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Sun in Taurus

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Planetary energy shift- Sun in Taurus is a time to sit back relax and enjoy life by taking in the beauty all around us and praise mother earth. Now the Mercury is direct in Aries, so things will start to move with more ease and flow. Sun in Taurus provides us with patience, practicality, and a good business sense that is a security conscious approach to life.


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Mercury goes direct motion


This week starts off with Mercury going direct motion in the fire sign Aries and the New Moon in the last degrees of the fire sign Aries, it is a start to this spring season. This week will feel like things are starting to make sense again, and flow will be moving more rapidly especially if you are wanting to implement new projects our thinking on things will be inspired and innovative.

In the Stars for April


In the Stars for April
The transiting Sun is moving through the passionate fire sign Aries; spring has begun for most of the northern hemisphere. This is a time of great energy bursting forward as nature wakes up to a new beginning at the start of the zodiac’s cycle. We may feel that the life force is stirring us up towards new activity now that the slumber of winter has ended.
Aries starts, pushes forward no matter what the odds are. Being a fire sign Aries Sun sign natives love to be the first to express their original ideas.  They like to express themselves with sound and fury and at times they can display a pioneering spirit showing great courage to their benefit and offer great leadership or they can be blunt and direct and seem to be self-centered. They love anything that is new and novel oftentimes not finishing or following through. They can be restless, egotistical and impatience as they feel they must keep moving on. As friends, they will behave in a protecting manner as they are great warriors able to charge to anyone’s aid. These folks are romantic and passionate they take great strides to prove their worth to the object of their affections.  This year for those born later in the sign Uranus planet of abrupt change has been challenging  Arians to wake up, change take opportunities to free themselves of any burdens. The light within must shine. Happy Birthday, Aries!

The Planetary aspects through the upcoming weeks
March 31 we have the Full Moon in the harmony seeking air sign Libra, this full moon energy is great for social events, going out and sharing with family and friends as we move through this holiday weekend.
April 1rst-8th, April Fools may well be that this year as we have Mercury, the trickster of the planets, in apparent retrograde motion moving through the fires sign Aries, providing us with odd time sequences; things move fast, and then slow, then abruptly as Mercury will square Mars and Saturn this week. Take your time with contracts and agreements as the details are not always clear under the retrograde.  April 2nd Mars and Saturn join up in the serious earth sign Capricorn this could cause some folks like to experience a sense of unending frustrations and lack of energy.  This is a time to go with the flow and slow down.

April 8-15th The Last Quarter Moon on April 8th, in the earth sign Capricorn finished this lunar cycle this is a good time to make decisions, clean things up, and contemplate what new plans or projects you will like to start around the 15th when Mercury goes direct and we have the New Moon in the charging fire sign Aries,.

April 16-22. Good energy is available to start new projects and plans. Give Mercury a couple of days to run more smoothly and this is a good time to access what you learned these last 3 weeks, and or what got fixed, or what decisions you may want to review.,Tuesday, April 17 that being tax day, is full of major planetary aspects, Venus opposes Jupiter, Venus trines Neptune, escapism, lethargy, mysticism, or retreating; are some of the ways this energy may be felt. Saturn in ambitious Capricorn which it rules goes retrograde for about a 5 month period.  The energy for this day may well be slow, somber, and decisive. Saturn turning retrograde in Capricorn can be good for gathering inner strength and resolve. Most of the cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn natives born in the early part of the sign may feel it the most. April 19 the Sun enters into the practical security minded earth sign Taurus. This transit of the Sun will soften the energy, and create a more relaxed atmosphere.  The First Quarter Moon happens in the fire sign Leo on the Earth Day celebrations, a good time to march and lead and enjoy nature. Pluto planet of transformation and recycling goes retrograde in the earth sign Capricorn April 22, where it has been busy ushering in all types of changes, reforms, and transformation of those things ruled by Capricorn like governments, orders, Capricorn natives must give up the false sense of control and surrender to their higher self as this aspect to their Sun can deliver the greatest spiritual sense of freedom, enlightenment, and release. Most cardinal signs are feeling these forces challenging them as well for Uranus and Pluto both have been affecting Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Change is inevitable and is the only constant in the universe.

Week of April 23-29, Nice energy with Venus shifting into the curious intellectual air sign Gemini on Tuesday 24th, also Mars and Jupiter form a beneficial sextile which helps to ease energy through especially if you are building things, working with physical objects. Or just moving your energy like in sports or dancing. The Full Moon occurs April 29th in the powerful water sign Scorpio this could be a weekend of quiet contemplation, or working at things in solitude an aspect between Sun and Saturn can ease any difficult energy, hold on steady as the Moon opposes Uranus planet of abrupt change.

And that is the significant aspects this month, astrology teaches about the cycles through the tropical zodiac, we get to choose the way we use the energy available and their interpretation.
Peace and Blessings

Mercury Retrograde


Mercury Retrograde until April 15th in the fire sign Aries. If you know your natal chart this is where you want to look for any changes, surprises, and research. I always find finishing up old projects and clearing out the house is a good way to use the energy sometimes you find things you thought were lost. Best time to go with the flow, the energy can sometimes be erratic, high streamed and full of contradictions depending on your chart. Pace yourself if you are traveling, time can move in funny ways. Sometimes computers break down or machinery, anything that is about to will. Mercury is kind of like the glue that holds things together on the earth plane. Mercury is also known as the trickster who plays games in order to teach so pace yourself and learn about yourself during this time.

The Sun in Aries



Happy Spring! The Sun is now transiting through the fires sign Aries, bringing in a new enthusiasm and spark to life here in the northern hemisphere the Moon conjoins the Sun in Aries charging up the energy to start new projects and plans as we start a new cycle around the zodiac. Aries increasing courage, self-determination and the joy of just being.

