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In the Stars for December


In the Stars for December
The fall season concludes this month with the Sun transiting through the fire sign Sagittarius.  Enthusiasm, ideal, creative self- expression, joviality, expansiveness, traveling; are all of the hallmarks of this sign. People are more in the mood to be outgoing, look for fun, and freedom to roam the fields of life. Sagittarian exuberance is in the air. Take in the beauty of nature’s abundant bouquet of colors.

Sagittarius a fire Sun sign are outgoing, sunny disposition, opinionated, since and versatile open-minded individuals. They love to share ideas and ideals on any subject as they are friendly folks. Some are at times capricious, irresponsible and can be tactless with their opinions and ride the high horse; however, they love to be encouraging to others. These freedom loving individuals love to travel and are always up for an adventure especially outdoors. Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! Now that Saturn is finishing up its transit through your Sun sign you may find that the burdens of the last 2 years are lifting and some of you may have gotten strengthened by the transit. More benefits will come in 2018 when Jupiter the ruler of your sign transits through Sagittarius.

Planetary Transits for December
The first of Dec. 1rst starts on the first weekend with the energy building up to the Full Moon in the air sign Gemini. This can make for a good social weekend, Mercury the trickster of the planets stations retrograde this Sunday through Dec. 3rd through Dec. 22nd when it will move direct still in the fire sign Sagittarius. During Mercury retrograde periods, its best to pace yourself, allow for things to slow down, things can break done, so it’s a good time to be on the lookout for this, usually, computers have problems running smoothly. This can be a great time for research, finishing up projects, and it lends creativity to most projects.   Since Jupiter rules this sign the next 3 weeks can be fun, jovial, and optimistic. Also as Venus and Saturn transit through this sign until around the Winter Solstice on Dec. 21rst when the Sun shifts into Capricorn an earth sign and we can celebrate with Solstice ceremonies and prayers for the return of the Sunlight as we traditionally observe the Yuletide.

The first week starting Dec. 4th starts off with the Last Quarter Moon in the practical earth sign Virgo. This is a good time to finish up projects during this week and make ready for the New Moon on Dec. 17th.  Mars shifts into its own sign Scorpio on Dec. 9th, lending more movement and persistent energy this month.

The second week starting Dec. 11 looks good and energetic towards the 17th when we have the New Moon energy charging things up in the fire sign Sagittarius on Sunday, Dec. 17th. You may feel really enthusiastic and plan carefully as Mercury is retrograde so that launching any new plans or commitments may change later after the Dec. 23rd.

The third week starting Dec.18th we get two big shifts in the energy Saturn moves into its own sign Capricorn and this transit will deliver the reality check due to the last week of revelations while Saturn conjoined the Galactic Center at 27 degrees of Sagittarius. Perhaps for those sensitive to the energy may have felt a lot of negative vibrations for a few days then a release. New energy is possible now in a real grounded way. The Winter Solstice on Dec. 21rst when the Sun shifts into Capricorn and will conjoin with Saturn can make for a crystallization of our challenges and obstacles. This aspect can generate ambition coupled with the discipline to carry things through with an objective conscience. More changes are underway as material aspects will come under renewal as Saturn moves through Capricorn and conjoins with transformative Pluto also in Capricorn by the end of 2018, perhaps we will see changes in the structures of power during this coming year.
Mercury goes direct Dec. 22 and the normal pace in our affairs will start to pick up. The holiday weekend can be a time of sensitiveness, generosity and good for faith, meditation, and prayer while the Moon is in Pisces. This can be a good time to review and partake of the spirit of giving and sharing this year.

The fourth week starting Dec. 25th Christmas Day starts off with the Moon in the fire sign Aries. This can make for a dynamic and outgoing week as the First Quarter Moon enters into the charging fire sign Aries. Now is a good time to put those plans and projects into action. Mars conjoins with mystical Neptune on Dec. 28th bringing in an inspiring spiritual energy to tap into.  The calendar year finishes up Dec. 31rst with the Moon in the witty, playful intellectual air sign Gemini. This night looks like it will be fun and light to go out and socialize with friends and family for the Happy New Year celebrations.

Astrology teaches us how to perceive and make choices due to the energy that cycles and abounds as we look through the zodiac.
Peace and Blessings



In the Stars for November

The holiday season begins in November with Thanksgiving Day later this month. As we travel through the zodiac, the fall season is underway and winter is on the horizon. Nature turns its forces inward to go within to self -nurture, restore, gestate; all good concepts for this time of year when we should follow nature and rest and contemplate our inner growth.

The Sun transits through the mysterious water sign Scorpio than later in the month through the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius. Scorpio is a fixed water sign means it likes things to be stable and non-changing. They are determined, self-reliant and persistent people who work hard and follow their instincts. The sign Scorpio is associated with regeneration, sexual expression, death, metamorphosis, transformation and life after death. An intense sign that gives Scorpio Sun signs the drive, resolute effort endurance and unflinching courage –all great qualities for them. They can be quiet on the outside but a seething volcano if their anger is repressed better for them to channel their forces in ways that give them satisfaction for their drives perhaps through sports or research into mysterious subjects like the occult and metaphysics or forensics as some are great detectives. These folks can get to the bottom of things rather quickly with one perceptible look as they are master psychologists as they are naturally curious and suspicious so they are not satisfied with pat answers to issues. They make great companions and are passionate lovers who can be loyal yet possessive and jealous, so watch out for the Scorpio sting! Happy Birthday Scorpio! This year benevolent Jupiter comes to visit your Sun bringing better opportunities and conditions. Luck is in the air so is your confidence getting a boost. Be aware of going overboard with boasting or overspending.

1rst week- Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season. The Full Moon in the practical fixed earth sign Taurus makes for an intense weekend. This is a good time to evaluate your need for transformation and security, be resourceful. Venus conjoins Uranus which may challenge some partnerships and relationships of all kinds. Be on the lookout for out of the blue energies this weekend. Mercury the trickster who rules over communication and networking, moves into the fire sign Sagittarius where it may stir things up in idealistic ways with many viewpoints but all too board for anything substantial to get done.  This month we may feel like we are scattering our forces. We may be well informed but somehow miss the finer points.  Remember this weekend Daylight saving time ends Nov. 5th.

2nd week-Venus planet of love moves into the intense Scorpio waters this helps to deepen our values for better truer relations. This placement may help family and friends as we come together this month to give thanks for our relations. Try not to fall for the vindictive side of this sign and rise above the ashes. The Last Quarter Moon occurs weekend of the 10th in the fixed fire sign Leo. We may want to go out party, look for joyful events, and be lackadaisical during this Veterans Day weekend.  Saturn trine Uranus can make for inventive and creative forms; the challenge to innovate is in the air. Notice any fixed attitudes and projections. The last quarter moon is the time in the cycle to finish up projects, clean, organize and get ready for the new cycle of growth when the New Moon occurs next week.

3rd week- 13th-19th– A nice Venus /Jupiter in Scorpio conjunction on Monday can boost our confidence this week. Venus in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces making for a dreamy Wednesday great for creativity and enjoying the earth or other dimensional realms. Mercury sextiles Mars on Friday increasing communication and networking, all the better for negotiations.  The New Moon increasing the energy Nov. 18th in the intense water sign Scorpio. New beginnings mark this weekend as Mars in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn can make for some needed decisions to be exacted. Be practical and things do get done.

4th week 20th-26. Tuesday Nov. 21 the Sun shifts into the enthusiastic fire Sign Sagittarius, raising the energy for a more festive holiday attitude. This Sun sign brings magnanimous generosity and positive vibes. Thanksgiving Holiday time features Neptune turning direct on Wednesday the 22th,makes this week dreamy , Thanksgiving day, the moon will be void of course, so things can go in different directions, try not to make purchases while the Moon is v/c for usually we are not in alignment to buy things and may not find what we want. Moon in humanitarian Aquarius on Thanksgiving 12:14pm pacific and 3:14 EST should be a good day for social events where we will want to be friendly yet detached and optimistic and caring for the welfare of others.  Sunday Nov. 26th starts this new lunar cycle of growth the First Quarter Moon in Pisces on Sunday. This is a good time to dream, envision the direction or quality of your plans and projects.

