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In the Stars for October



In the Stars for October

The fall season continues to show us the change in season with an array of brilliant colours that nature produces this month as the Sun moves through the air sign Libra. Themes abound such as justice, equality, sharing opinions, communications are increased, and people are more likely to be social and engaged in groups focused on teamwork. While the Sun is in Libra we have a sense of harmony and balance perhaps demonstrating more ease with sharing. It is a positive time to get things done, take action, and follow your instincts towards generating more ideas, romance, and social networks.

Sun in Libra natives are highly intelligent, strong with communications, and they have a strong sense of aesthetics.  They can be gifted artists, engineers, mediators, diplomats and businesses managers that involve partnerships.  They are playful, fair and just.  Libra being an air sign seeks to work in partnership with others. Their sign is ruled by Venus, so they love to please others, find beauty and harmony wherever they go. They prefer to debate rather than just quarrelling. Sharing ideas and manifesting the art of persuasion is their forte. Happy Birthday Libra, Saturn squares your Sun this year and that aspect will challenge you to move forward despite your fears you may need to be committed and dedicated to removing obstacles yet Saturn always strengthens us.

The Planetary aspects for October
1rst week- 10/1-7th, we start off with the Last Quarter Moon in the water sign Cancer, this week is good finishing up projects, and on Friday, Oct. 5th, Mercury in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn now moving direct motion, this aspect can change patterns towards a sense of harmony and balance to any new organization of thought within the larger collective.  Venus planet of love, relationships and values goes into a station retrograde phase until Nov. 15th, travelling through the intense magnetic water sign Scorpio. A time to delve deeply into subconscious patterns around relationships, values, money, secrets and yet a lot can be renewed and cleansed during this time.  Scorpio is about the transformation of the deepest primal forces within us. While Venus moves through this sign, expect to form deeper intimate connections with loved ones. Venus opposes Uranus retrograde in Taurus could bring up unusual, out of the blue information around money, securities and current values. Mars and Uranus in a square aspect to each other will continue to exert tensions around the concepts of unique and authentic expressions and breakthroughs of progressive ideas.

2nd week-10/8-14th, The New Moon boosts up the energy in the air sign Libra, this Sun/Moon conjunction is an awakening point in this month’s cycle. Libra loves to be the hostess, so going out and sharing ideas are good on this day. Tues 10/9 Mercury will shift into the water sign Scorpio where it operates more on instincts and not always very clear and will join up with Venus also in Scorpio and both plants oppose Uranus on Wed. There can be a lot of unusual energy in the air, with regards to actions, communications and tensions as Venus squares Mars in Aquarius we have some fixed attitudes which are revealed;  mid-week can be a time full of tensions. Yet some people thrive on challenge and intensity. On Friday, 10/12 the Sun squares Pluto moving direct motion in Capricorn, the forces of power, renewal, challenges with the Justice system continues to cause intrigues.  Be aware of those who use ruthless tactics, subterfuge, and coercion to get their way.

3rd week- 10/15-21, The First Quarter Moon in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn, shows us how much work and planning needs to be done around new projects.  Mercury in Scorpio conjoins Venus and trines Neptune on Friday 10/19 this could be a dreamy moody weekend good for inner awareness, imagination and artistic processes.  Mercury in Scorpio squares Mars in Aquarius lending tension with communications, conflicts can arise easily so try not to be rude, pushy with intellectual debates as this aspect increases more of our primal instinctive drives, like jealousy, turbulent emotions, resentments and vengeance, in some folks. those who are more aware, follow the flow of energy with persistence and drives around their purposes.

4th week 10/22-28- The Sun enters into the deep mysterious water sign Scorpio on Tues.  10/23 we will experience four planets in Scorpio this month:  The Sun, Mercury, Venus retrograde, and Jupiter, these planets in Scorpio will be in aspect to Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto,  lending some ease to the intense Scorpio energy perhaps some type of check and balance on any overly irrational emotions as Mars in Aquarius will aspect them by square causing challenges and tensions to our fixed inner emotional, primal instinctive energies. A good time to meet and resolve the inner shadow, fears, survival instincts and the passion is there for some o get a lot of work done this week.
The Full Moon occurs Wed. 10/24 in the fixed earth sign Taurus, Sun in Scorpio, the themes of inventive change vs security issues of our collective comfort zone is being challenged. The best way to use this energy is to let go of clinging to outward notions of comfort and security. As we see today that the charge for change and transformation is clearly visible in the political arena where the systems that operate to restore the balance, harmony and justice for all is under the scrutiny of the masses during this Full Moon.  Fall always brings us the change in the weather patterns cooler temps and amazing colourful landscapes.

Have a Happy and safe Halloween on Wed. 10/31 as the Moon shifts into the Last Quarter Phase in the fun and easy going fixed fire sign Leo.

The study of the movements of the stars can show us the patterns of the celestial energy available in creation, Astrology shows us how we can best choose and use the energy creatively.
Peace and Blessings
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Autumnal Equinox/ Full Moon



Fall Leaves


Yes, autumn is here! Cooler temperatures an equal balance between day and night this weekend, a new charge is in the air as Libra an air sign is focused on establishing harmony, peace, and balance between new ideas that may be challenging with the Full Moon in Aries charging the atmosphere with the innovative. This Full Moon is about teamwork, cooperation and balance of the self within the group. The fall colours are beautiful everywhere get out and enjoy the nature.