In the Stars for March


In the Stars for March

The Sun transiting through the mystical water sign Pisces brings the more intuitive, imaginary, and fluid. The compassionate Piscean energies take to the forefront during the Sun’s trek through the last sign of the 12 sign celestial zodiac. Another year is completed this cycle. We can enjoy the ever-present perhaps nebulous energy of this sign since Neptune rules this sign, it creates and inspires the field for a more receptive yet vague sense of time.  The Sun starts its yearly transit through the fire sign Aries March 20th as we begin a new cycle at the Vernal Equinox and the earth awakens for new growth as spring commences.

Pisces Sun sign natives are often kind, sympathetic, receptive, intuitive and humble folks to encounter. They can be only understood through compassion, intuition, and understanding. They favor caring, sympathy and mutuality in their relationships. They are like the music that inspires them flowing, changing and at times vague. As a water sign, Pisces cannot be understood through logic, analysis or pressure. They most often like to offer help to their friends and family with an amount of compassion. They can be chameleon-like and may assume the opinions and moods of whomever they are with at a particular time. So they may drift in and out of situations as they are moody and can range from levels of ecstasy to the depths of despair. They are protective as all water signs are, of their inner sensitivity this may appear like they are indifferent at times this is how they censor the impressions from others. These very psychic folks are full of good intentions and are happiest if they are enjoying music, the arts, or making money to secure their footing in life as they may not like to face the harsher realities that life, so they secure their ability to make money in order to someday enjoy the life. They are multi-talented and have interests in diverse sidelines, sports, fishing, diving, dancing, poetry, music, film, spiritualism, and Yoga, to name a few. Happy Birthday Pisces, Neptune your ruler and Jupiter in Scorpio have been making aspects to your Sun this can enhance your perceptions of a more spiritual reality and help you expand your interests.

The Planetary transits for March
1rst week- March 1, the Full Moon in the practical analytical earth sign Virgo opposite the Sun in Pisces. Brings greater inner illumination mixed with practical results. Venus in Pisces trines Jupiter in Scorpio both benefices increase our intuitive sense of values and desires for expansion. We can find inspiration and imagination both help us to lift up our energies.  This is a good time for creativity and productivity.

2nd week-March 5th, Mercury, and  Venus shifts into the fire sign Aries quickening and charging up our ideas, networking and relationships with passion, Jupiter turns retrograde in Scorpio for the next 5 months until mid- July, this transit can help strengthen our inner growth and sense of spiritual values. Wealth and expansion of resources may experience a delay watch as Jupiter controls wealth, fortune and luck all under a new circumspection.  The Last Quarter Moon in the fire sign Sagittarius finishes this lunar cycle. Perhaps new enthusiasm and many directions are explored today. However, it is a good time to choose which ones to explore and which to put on a shelf for a later time.

3rd week- March 12th, Venus squares Saturn making a time of decisions, Sun trines Jupiter, adding hope, faith, and confidence to this mid-week, The New Moon in Pisces on March 17the starts the new lunar cycle of growth, perhaps a lot of imagination and power to perform as Mars transits into the ambitious earth sign Capricorn increasing the energy for movement and efficacy to our actions.

4th week- March 19th, Vernal Equinox on March 20th the Sun shifts into the fire sign Aries, increasing the light starting the spring process in the northern hemisphere. The “Light” returns for yet another annual cycle of the four seasons. This is a good day to go out and check for the signs of spring and clean up the gardens.  Spring does charge up all our energies as this is a good time to diet and cleanse and enjoy the revitalizing energy of the Sun’s return.  Mercury will turn retrograde on March 22nd in the fire sign Aries, until April 15th. During this retrograde phase, you may go over your projects and finish up those that were set aside. Watch for schedule changes, pace yourself and be patient in all things. Mercury connects the dots so things don’t often work right during this time, if they are going to break they will and you can fix things up, possibly without a good amount of frustration. Contracts and computers can give problems. So be aware of the fine print as things can get omitted by mistake. This is a good time for research and creative brainstorming. The First Quarter Moon in the emotional sensitive water sign Cancer on March 24thushers in ideas and concerns for developing new growth and with Saturn opposes the Moon we can expect to identify those areas of limitations for our desired security.

5th week- March 26th, Venus conjuncts Uranus in Aries this week can bring in unexpected flashes of intuition and inspiration to our values as we move to create more transformative forms for energy and resources.  The Full Moon in the harmony and balance minded air sign Libra attunes us to the spirit of cooperation in relationships. Venus shifts into the practical security minded earth sign Taurus and this is a good weekend for the love of recreation and perhaps indulgences. Go out enjoy and appreciate this precious time on earth.

The Moon’s Nodes are transiting through Leo/Aquarius bringing in the dynamics of the individual’s creativity to move alone versus the past times of friendships and collective ideas. It’s for the individual to answer the questions which arise in the house they are transiting through. Like; where do I fit in, and where is my community? How do I pour my individual contribution to the whole?  The search is on for these questions to be answered. If the transiting nodes cross any of the four points in your chart you will feel this influence more prominently. The nodes crossing the Ascendant/Descendant or the Mid-heaven and 4th house cusp can bring about changes that are life-changing.
As always the planetary cycles incline us to evolve and make our choices.
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Peace and Blessings

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius




The energy builds up with awakenings as The Solar Eclipse energy gets stronger and we have the New Moon in Aquarius this aspect can bring about decisions, insights, and revelations around the more unique energies pressing upon us this week. Good time to plan new group work, new inventive projects, to meditate or set intentions, like planting seeds for good works around the planet this week brings a heightened response to the collective urging for oneness and for everyone to get along.