5th week, Nov. 27-Dec. 3rd. Now with the transiting Sun in Sagittarius we feel more enliven and determined to travel, have fun and make plans for more altruistic events. Full Moon in Gemini steps up the volume on networking, social events, and ideas abound. Mercury the trickster in Sagittarius the joker /philosopher goes retrograde this weekend starting the process which can set things up to go in different directions. Mercury will transit through Sagittarius retrograde until Dec. 23rd. Stay flexible with plans and projects, have fun and all will be well this holiday season.

And that’s the Stars for this month, the seasonal cycles continue with some regularity with regards to weather patterns. Which do flux here and there to keep us on our toes!

Peace and Blessings









In the Stars for October

The fall season is here yet again as the Sun moves through the air sign Libra. Harmony, balance, justice are the attributes of this air sign. Ruled by Venus this air sign encourages us to refine our communication skills like cooperation, negotiation and fairness. We want to aim for more grace and beauty in our surroundings. The colorful fall season shows us how nature maintains its balance throughout the four seasons in attunement with the Sun. The fall is the preparation for our energies to turn inward. Happy fall!

The Sun sign Libra stands for cooperative action. It is effective for teamwork, likes approval seeking, and is mentally motivated with impartial attitudes. People born Sept. 23-Oct. 22 are Librans who seek to be mild manned and peace loving. Although they like to debate aggressively or arbitrate with force they are not likely to resort to violence which they abhor. They are strategists who outsmart their opponents with subtle persuasion by planting seeds in others minds. They have an instinctive sense of fair play and justice with their judgments. They may have written the book the art of companionship, because romance and partnership are important to them and some feel lost without a partner at their side. They are likely be committed to their spouses. Because Venus rules this sign they love beauty, luxury and pleasing surroundings. Happy Birthday Libra! Those of you born early in October are having those power urges brought by Pluto squaring your Sun. This aspect may be like having to push forward to display your own sense of authority and it can bring about a transformation of your ego motivations. Uranus is also squaring your Sun bringing about unexpected events to stir up your sense of freedom and to inspire you towards the awareness of a new identity or radical changes within yourself.

The Planetary Transits for October

The first week Oct. 1 – 8th, the Sun in Libra, Mercury and Jupiter in Libra, this week should continue to be pleasant, socializing and friendly if you are pursuing networking. Perhaps the Sun/Mercury/Jupiter transit is bringing about fairness and justice to areas that really need that clarity. The Full Moon on Oct. 5th in the charging fire sign Aries highlights the Harvest Moon festival- we can share in the joyful bounty of fruits and vegetables the colorful flavors of the fall season. Ample displays of apples, corn, gourds, and pumpkins make their appearance.  Visit some local farms sharing their harvest with us in celebration of the final cycle of growth before winter.

Second week Oct. 9 -15th, some action forming squares on Oct. 9th  between Mercury and Pluto in the early morning pushing things forward maybe the theme this on this Monday. Later in the evening the Sun squares Pluto and we want to be aware of any tensions in the air. Try not to push others around rather deal with your own inner pressures. Jupiter shifts into the intense water sign Scorpio starting its trek through Scorpio until Nov. 2018 when it moves into its own sign Sag. Jupiter in Scorpio can help us deepen our sense of our inner beliefs; bringing up those instinctual forces those that could be fixated on inert principles. Around us there can be an awareness of the secretive and somber energies at work different factions of society. Jupiter in Scorpio may be industrious for any type of concentrated work you want to expand the study of great for research, and some financial markets things that Jupiter in Scorpio rules like minerals, taxes, pharmacology, to name a few. Look for more on the tax code changing this coming year as Jupiter will seek to explore regenerative tendencies. For the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces benefit the most from Jupiter as it can expand new opportunities and advantages for the use of ones willpower.  Oct. 11th may be a difficult day with the Moon in emotionally sensitive Cancer plus Mars in critical Virgo squaring Saturn in fearful Pisces. The Last Quarter Moon in Cancer Oct. 12th brings about an ending to this lunar cycle. Some decisions may be easy to make as the Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries; expect the obvious decisions fly in your face, or a day of unexpected results. However, the energy for the weekend mellows out the Moon in Leo lifts up the ambience to wanting to have more fun, and Venus shifts into its favorite sign Libra. Have fun this weekend. Venus in Libra encourages us to look at our values of art, beauty, social grace and skills in relationships.

Third week Oct. 16th – 22nd, Tues Oct. 17th, Mercury shifts into Scorpio where it strengthens the forces of research, discernment and for some more intuitive insights, Mercury transits Scorpio through the middle of November. During this time, we could turn to being more cunning, shrewd, sarcastic and secretive with our communication.  The New Moon charges up the energy in the air sign Libra; this is the new lunar cycle which starts to help us grow new projects and plans. The Sun in Libra opposes Uranus in fire sign Aries, this could be a very energetic day, and for some Libra natives may feel the shock waves in distinct ways. Open up and as change comes into the flow. The Sun shifts into the mysterious water sign Scorpio Oct. 22nd and this moderates the energy down to the watery mystical secretive inner levels. Intuition and inner feeling are heightened during the Sun’s transit through Scorpio until Nov. 21rst when we shift into Sagittarius. Scorpio is a fixed water sign meaning it does not like to deter from its principles yet because it is the water element it can be unstable with its emotional desires. This is a good time to deepen ones resolve, work with inner forces and strengthen ones strategies and sharpen ones determined will power.

Last week Oct. 23rd– 29th looks pretty mellow and easy going. The First quarter Moon occurs Friday the 27th in the fixed air sign Aquarius. The Moon squares Uranus, and Jupiter and Sun conjoin this week causing action to be taking around your plans and ideas.  This is basically an active day with ample opportunity to grow from. Then later in evening Venus squares Pluto bringing about changes to relationships, negotiations and business deals. The Mercury sextiles Pluto watch out for powerful words could be exchanged.

Oct. 31rst, the Moon transits through the mystical and imaginative water sign Pisces could make this night fun for partying and indulging.  However, it can encourage creativity for those who dress up or are making their costumes. Halloween occurs while the Sun is in Scorpio which could be why we get in touch with displaying through costumes, the forces of death, transformation, metamorphosis, regeneration and rebirth as that is the cycle we are headed into during the fall and winter seasons.

Astrology through the celestial 12 sign Tropical zodiac is a way of studying the forces behind the manifestation of life on earth. This study can give us a way for making decisions on how to use the energies.

Peace and Blessings




In the Stars for September

The transiting Sun is moving through the analytical earth sign Virgo. This energy tends to influence our thinking since it is ruled by Mercury in ways that help us get to the details of things as this energy is great for working on the practical level  however Virgo is known to be fastidious by nature as it is able to see the details but not always the bigger picture. The Virgo Sun sign has the virgin with the stalk of grain as the symbol of its purity and fertility. Mercury is the ruler that enhances Virgo’s mental acuity. Being naturally mentally aware and alert Virgo Sun signs like to use their energy towards service and some can really make this an art such in the role of the Butler, symbolically speaking. Virgo rules the abdomen and intestines so health is a natural concern of Virgos. They have a great discriminating mind, a knack for details and a sensible attitude towards life. Perhaps they are also naturally talented with communication systems as they love efficiency with any work they are doing and carry that out in a methodical way. Virgo can get overly worried and seek perfection at their detriment. Some Virgos can be inhibited or undemonstrative being shy and reticent but they are thoughtful of their friends and show caring in practical ways. Virgo shares compassion and caring by displaying it in the details.   Happy Birthday Virgo! This year Saturn leaves Sagittarius in January 2018 so your challenges for realistic change would have been met and structured. However, Neptune in Pisces can influence positively by helping you raise your vibration with your instinct for service but be aware of its tendency to blur or create illusions and be aware of being deceived or getting involved in unscrupulous activities, always aim for taking the high road.

