect to your Sun after September 2017 look for opportunities and new adventures will be possible this fall.

Mercury moving in direct motion is strong this month when it moves through its own sign Gemini. Mercury in Gemini furthers the Sun’s activity in Gemini increasing the intellectual forces so that we may learn quickly and easily. Then later Mercury will shift into the water sign Cancer around June 21 along with the Sun and the collective energy changes to a more quiet tone with an emphasis on feelings and intuitions. The later part of June may not feel as objective and clear as it did earlier in the month while the planets Sun, Mercury and Mars transit through the emotional water sign Cancer. The influence of the water sign Cancer can stir up patriotism and we can be triggered to defend home and country.

Jupiter the planet of wealth, expansion and wisdom moves into direct motion in the justice minded air sign Libra squaring Mars which governs our actions and strategies later this month. This may be a time to take action on decisions to expand your projects especially due to the tension in the air around the New Moon June 24th in the water sign Cancer which promotes new projects.

Venus in Taurus the sign it rules will lend some stability to our values.  Venus in Taurus helps us grow good loyal friends and security with loved ones.  Enjoyment of the good life is one of Venus’s gifts in the earth sign Taurus this month.

Saturn still moving through the last degrees of Sagittarius this month will aspect the Sun signs Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces those born in the late degrees of their Sun signs may still need to push through all the difficulty and hardships these last few months.  Saturn retrograde gives us lessons in ethics and inspires us to review our intellectual concepts.  We may review our morality letting go of restrictive codes that hamper our personal freedoms.

Uranus is now moving direct in Aries in its furthering our initiatives for new directives and as it continues to square Pluto in Capricorn we can see all the restrictive controls in governments all around us urging us to take charge of our own destiny. The cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are the hardest hit by this aspect.  Move forward with the changes and let go of restrictions to your creative inspirations. In order to leverage this aspect work with your will power.

The Lunar Cycle for June

The Lunar cycle is what helps us grow the projects and plans we like to carry forth each month. The First Quarter Moon occurs June 1rst in the analytical earth sign Virgo. Virgo likes to clean and be dutiful with its service this is a good time to polish up your act and that may involve cleaning up the home. It may feel like a good stable day as Venus in Aries trines Saturn in Sagittarius and life feels secure.

The Full Moon occurs June 9th in the inspirational fire sign Sagittarius. This can be quite the expansive and fun day full of inspirations as Jupiter moves in direct motion ruler of Sagittarius. Venus sextiles Mars should lend a creative spark to the inspirations on this day. Full Moon energy is a good time to take stock and review the development of your activities this month.

The Last Quarter Moon in the mystic water sign Pisces finishes up this lunar cycle. A time for imagination, intuition and dreaming may be prevalent on this day. This last moon is a finishing up energy so clear your work space and rest and relax for more energy will arrive on the New Moon next week.

The New Moon arrives June 23rd in the intuitive water sign Cancer and we celebrate the summer in the northern hemisphere with Midsummer celebrations in the northern countries of the midnight sun. Summer arrives and we come half circle around the zodiac for another season.  The Sun at its height will now begin its transit back to the southern hemisphere the skies should be bright and expansive tonight. The New Moon energy brings the strong force of change this week as Venus in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn. Let go of any type of false security this week as its character will appear very clearly. Possessions are useful to us if we use them with the intent that our abundance is limitless our super consciousness and not the limited poverty consciousness of greed at the foundation of our values that still rules within our lower subconscious.

The Stars provide the energy through their motion and patterns ; we get to choose how to use the forces wisely.

Peace and Blessings





Author: Yahaira Volpe, Clairvoyant Medium

YAHAIRA is a nationally known clairvoyant medium with 30 years experience helping people heal and expand their lives. With the help of spirit guides, Yahaira shares insights on relationships, career choices, life lessons, past lives, future probabilities and deceased loved ones. Book a session by emailing Yahaira at or calling her cell at (928) 203-6461.

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