New Moon Virgo



New Moon in Virgo we start a new lunar cycle for growth this month. Virgo focuses our energy towards the fine details of things, love of home and gardens. Great energy for analysis of all kinds. New projects started this week will have a good chance of growth and development, just don’t get lost in the details. Saturn in Capricorn helps focus the energy for plans created now for the next 5 months.

Feelings do count


We create our own reality with our feelings and thoughts which gives us great control over what comes into the field of experience. “You are the owner of all that you perceive. But you can’t perceive apart from your vibration. Feel your way, little-by-little, into a greater sense of abundance, by looking for the treasures that the Universe is offering you on a day-to-day basis.” Abraham-Hicks

In the Stars for September


In the Stars for September

The summer season winds down now that the transiting Sun is in Virgo and will shift into Libra on Sept. 22 at the Autumnal Equinox. The Sun’s force starts to diminish as the days grow shorter and cooler and the night grows longer. Nature starts to wind down in expectation of the rest of winter. Each year these cycles repeat themselves with consistency and we count on nature to maintain these celestial cycles. The Sun in Virgo brings us to the process of the evaluation getting to the critical details and gestation of the year’s production. This is a good time to evaluate your work productivity, clean up the garden, and spend time sorting what is useful from what is no longer relevant.
Virgo being a strong analytical earth sign focuses the energy on what is methodical, productive, and sensible. Doing a perfect job, taking a logical perspective, and acquiring facts and data are strong characteristics of the Virgo native. Virgo ruled by Mercury, stands for purity, and a discriminating mind as they love to sort and organize things. They are modest, efficient workers, and loyal friends: being of service makes them happy. They are fond of nutrition, gardens, pets any volunteer service. Writing provides them with a great outlet for their organizational talents. A serene countenance makes them approachable and they are likely to be thoughtful and serviceable. Happy Birthday, Virgo, let your creativity flow this year Saturn lends a beneficial trine to give you security and good opportunities will come if you have waited for that promotion. Uranus in Taurus lends more of an electrifying change to Virgo seeking to express in a new way, and Pluto in mid-degrees Capricorn continues to help transform those limiting belief structures.

The Planetary Aspects for September
1rst week, 9/1-9 Labor day celebrations are a good time to evaluate ones hard work for the summer, and the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini, is a good time to work through any ideas and to fashion a new perspective going forward this month. Mercury now direct shifts into its own sign Virgo where it works the best with information and planning, plus a trine with Saturn this mid-month increases productivity. On Wed. 9/5, on Thurs. 9/6 Saturn stations direct in Capricorn this is a significant station as Saturn represents the time track to follow for the next 6 months. Decisions on what course to take on matters are likely to happen this week. This means that you can plan on working in a certain way moving forward with your ambitions and organizations. The last quarter moon ends the previous monthly cycles and is a good time to clean up and ready oneself for the new burst of energy next weekend when the New Moon occurs in Virgo on Sunday 9/9. Venus shifts into the intense water sign Scorpio, a time to get deeper into the value of relationships and cleanse any dark emotional stuff this month while Venus moves through Scorpio.

2nd week, 9/10-16, Mars moving forward now,  shifts into the progressive yet fixed air sign Aquarius where it focuses us to bring in the new, innovative and or weird strategies those that support freedom.  Venus opposes Uranus planet of rebellion and change, this aspect may affect current monetary values, compulsions, or any psychological processes that are up for cleansing. Sudden changes could end relationships that just don’t grow any longer or may end abruptly or contracts don’t hold well.   Thursday 9/13 may be good for creative work that allows your imagination to soar, as Mercury, in its own sign, Virgo opposes mystical Neptune in Pisces this could be a dreamy type of day. The First Quarter Moon arrives 9/16 Sunday in the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius and we may find ourselves motivated to pursue forward moving causes, travelling in order to find something fascinating as Sagittarius likes to roam around. This is likely to be a good weekend for parties, celebrations, rallies or to travel to new places.

3rd week, 9/17-23rd, Tues. 9/18may bring up some challenging energy Mars in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus challenging our patience and tolerance of others views. Some may experience sudden movements it can lead to being accident prone.  The energy shifts this weekend Friday Mercury shifts into Libra where diplomacy and sensible reason influences our mentality. The Sun shifts into harmonizing air sign Libra ushering in the Autumnal Equinox fall arrives and we can enjoy the equal balance of daylight hours and night, yin and yang, male and female; equality for all.

4th week, 9/24-30th, the Full Moon occurs at 2 degrees Aries, this fire sign will stir up the forces between the fire and air, Aries and Libra which represent the balance between the individual and the group, finding a balance is the goal of this Full Moon, imagine being on a sea-saw –it takes cooperation to move it up and down between two poles. A fun creative time which culminates this cycle, the bigger shift this week is Pluto in the serious sign Capricorn turns direct motion, this may signal the processes of change and transformation to begin, the cycle of birth, maturity and death continue and life undergoes the re-birth each spring. Pluto stations can be intense times for souls to leave the earth plane close to this planetary station those souls ready for the next adventure.

As always astrology shows us the celestial influences through the zodiac, we get to choose how to use the energy by understanding the aspects and characteristics through the signs.
Peace and Blessings

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Sun shifts into Virgo


The summer season comes to a close as the Sun starts its transit through the practical earth sign Virgo. Virgo is an energy that helps us focus and care for the details of things. This sign is ruled by Mercury which influences our communication systems, how we process ideas and use our intellect. Work and service and the themes of this Sun sign.