This month may feel easier than August but maybe a bit confusing. Here are some of the important transits.
First week – Mercury at 28 degrees Leo will go direct Sept. 5th which may help you remember your insights from the eclipse pattern last month which occurred at that degree. The Full Moon occurs September 6th in the mystical water sign Pisces. This first week also has the Sun and Neptune opposition which can heighten creation of the dreamy and illusive ideas and thought forms in the air.

Second week – The Last Quarter Moon occurs on the 12th in the intellectual air sign Gemini this sign placement can stir up our social networking, communication systems are boosted. Venus trines Saturn and this helps to hold and foster structure and security around relationships. Also some ease and flow with Venus and Jupiter on the 15th helps stir up the love energy available to us and smooths out the weekend. The Last Quarter Moon is always a time of finishing up projects, decisions and clearing things up to ready for the new moon cycle.

Third week – Perhaps details do get sorted out this month while at least 4 planets will be in Virgo particularly around New Moon at 27 degrees Virgo on September 20th.  This is a strong month for communications, and some serious decisions around the last quarter Moon Sept. 14th as Saturn in Sagittarius squares the Sun. Then middle Sept. 20 New Moon time through Sept. 30th to  the last week of the month confusion can set in as Mars in Virgo opposes Neptune making for a perhaps an odd sense of directionless although you may be busy. Some type of confusion around financial issues may come up for USA economy as these transiting planets the Sun, Mercury Venus, Mars, aspect the 2nd and 8thhouses of money and as they oppose Neptune sitting in the natal chart’s 2nd house. A conflict between physical urges and spiritual drives is created by this opposition especially for people with planets in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Perhaps letting off steam in a creative fashion can harness this energy constructively. Be aware of all the escape hatches and some of the illusions on the road.

The fourth week – The Sun enters the harmony seeking air sign Libra, and the Autumnal Equinox is observed September 22nd we can feel a new beginning. The energy shifts and lifts up to a more active, social, appreciative mental energy. Libra likes communication and seeks harmony with others.  This time is my favorite time of the year when the earth gives us a break from the heat and we find beauty and harmony in nature as the Fall signals a time of taking an account of the events that have passed over the last 3 seasons that have passed and seek to find the balance that is maintained by Gaia. Wouldn’t it be nice to use this energy to help bring about peace, harmony and justice for all? Getting involved with others of like mind will continue to impact us as we move forward towards the evolving changes on the planet.
The First Quarter Moon shows the direction that growth is taking on with your projects and plans. Moon in Capricorn promotes action for your ambitions. Being careful and methodical is a way to move forward however there is a Jupiter/Uranus opposition and Pluto going direct that can set up sudden changes around those ambitions. Jupiter can aggrandize matters and Uranus delivers the freedom with a punch and so be careful with your plans under this moon phase. However if you need a push forward if you are seeking freedom and fairness, here is the energy for that adventure.
Pluto which represents life and death, transformation, evolution purifying and spiritually uplifting the masses goes direct this month at 16 degrees Capricorn. This will help to bring about the cleansing of our collective consciousness in some impactful fashion as it generates new life into Capricorn forms. Already we see that governments particularly are being challenged to change during this time. Transiting Pluto is within 10 degrees of its natal placement of 27 in the USA natal chart. In a way triggering the energies that were there during the American Revolution, sometimes history does repeat itself hopefully in a way that brings about evolution or up levels what we’ve got.
Astrology teaches us about the cycles and changes we face through the art of interpreting the zodiac; this is a way to navigate the changing seasons and signals for our evolution.
Peace and Blessings


In the Stars for August
The summer season starts to wind down in August with the Sun in the fixed fire sign Leo and then later this month the energy opens up when the Sun enters into flexible practical earth sign Virgo mid-month and we start the harvest season of the fall.
The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on Aug. 7th makes it a very unique full moon for Leo, Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius natives. Insight and perhaps for some a search for that unique place in their soul that whispers you are special share it with the group.
The Total Solar Eclipse on Aug. 21rst at 28 degrees Leo. In astrology we look at the eclipse as a sign of emerging awareness after the darkness passes. It represents a new cycle of initiation. Generally speaking in the fire sign Leo it can affect the area of leadership throughout the planet. This will affect the fixed signs Aries, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius the most or planets in those signs close to 28 degrees.
Leo Sun natives are usually enthusiastic people but with a fixed agenda. They like to be the center of attention, like the Sun, and they like to feel that all their energy is motivated by the Creative and they believe they are divinely inspired and privileged.  Leo can be warmhearted, generous and graceful towards others. The lion Leo can roar if they are opposed and can take executive action on their subjects without cause. Leo likes to rule and they do make for great leaders and organizers.  They are a tremendous source of love and encouragement for others.
This month has a lot going on first Mercury retrogrades in its own sign Virgo which will strengthen our ability to research, finish off the details of projects this can be a productive time to use this energy for intellectual tasks like writing, designing, fixing things. Finishing up old projects, finding lost items, fixing things that break down and if they are going to break down-they will; those are the best ways to use this Mercury retrograde phase. Things that are not working well will break down as this is likely especially true with computers and communications during the retrograde. It’s good to pace yourself. Take your time as Mercury will demand that we approach things with conscientiousness. Delays in plans and travel are likely. Mercury retrogrades from August 13th though Sept. 5th the week before and the week after are always the worst times so pace your-self.
Saturn the planet that represents Karma, limitations, restrictions, severe lessons goes direct at 21 degrees Sagittarius that is close to the galactic center. This is a major planetary station as it will finish with the karma of our belief systems. It can determine the longevity of people and things.  Our collective can receive a rapid increase in evolution one that fosters the awareness that energy follows thought. Our commitments to our ideals and to systems that govern thought will also be affected by the station direct. Saturn in Sagittarius is coming to the end of it trek through this fire sign and then will enter into Capricorn in January 2018.  This Saturn station usually determines what the projects are that we will commit to for the next 8 months. The mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are mostly affected.
Uranus planet of dramatic, erratic, and revolutionary change is also going retrograde until January 2, 2018. This retrograde transit through the fire sign Aries can work towards our advantage if we learn to harness the power that Uranus brings in Aries to create new directives towards anything that needs an over haul. The cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are mostly affected by the retrograde.
Jupiter in Libra moving direct is helping the cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn natives. Jupiter in Libra brings about the expansion of justice, order, rule of law, putting things into balance.
Neptune moving direct in Pisces its own sign strengthens our imagination, visions and inspiration to tap into the more dimensional aspects of our existence. Good for intuitive understanding and the exploration of the psyche.
Pluto planet of transformation death and rebirth continues to affect changes in Capricorn to systems that need the reform particularly governments which Capricorn rules. We can witness governments rising and falling as leaders push for their own agendas. The on-going square with Uranus will be felt more dramatically again in March of 2018.
The Lunar Cycle for August
We start August with the Moon in Scorpio starting the first quarter phase on July 30th. This is the first square of the Sun and Moon challenging us to dig deep and feel our passion around what we want to reform.
The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Aug. 7th reaches its apex in strength. This energy may be intense for some this month as we prepare for the Lunar and Solar Eclipse. In short we have every opportunity to grow and expand towards the urge to be one with the whole Leo/Aquarius polarity. This is a good time for insights into that special point of view and how we are all in a vibrational dance in this universe.
The Last Quarter Moon occurs Aug. 14th in the fixed and practical earth sign Taurus. Money, security and stability are the concerns for this lunar phase. Taurus energy helps us to appreciate what we have as our values can change. This is a good time to decide which things are worth keep and nurturing as we end this cycle and prepare for the next one.
The New Moon Solar Eclipse with the Moon in Leo at 28 degrees brings insight and a new awareness. Leo represents leadership, the grand cross of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius in Regulus.  A way to think of this alignment esoterically speaking is “a new king is in the throne”.  A new awareness will grow moving towards Virgo qualities such as:  service towards all, the few in the many and many in the one. The cleaning up of the toxins on the planet this may take a while but we are underway.

