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Bach Flowers and the Planets

Bach Impatiens

Due to the planetary configurations, affecting Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces; this is an important time to treat symptoms like depression, indecisiveness, fears, anxiety, directionless with the wonderful Bach Flowers.  As Mars/Saturn in Sag. brings on frustrations, limitations, grief, depression and suffering and Jupiter in Virgo/Neptune in Pisces cast the confusing indecisiveness, faithless and directionless energy we have been feeling all summer. Particularly if you are: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. These planets have been making a T-square aspect which is challenging to most. Here is a suggestion to help you get through this phase. I suggest a mix of Star of Bethlehem, Impatiens, Gorse, Aspen and Wild Oat for Mars/Saturn for depression, low spirits and frustrations, and for feeling rudderless, directionless, faithless due to Jupiter/Neptune opposition try: Wild Oat, Sweet Chestnut, Aspen, and Scleranthus.  For more information try most remedies are available over the counter at health food stores.




Remedies for Emotional Balance

Bach Impatiens

Bach Flower Remedies

As we move through life’s many challenges some of us experience stress from the change s within ourselves, the environment and planetary energy. We can look at the natal astrology chart and see which areas can be helped with clearing the emotional body with the use of the Bach Flower Essences. These are some of the Bach Flowers which can bring relief during seasonal transitions they are: Beech for tolerance to allergens, Walnut for life in transition, Rescue Remedy for any stressful situations and Mimulus and Aspen for fears about the changes in season and fears of the unknown.

Karmic debt

om symbolIn answer to a client’s question on releasing negative or difficult energies from the Aura:
Karmic debt is released when we no longer have those patterns re-emerging in a similar traumatic program or event. There is often a feeling of joy, freshness, lack of heaviness or burden in the body whatever body part is affected or chakra area. To clear it using Reiki; take your pendulum place over the chakra and ask if all programs pertaining to this 16th century debt has been cleared and ask the angels or Reiki guides to clear it. The clearing will happen if the higher self deems the soul has evolved the lesson and can move on to experience joy around those experiences that were traumatic. Sometimes this stuff is tricky because a soul may choose a whole life time to clear two or 3 major programs like self depreciation, self worth or simply accepting God’s grace for instance- hope this helps.