“Regal Regulus at 29º Leo has the honor of being the closest star to the ecliptic and therefore closest to the red carpet path of the glorious Sun. Regulus is a triple 1.3 magnitude star that flashes white and ultramarine. It is found, naturally, in the brave heart of the constellation Leo the Lion. Regulus officially entered tropical Virgo on November 28th 2011.* Could Regulus crossing this symbolic sphinx cusp, Leo to Virgo, herald the Age of Aquarius? Many astrologers speculate that Virgo will teach Leo to put aside ego, dispense personal glory, become more humanitarian and have respect for mother Earth itself. Other ‘star seed’ type commentators describe a switch from service-to-self (Leo) towards service-to-others. (Virgo=Service, Aquarius=Others).” Darkstar Astrology for Discordant Times

The energy shifts Aug. 22 as the Sun enters the service minded analytical earth sign Virgo.
The month ends with the First Quarter moon in the fire sign Sagittarius. We can move forward with a sense of enthusiasm towards learning new things and expanding our awareness ruled by Sagittarius. The Virgo Sun helps us to focus on the details help us to get ready for intellectual work indoors and to prepare for the fall in September.

As always it’s good to know the stars and navigate through the energies they emit as we make we can make conscious choices like going with the Flow.
Peace and Blessings



In the Stars for July
The hot summer season persists with lots of restless emotional energy with the transiting Sun moving through Cancer. Happy Birthday USA 241 years old! And still a young nation with lots of young souls to work out the American dream. The U.S.A. chart shows  major changes coming for the U.S.A. perhaps disruptions in our identity how the world sees us and we present a very erratic façade to our world partners as Uranus in Aries transits the first house of the solar return. The Sun Mars and Mercury all in the cancer in the fourth house does mean that we want to put our energies in our own back yard and develop new systems for creative investments in the future. Expect more of the same chaos, changes, deception and confusion making coming from our leaders until September 1, perhaps we can start to come to our senses as Saturn starts to transit the first house of the USA natal chart and the process of rebuilding comes into play for a good 2 year cycle. We had the Summer Solstice and now each day will be a little shorter as we move through the half way mark of the celestial zodiac. Cancer is a cardinal water sign meaning it is action oriented; though it is very inward focused, deep and protective of its intuitive awareness and secrets.  You may be experiencing a more intuitive time as you may find your-self being more inward focused and sensitive to others energy.
You may notice that Cancer water sign natives those born between June 21 and July 22nd are:  caring, loving, protective and somewhat secretive in their personality.  They crave security for themselves, family and loved ones some for their country as Cancer rules over patriots. They may pursue their goals however unconsciously through the feeling nature. Some Cancer natives will be quiet, touchy or evasive because they fear being hurt or hurting others so they remain quiet about things or side step the issue. They are ruled by the Moon giving this sign its flowing, emotional nature and its abundant fertility of imagination. They must overcome over emotionalism, fear of security and lack of confidence. They are warm and affectionate and may be at time self-sacrificing. They love food, music and growing things. Cancer has rules over the stomach and digestive system. This is why our emotions can affect our digestion.  Happy Birthday Cancer! You are all changing and growing perhaps with dramatic events which will help you  face up to  the inner transformation which continues to help you change and let go this year as Uranus squares and Pluto opposes your Sun.  Other Sun signs affected are Aries, Libra and Capricorn to let go of the illusion of control. It’s always best to flow like water.

The Planetary Cycles for July
The first week of July promises intensity and opportunity as Mercury moving through Cancer conjuncts the Sun and Mars all in Cancer forming a cardinal Grand -Square to Jupiter planet of growth through negotiations in Libra and Uranus in Aries which inspires the new, bold, and erratic changes and opposing transformative death and re-cycle orientated Pluto; this is a recipe for strong tensions in the air which can come out of the blue this early week of July. Some may experience this as a time of frustration around change and growth of plans and projects. Cancer can be restless and this is a take charge aspect like heroism, valor and aggression to disrupt, belligerence over exertion in order to expand personal interests.  At best this time is good for the collective to realize that out of chaos comes new ideas, growth and a direction forward is divined full of opportunities.  The cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are mostly affected by this transit.

Mercury goes into the fire sign Leo July 5th and this helps us gain more energy to step up and form better connections but not a great placement for Mercury. However, it does help to channel our energy towards the more creative and dramatic. The downside is it can foster more arrogance then we need these days.  At least it’s not moving retrograde until Aug. 13th.

Venus moves into Gemini July 5th which will pick up the social vibes for the holiday week. Venus fosters communications, learning and networking through relations this month.  Later in the month Mars moves into Leo where it functions better around leadership and strength while Saturn in Sagittarius retrograde continues to bring us a review of our philosophical, ethical, moralistic codes of law. Neptune continues in its own sign Pisces influencing our imagination to grow and stretch in search for the more mystical and spiritual meaning in life or fall prey into the abyss of deceptions, delusions and illusions  coming from the astral plane due to Jupiter /Neptune in-conjunction for most of the next two months.  Neptune teaches us that through suffering we grow spiritually the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are mostly affected by this transit.

The Lunar Cycle for July
The first Quarter Moon in Libra wants to establish good relations and harmony. The month starts off with the weekend in Libra great for socializing. The first quarter moon is when we get to decide and evaluate what things we want to keep or let go off.  This is the growing phase of this lunar cycle.
The Full Moon in the cardinal ambitious earth sign Capricorn brings the energy to the height of its growth for this cycle. This is a good time to enjoy the fruit of your labors and in this summer season to feel the power of your vitality and body. Re-align your energies and to balance your chakras for the completion is on its way within two weeks. We have just completed 6 months around the zodiac, as we enter into the second half of Sun’s movement towards the southern hemisphere of the zodiac belt.
The Last Quarter Moon in the fire sign Aries makes strong contacts with Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, the Sun and Mars and conjoins Uranus- that’s six planets! An action packed week ahead for this the ending of the lunar cycle. You may want to assess all your decisions over this week use caution since this energy can be reckless and impulsive.

The New Moon occurs July 23rd in the fire sign Leo. The Sun now moving through Leo helps us to start a new lunar phase with plans and projects towards the more enthusiastic, affirmative avenues in life. Enjoy your time while both Sun and Moon in Leo for the vitality it can bring. New lunar cycles are the time in the lunar phase to start new projects and plans as it can give clarity about the key influences coming up in the month.

Astrology is the study of the celestial bodies around the 12 month zodiac. It’s a mystical and scientific system of perception of the cycles around the map of the heavens.
Peace and Blessings

In the Stars for June

The transiting Sun is moving through the curious intellectual air sign Gemini until June 20th when it moves into the emotional water sign Cancer and we have the Summer Solstice. Gemini’s symbol is the twins, Castor and Pollux whom represent two sides of the personality positive and negative aspects which are seen in this air sign.  Gemini stirs up the mental forces this month increasing our proclivity to want to network, socialize and have creative fun with our ideas.

Gemini Sun natives love to communicate their numerous ideas. They need to constantly pursue the exchange of their fertile minds with others. They are adaptable folks who can be witty, logical and inquisitive. Spontaneous conversation comes easily and they prefer to have numerous friends from all walks of life. They can be nervous and restless and perhaps at times inconsistent and superficial but they are always flirtatious and the life of the party. Happy Birthday Gemini! This year Saturn is making its last difficult aspect to your Sun after September 2017 look for opportunities and new adventures will be possible this fall.

Mercury moving in direct motion is strong this month when it moves through its own sign Gemini. Mercury in Gemini furthers the Sun’s activity in Gemini increasing the intellectual forces so that we may learn quickly and easily. Then later Mercury will shift into the water sign Cancer around June 21 along with the Sun and the collective energy changes to a more quiet tone with an emphasis on feelings and intuitions. The later part of June may not feel as objective and clear as it did earlier in the month while the planets Sun, Mercury and Mars transit through the emotional water sign Cancer. The influence of the water sign Cancer can stir up patriotism and we can be triggered to defend home and country.

Jupiter the planet of wealth, expansion and wisdom moves into direct motion in the justice minded air sign Libra squaring Mars which governs our actions and strategies later this month. This may be a time to take action on decisions to expand your projects especially due to the tension in the air around the New Moon June 24th in the water sign Cancer which promotes new projects.

Venus in Taurus the sign it rules will lend some stability to our values.  Venus in Taurus helps us grow good loyal friends and security with loved ones.  Enjoyment of the good life is one of Venus’s gifts in the earth sign Taurus this month.

Saturn still moving through the last degrees of Sagittarius this month will aspect the Sun signs Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces those born in the late degrees of their Sun signs may still need to push through all the difficulty and hardships these last few months.  Saturn retrograde gives us lessons in ethics and inspires us to review our intellectual concepts.  We may review our morality letting go of restrictive codes that hamper our personal freedoms.

Uranus is now moving direct in Aries in its furthering our initiatives for new directives and as it continues to square Pluto in Capricorn we can see all the restrictive controls in governments all around us urging us to take charge of our own destiny. The cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are the hardest hit by this aspect.  Move forward with the changes and let go of restrictions to your creative inspirations. In order to leverage this aspect work with your will power.

The Lunar Cycle for June

The Lunar cycle is what helps us grow the projects and plans we like to carry forth each month. The First Quarter Moon occurs June 1rst in the analytical earth sign Virgo. Virgo likes to clean and be dutiful with its service this is a good time to polish up your act and that may involve cleaning up the home. It may feel like a good stable day as Venus in Aries trines Saturn in Sagittarius and life feels secure.

The Full Moon occurs June 9th in the inspirational fire sign Sagittarius. This can be quite the expansive and fun day full of inspirations as Jupiter moves in direct motion ruler of Sagittarius. Venus sextiles Mars should lend a creative spark to the inspirations on this day. Full Moon energy is a good time to take stock and review the development of your activities this month.

The Last Quarter Moon in the mystic water sign Pisces finishes up this lunar cycle. A time for imagination, intuition and dreaming may be prevalent on this day. This last moon is a finishing up energy so clear your work space and rest and relax for more energy will arrive on the New Moon next week.

The New Moon arrives June 23rd in the intuitive water sign Cancer and we celebrate the summer in the northern hemisphere with Midsummer celebrations in the northern countries of the midnight sun. Summer arrives and we come half circle around the zodiac for another season.  The Sun at its height will now begin its transit back to the southern hemisphere the skies should be bright and expansive tonight. The New Moon energy brings the strong force of change this week as Venus in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn. Let go of any type of false security this week as its character will appear very clearly. Possessions are useful to us if we use them with the intent that our abundance is limitless our super consciousness and not the limited poverty consciousness of greed at the foundation of our values that still rules within our lower subconscious.

The Stars provide the energy through their motion and patterns ; we get to choose how to use the forces wisely.

Peace and Blessings





 In the Stars for May

The mellow Taurus energy of this month helps us to be stable and perhaps remain fixed in our own views as the Sun transits through this earth sign. Taurus is ruled by Venus which lends an air of peacefulness, enjoyment of the arts, nature, and love. This is a good time to be comfortable and not try to change too many variables also since Mercury and Jupiter are retrograde. Mercury goes direct on May 4th and Jupiter June 10th.
Taurus folks by nature are modest, charming, affectionate souls who like to be appreciated for what they have. Their strong need for security sometimes lets their affectionate nature become possessive of the people they love and the things they own. If they are fixed in their views they can become stubborn if they are contradicted. They can change but just give them time. They are able to endure hardships and are often good with business dealings. They love luxury, art and good food. In friendship they are usually loyal and trustworthy. Happy Birthday Taurus! This year transformative Pluto in Capricorn continues to urge you to change your ego structure so go with the flow and let go of anything material that is holding you back.

Mercury will go direct May 4th in the fire sign Aries. Mercury will start to move in its usual pace by May 13th. By the middle of May things will be clear and anything that needs fixing or re-addressing will show up. Often times if you signed any contracts or made plans those things will be changing after the retrograde.

Venus moves in the fire sign Aries for all of May charging up the flames of inspiration especially within relationships and negotiations. Watch out for me first attitudes this placement can garner and aggressive social expressions. Mars moves through Gemini where it seeks to express strategies through intellectual debates, speech, communication systems. This transit stirs up restlessness in the energy for most of May. Saturn planet of karma, limitation and tests is moving through Sagittarius and will be opposed by Mars in Gemini later in May and into early June causing a hold up in the flow of energy. Friction, frustration and a sense of limitation will color the last week of May.

Jupiter planet of expansion continues to fair minded Libra in retrograde motion it helps us to internalize the concepts of justice, fair play in relationships and negotiations. Cooperative partnerships get a boost during this time but any plans to expand ones business dealings are on hold until middle of June.

Uranus and Pluto continue to square up oppositions, challenges to the authority of governments which you can see the youth now moving forward to gain justice for all.

Mystical Neptune continues its trek through the water sign Pisces. This can be a time of mystical experiences especially for water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Neptune operates through the realms of our imagination. We can experience more psychic impressions and spiritual attunement. However for those not so well grounded in spiritual disciplines like meditation or art we can see more disillusionment in the masses as deception is part of how Neptune operates to test our sense of reality.

The Moon’s node shifts into Leo/Aquarius at 29 degrees this month. This transit will have an impact on all fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. The nodes represent the past and the future direction. For those affected look for changes in direction, life purpose can be blurred for a short time as a new path will be sought out. The north node in Leo addresses the need to develop a creative approach to leadership and the south node in Aquarius is the past patterns of the collective we can leave behind.

The Lunar Cycle for May
May 2nd starts the lunar cycle with the First Quarter Moon in the fire sign Leo. New initiatives, drives and happy times are ahead this week; yet with a bit of a slow down or our focus being on our internal energy as Mercury shifts into direct motion.

Full Moon in the intense water sign Scorpio on May 10th.  This energies the middle of the month with a strong energy to maintain the status quo as the Sun in Taurus likes to keep things practical, the Moon in Scorpio gives us the intensity and drive to finish up or follow through with our activities. This could be an intense week for most as we are feeling powerful passionate emotions.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs May 18th in the fixed air sign Aquarius. This lunar transit helps us maintain an objective and detached attitude with our relations. This is a good time to come from the intellectual center and finish up plans and projects for this lunar cycle. Freedom and independence are the way through during this lunar influence helps us to be autonomous.

The New Moon occurs May 25 in the curious air sign Gemini. This new force of energy shines with the Sun now in Gemini now bringing in a more carefree, intellectual and social aspect to the influencing energy. Gemini is a versatile, flexible air sign that likes to study, research and communicate new ideas with humor and brilliance as it is ruled by the trickster Mercury.

As always it is the stars can influence our lives but we get to make the choices by knowing them.
Peace and Blessings


In the Stars for April
The Sun is now transiting through the charging fiery energy of Aries moves as we begin a new cycle through the zodiac this spring season. Aries the first sign of the zodiac is the emergence of the sprouting seed. It is the point of all beginnings. Aries is the outrushing force almost like a primal self-expression. For the Aries Sun sign this energy can give an Aries the forward momentum needed in this life expression. Aries Sun signs like to be first, inventive, rushing pioneering spirit, courageous, blunt and direct in manner. Aries people do not like restrictions and will assert their will power perhaps were they need to see their inspirations come alive.  Aries Sun signs like to be active and in control through an inspired style of leadership and they can offer us self-motivation and assertiveness. They can be quite energetic, outspoken and working on many projects at once thus they must learn to finish what they start and focus or delegate duties. Happy Birthday Aries! The more you allow the changes to occur the better you will orient yourself as Uranus and Pluto continue to help you change and get out of any rut.

The Planetary Cycles for April- 5 Retrograde Planets
Mercury will go retrograde between April 10th and May 4th this spring in Taurus then Mercury will move back into charging Aries before it goes direct. Whenever, Mercury goes retrograde any major decisions are best researched while you wait until you have all the facts as things can change, miscommunications are common, so pace yourself and go with the flow.

Venus planet of love, values and partnerships is also moving in apparent retrograde motion in the fires sign Aries will shift this month back into mystical sensitive Pisces. This is a good time to reflect and consider your ability to have compassion, forgiveness and peace within you around relationships before any major decisions are made.  Venus goes direct motion April 15th then shifts back into fiery Aries on April 29th.

Mars planet that represents our energy, strategies, action is the practical earth sign Taurus this may slow down the energy we assign to Martian initiatives. This sign influences us with more security minded issues like money or earth materials things may be slow to start this month yet the energy picks up April 21 when Mars enters into the witty air sign Gemini and this placement emphasizes networking efforts around socializing pick up the beat later this month.

upiter the greater benevolent planet of expansion is moving retrograde in the justice and balance seeking air sign Libra until June 9th.  During this time we may muse over the benefits of our partnerships, business associates and marriage.  Jupiter retrograde helps us reflect on the benefit of cooperation with others.

Saturn the greater malefic planet that represents learning through limitation and restrictions continues to move through the last degrees of Sagittarius where we have been assessing the higher philosophical musings of our religious thought and traditional concepts, do they help or hinder our expansion and or bring us greater suffering. Saturn goes retrograde this month on April 6th until Aug. 26th it will turn direct at 21 degrees Sagittarius.  Plan to focus this spring and summer on your deeper principles before the next change comes in September at the time of the Autumnal Equinox.

Uranus and Pluto continue to move in square aspect causing change, upheaval, transformation and affecting most Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn natives. Pluto brings major changes to those things in our lives that require us to go through a phase of losing, dying, giving up in order to transform into a more open and free expression of our soul. So open up let go of all that needs to be recycled and go with the flow.

Neptune continues its trek through its own sign Pisces bring in a more ephemeral quality to our imagination. Things may sometimes look odd and distorted especially for Pisces; Cancer and Scorpio natives may benefit the most from an increase of spiritual insights but maybe from the process of suffering and transcendence.

The Lunar Nodes continue to move through the last degrees of the Virgo/Pisces polarity. You can consider all the ways in which service and faith work together in your life. If you know your natal chart, look at the house placement for more clues about this in your personal experience.

The Lunar Cycle for April
The First Quarter Moon occurs in the water sign Cancer April 3rd.  This is a time when you may sense more about your emotional security and home life. The first quarter moon reveals more of the type of growth coming up for this month.
The Full Moon arrives April 10th in the balance and harmony seeking air sign Libra. We may swing back and forth as this week will give us the option to look at how things are growing with our plans and projects. Seek balance through simplicity in your life.
The Last Quarter Moon occurs April 19th in the ambitious and practical earth sign Capricorn. This is the week you may want to decide what to keep and what to let go of. Plans and projects may be hard to analyze while Mercury is still retrograde so finish plans started before the retrograde early this month.
The Month concludes with the New Moon energy on April 26th in the fixed earth sign Taurus. This will help us focus on more practical matters coming up in May.  The New Moon always helps us to start, initiates a new course or new plans.
As always astrology helps us understand ourselves and the forces at play in our lives. Get to know the energy of the cycles and plan accordingly.
Peace and Blessings

bjasmine-cm-piscesbjasmine-cm-ariesIn the Stars for March
Pisces represents the last of the cycle of the celestial zodiac winter in the northern hemisphere and a release or finishing up of the 12 sign zodiac cycle. In the imaginative water sign Pisces ruled by Jupiter (traditionally) and Neptune (modern times), we have the overly sensitive, psychic, intuitive energies of Pisces at our fingertips. Expansion of the imagination and a merging with the higher realms are possible since we can be more impressionable and susceptible during this time. Some folks like to find escapist avenues to deal with this highly emotional time to recharge their batteries, before the bursting of life coming up in the spring.  We can be over sympathetic, illusive, receptive and humble. The vagueness of perception due to the Piscean influence can affect our decisions without reasonable cause so watch what you think you feel during this time as Neptune is in conjunction the transiting Sun. Last week, the solar eclipse has awakened many to new awareness and insights which will show up in the next 3 months. The Spring Vernal Equinox shifts the energy March 20th to a more charging action orientated drive when the Sun moves into Aries.

Pisces Sun signs are generally introverted sensitive souls who do care about others as they like to share their compassion. Like flowing water they may appear to be unstable and fluid. Because they have deep emotions and are highly impressionable they feel more than is palpable on the surface of things, thus they may need to contend with their search for security. Most find it necessary to attend to being financially secure first than attend to their spiritual yearnings later in life. Try to see the spiritual and material realms as a synchronous symphony. Music is your muse, and for some your sanctuary in life. Sympathy and mutual caring are the best ways to understand and reach these sensitive types. They are best when in positions of caring and most may sacrifice themselves to serve a higher cause. If you are a Pisces spend time alone in nature preferably to soothe your emotions and find your balance. Happy Birthday Pisces! Some of you are having strong spiritual searches as Neptune has been passing over your Sun making things perhaps unclear and uncertain yet urging you to seek the spiritual light in your life. Neptune rules Pisces the sign of its dignity which signifies a vivid imagination, a strong ascetic tendency, and a potential for spiritual attunement to all that is.  This is a great time to merge with the oneness of life.

Planetary Cycles for March
Mercury in the water sign Pisces until March 14th when it shifts into the fire sign Aries will shift the energies from imaginative, uncertain, and introspective with our thoughts to a faster pace, immediate charging and direct expression of ideas.

Venus also in Aries turns retrograde March 4th, retrograde planets give us time to deepen and strengthen the energies they represent and by transit in the fire sign Aries it’s time to delve into the inner most passions of our values before Venus goes direct April 15th at that time take action on that which you are passionate about. Mars the consort of Venus which represents action, strategies to attain our physical desires shifts from the charging fire sign Aries to the more placid practical earth sign Taurus.  This can add a tone of peacefulness, acceptance and practical applications to our energies. Taurus does not like to change and may cling to security. Some may find these energies more useful towards gardening, securing materials, such as looking for practical gains with their resources.

Jupiter the planet that represents expansion, wisdom, growth is moving retrograde motion in the justice seeking air sign Libra. During this time we can continue to develop concepts for mutuality, justice and cooperation as new laws are in the works. New principles that benefit partnerships and business are probable during this transit until June 10th when Jupiter turns direct motion.  Jupiter in harmonious seeking Libra,  is in aspect opposing Uranus planet of dramatic changes in fiery Aries, urges a strong focus on freedom of choice based on justice and fairness. Opposition to our personal freedoms are continued to be revealed and people are inspired to stand up for their rights we see this now happening on the global level. Change is the only constant.  Also severe weather is part of this dynamic for change.

Saturn planet that represents limitation, tasks, lessons, cause and effect, time, Karma is moving through the last degrees of the fire sign Sagittarius.  For mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces this transit has brought the tension and restrictions.  For those who are aware can move beyond their perceptions of limitation, low self-worth and gain a sense of strengthening their ego while this transit last. However, those who are unaware will deal with the karma of limitations due to stifling ethical, moral, religious and spiritual concepts.

Uranus and Pluto in square aspect continue to bring about the fall of limiting organizations. Uranus in Aries wants innovative, radical, charging initiatives while Pluto the planet of regeneration stands for the breaking down of structures that limit our security ambitions in the earth sign Capricorn.

Neptune in its own sign Pisces moving 12 degrees, second decan which is ruled by the Moon, continues to imbue us with a heightened sense of perception and feeling. We can garner more insights into life, inspirations, and a new hope for a future golden era.

The Lunar Cycle for March
First week the Moon will be First Quarter in the curious air sign Gemini. The first quarter phase starts the waxing growing period of this cycle. Any new projects can be analyzed for their potential developments. Gemini encourages our abilities to make connections, network and socialize around our ideas.

The Full Moon on March 12th in the analytical earth sign Virgo may awaken the urges towards having a cleaner more efficient diet, do spring cleaning as this phase can reveal more fully the new growth you’ve started early in the month. Virgo/Pisces polarity looks for the balance between the facts and imagination. This is good time to balance your intellectual with your feeling self.

The Last Quarter Moon in the earth sign Capricorn the Sun shifts into the fire sign Aries March 20th.  This last lunar phase encourages new initiatives, decisions and action. Finish things up and re-organize this week.
The planets incline and we get to make choices on how we use the energies, each one attunes and uses their free will in this cosmic of life.
Peace and Blessings
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This winter has come in with all kinds of turbulent weather; perhaps due to Uranus/Pluto square so continue to expect the unexpected.  A  Lunar Eclipse Feb. 10th in Leo will bring about a strong Full Moon this month affecting Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius sun signs. The Solar Eclipse Feb. 26th in the water sign Pisces starts the finishline for winter. Great awakening on Solar Eclipse day especially for Pisces Sun signs.

The Sun in Aquarius fosters the energies for the new and innovative. It is a positive outgoing energy concerned with sharing knowledge as that is their way of showing compassion. The glyph symbolizes electro- magnetic energy being poured outward.

Aquarian Sun signs carry the message where ever they find a listening ear. Their positive outlook adds excitement and progressive outlooks are the norm for this Sun sign.  Aquarians are loving, original, inventive, and caring but with detachment as objectivity is their goal. Freedom of expression is close to their hearts and minds especially in relationships they must have room to do their own thing. The Uranian energies that rule this sign may cause them to be erratic, inconsistent and self-absorbed. They view their relationships and activities from an impersonal intellectual standpoint.  They are fascinated by that which is different and tend to choose professions that enable they to do their own thing. They like to experiment with ideas, gadgets and original designs. Some prefer to act in the political arena to help guide humanity. This sign has ruler-ship over applied scientific technology and positive occultism in conjunction with its planetary ruler Uranus.  A good color for Aquarius is a shimmering electric blue and the gemstone is the Sapphire.  Happy Birthday Aquarius! In the last few years, Uranus your ruler has been in conjunct to your Sun. It’s been a ride, some of it bringing strong change and an awakened consciousness.  Some may be having electro- magnetic changes to their bodies, inspired visions and flashes of insight; do find ways to ground yourself during this time of erratic change and evolution.

Planetary Transits
Mercury is direct and has been in practical yet ambitious earth sign Capricorn it will move into Aquarius Feb. 7th where it brings in more objectivity to our thoughts and sparks inventiveness and fosters humanitarian energies with relationships.

Venus planet of love and values moves into Aries ending the emotional ups and downs of the last month and brings in the charging, passionate nature of this fire sign. Look first and think before you jump to conclusions this month as Mars planet of action is also transiting through Aries which it rules so this can be a powerful time for actions that are Spartan in essence.

Jupiter the great benefic turns retrograde Feb. 6th in the justice and harmony seeking sign Libra until June 10th when it turns direct at 13 degrees Libra.  Consider this a time of great inner growth and expansion for the more philosophically minded. Our direction in how we consider and weigh the details of our relations will hopefully grow more wisdom and faith which Jupiter rules. A good aspect for the air Sun signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Saturn planet that represents Karma, restrictions, limitations and how we approach the obstacles in life continues its trek in the fire sign Sagittarius between 24-26 degrees it’s almost at the end of this sign this year. However, we continue to work with the energies of Sagittarius which helps to inspire conscientious intellectual responsibility and serious view based on traditional concepts. The moralistic and limited views of the past have resurfaced creating obstacles that challenge our collective today.  Psychologically, Saturn represents the shadow self. Whichever house in your natal chart where Sagittarius is placed will continue to bring you your greatest challenges this year to overcome fears.  Sun signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will feel the pressure more than other signs.

Uranus planet of electric change, revolution, upheavals continues in the fire sign Aries ushering in the new and initiating flashes of insight as to how and where to assert ones independence.  We may look for freedom but not at any price-patience is warranted.

Pluto in Capricorn has been busy showing us the need to regenerate our systems of government, order and structures that hold our system together until 2024 as we usher in a new world order. The last time we had Pluto in Capricorn was during the American Revolution and the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  Since that time we are now globally interconnected thus a new way will emerge.

The Lunar Cycle for February
The lunar cycle determines the stages of growth during the month; we start this month with the First Quarter Moon in the practical security minded earth sign Taurus on Feb. 3rd.  This is a good time to grow your plans and projects and to start your seeds indoor.   Taurus does not like change so clinging to one’s ideas of security may be the norm – appreciate and enjoy what you have.

The Full Moon  Lunar Eclipse in the fire sign Leo Feb. 10th. This is a good day to look at your ambitions and your personal expression within the whole of the collective. Eclipse energy can set off many changes for those with planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.  This is a good time to evaluate.

The Last Quarter Moon issues in the ending cycle of growth for this month. The Moon in Sagittarius inspires adventure, freedom of thought, outgoing and idealistic feelings.  This may be a restless day as the Sun enters into the mystical water sign Pisces. A heightened imagination and sensitivity to our surroundings is in store for this day.

The month ends bursting with energy as the New Moon Solar Eclipse in the water sign Pisces occurs Feb. 26th.  This eclipse may start a new cycle of activity but it’s not always a good time to start a new venture on the time of the eclipse as the Moon blocks the light of the Sun from the Earth. The times occurring are Pacific at 6:58 am and Eastern at 9:58 am.  Some people are affected positive or negative by the eclipse.

Astrology shows the energies that are available; we get to choose how to work with them
Peace and Blessings



Happy New Year 2017 of the Gregorian Calendar
The transiting Sun is now in the practical ambitious earth sign Capricorn. The fullness of winter is here as we look at the pretty snow falling in most places this holiday season in the northern hemisphere. This is a good time to do as nature go within and conserve your vital force energy.
This year 2017 resonates to the number one in numerology which stands for new beginnings it’s a force of energy that charges forward towards new initiatives and pioneering movements.
If your birthday personal year is a 1 year then you will feel it more than others. Also if your life path is a number 1-originalaity, leadership initiating projects are your strengths. We shall see how planetary wise people and nature reacts to this force as new beginnings can begin with unsettling energy.

Capricorn’s historical symbol the goat-fish stands for the serious somber nature with a steady rise from the ocean to the sky, as it climbs the mountain of ambitions.  The glyph represents the knees bent to obedience to Saturn the task master of the planets. Capricorn sun signs are known for their focused energy which gives them a bad rap that of being ambitious concerning work/career. The Capricorn sun sign is a cardinal feminine earth sign, focused on overcoming fears, limitations and obstacles in order to achieve its ambitions. Capricorn Sun signs are known to be organized, efficient, status-seeking drives, self-discipline cautious and conservative in style. The Capricorn Sun increases the desire to better oneself regardless of the conditions one is born into thus overcoming Karma which Saturn rules.  It is a sign chosen for the ability one has to change limiting conditions of one’s consciousness.  Capricorn is a loyal dedicated friend and a hard worker. They work to provide security for their loved ones with whom they feel loyal and dedicated towards.  They are born with a mature outlook often suffering in their youth and being more youthful in spirit in their mature years. A very creative sign they prefer to use their intelligence doing useful things and keeping busy with their hobbies as time is important to them. The quartz crystal and the Birch tree are your elemental helpers here.
Happy Birthday Capricorn natives this is your year to really change your ego and transform your-self to a more positive open minded person. The process of transforming into a new consciousness and awareness has been coming closer as Uranus squares and Pluto conjoins your Sun thus giving you a better sense of what power or empowerment can be for you through a new identity.

Major Planetary Transits
Mercury goes direct motion Jan. 8th in the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius then shifts back into cautious practical Capricorn Jan. 13th at the Full Moon phase also in Cancer. So we have that polarity on that day of the Capricorn/Cancer opposites. Mercury retrograde periods help us finish things up and learn conscientiousness and develop plans not yet to be ready to launch. Mercury rules communications, networking, schedules and the way things hold together it is like the glue in things that’s why when its retrograde things that are going to break down will do so. Each year there are three of these cycles the next one is in April/May 2017. As Mercury moves direct through January, we may find ourselves sorting through decisions made under the retrograde can change during this time.

Poetry, inspiration and love-Venus in Pisces with Mars in Pisces are transiting in together forming a conjunction to one another.  This can influence our ideals around love relationships, negotiations, artistic inspirations and sensitivity with our actions this month. This aspect can make for more subjective love, passion, dreams, perhaps a romantic or poetic time for the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Action is more centered on aesthetics.  Neptune in Pisces adds more mysticism to this mix. Pisces Sun signs are particularly influenced to reach for more meaning in life as the veils of self -deception and illusions are washed away by this transit. The best way to handle this aspect is to practice yoga and meditation type disciplines for the higher spiritual and mystical experiences are there for Pisces now.

Freedom vs Tyranny-Jupiter in Libra helps increase our sense of justice and fairness where it helps expand grace, legal contracts, and fairness in business dealings. The Sun signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are mostly helped to grow in beneficial ways by this transit. Uranus in Aries opposes Jupiter in Libra this month. This aspect may bring about a release of energies which can foster freedom and liberty for those under the tyranny that is impinging human rights around the globe.

Karmic endings-Saturn is nearing the end of its transit through the fire sign Sagittarius. If you are a Gemini, Virgo, Sag. or Pisces the pressures and burdens are lightning up. Saturn transits over the Sun or forming aspects to the inner planets can give some needed lessons to the ego consciousness that may help to lift the restrictions and limitations from ones experience.

Transformation and Change continues to be the challenge world-wide, as Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn continue to create the tension for us to break up our limiting structures; be they mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

The Lunar Cycles for January
The New Moon started Dec. 28th in the practical ambitious earth sign Capricorn. This Sun and Moon conjunction starts off the new phase of growth for this month.  Be careful not to push ahead too quickly as Mercury is still retrograde. The new moon energy always wants to push and grow new projects and those may be more practical realistic yet ambitious under the Capricorn influence. This is also a good time this year to clean out the old and bring in the new.  This is a good time for inner hibernation. A time to reflect on what has changed for you this last year and think on the new plans hopefully more clear as we go into the start of a new zodiac cycle in the spring when the Sun enters Aries.

The First Quarter Moon occurs in the fire sign Aries. This can be a very energetic day and time to put things into action. Uranus in Aries and the Moon influences our minds to be erratic, independent, inventive and self-centered.  Jot down those new ideas as this can be awake up call.

The Full Moon occurs Jan. 12th in the intuitive security centered water sign Cancer.  A time for reflection and introspection as this may be more the day that things come to a head during this lunar cycle. Harmony and balance I felt from the solar plexus a good day to take a hike in nature and let the burdens fall away. The Moon shifts into Leo on this day and the tone changes from the somber to the carefree joy.

The Last Quarter Moon in the intense water sign Scorpio finishes off this lunar cycle of growth. This is a day when you may find that being with your feelings is the most productive way to experience the flows of life around you. Moon in Scorpio increases our suspicions, sensitivities and is good for cleansing our emotions. The Sun shifts into the freedom seeking air sign Aquarius this afternoon lifting up the energies.

Happy New Year!  Another numerological cycle is completed of the Gregorian Calendar which we subscribe to. However, our 4 seasons around the 12 signs of the zodiac end in the time of Pisces and the new cycle begins with Aries.
Peace and Blessings


bjasmine-cm-sagittariusIn the Stars for December
The positive Sun now transiting through the fire sign Sagittarius showers us with enthusiasm to further our goals. It is the season for giving as we are encouraged to be jovial, optimistic, outgoing and sincere right before the transiting Sun goes into the practical serious earth sign Capricorn on Dec. 21, the Winter Solstice point the longest evening here in the northern hemisphere. Traditionally we light candles and adorn the fir tree; celebrating the Yuletide and all holiday celebrations going on this winter season in the hope that the Sun will return again with its warming light.

Sagittarius Sun signs are optimistic, adaptable outgoing folks who like to aspire to the heights of their ideals. They are always busy with the aim to get their ideals off the ground. They need freedom of expression, and room to have many adventures in their life for they are natural travelers and philosophers otherwise they can be unhappy, arrogant, dogmatic and high horse riders, who can be tactless, irresponsible and capricious.  But generally they are freedom-loving people who need their space around them. Happy Birthday Sagittarius! It is has been a tremendous year to work on your goals, and to develop the discipline to carry them through to completion as Saturn has been conjunct and going over your Sun. This represents a time to understand your limitations around your self-worth and to resolve any issues which may be holding back. A good time for growth and good luck!

Planetary Aspects
Mercury will turn retrograde station on Dec. 19th in the practical earth sign Capricorn. Mark your calendars! If you are making any major decisions, like signing contracts or purchasing major items do it before or after the retrograde. Most likely you will find that not all the information was there in the beginning of the negotiation and after the retrograde is over things change or go in different directions when Mercury turns direct. It is best to finish up projects, give plenty of time to schedules, traveling because the pace of time changes. So plan things but don’t execute until after the retrograde is over on Jan. 8th, 2017.

The transiting Sun in Sagittarius conjuncts Karmic Saturn also in Sagittarius for the first two weeks of December, there is likely to be a tone of serious or focused energy during this time.  Perhaps, we as a collective will revisit the goals and ideals we share around our rights for freedom of speech. We could devise and put forth some realistic plans to ensure those rights. Saturn in Sagittarius will bring about karmic retribution, perhaps new teachings around our belief system. We reap what we sow.

An urge for the new and innovative is afoot, as Venus will move into Aquarius away from restrictive security seeking Capricorn where it was cautious about any moves or investments. With Venus in Aquarius, we are more likely apt to entertain unconventional values within relationships but from a point of view of a cool detachment yet concerned with humanity’s welfare.  Venus conjuncts Mars who is also in Aquarius where it seeks out the original, innovative and unique way of doing things. The two may impart more friction for us to break through the conventional forms and seek out more innovative ways of holding value about relationships, partnerships and negotiations. Mars seeks self –determination, choices for change and stratagems for those freedoms.

Jupiter in Libra brings growth and expansion within the collective mind is the response to humanitarian values as we seek to grow the spirit of sharing and cooperation as Jupiter in Libra enhances our minds with the spirit of justice, harmony and balance. As the masses organize against tyranny true leadership will emerge from the group mind which is appearing more adverse to self -centered interests.

Going forward more chaos Uranus in Aries goes direct Dec. 29th at the New Moonphase squaring Pluto in Capricorn bring about the needed impetus for those changes to take place. All those who are aware of the call are emerging everywhere some are laying down their lives to make the world pay attention to the need for a new organization centered on human rights. The question of the day is:  are we aligned with the greater forces of change based on thinking in terms of abundance rather than of the fear of scarcity and survival of the fittest based on Darwinian values? Some are listening to the humanitarian calling, as history repeats itself we do have choices to evolve. The needs of the whole are greater than that of the few.

Neptune continues to impart mystical vibes while it treks through Pisces which it rules. All the mutable signs:  Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are under Saturn’s in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces influence.  This may seem as if you are urged to discern the real from the unreal, the ethereal and idealistic notions in your life. Some may find it to be a confusing or inspiring time depending on how flexible you are.

The Lunar Cycle for December
We started this lunar cycle Nov. 29th with the New Moon in the fire inspirational fire sign Sagittarius. Starting those new projects and finishing up things you may have laying around is a good way to start this cycle.

The First Quarter Moon occurs Dec. 7th in the mystical water sign Pisces. Venus shifts into detached Aquarius. Our energy may drift during this day as the moon will be void of course. Avoid major making purchases or decision until the next day when the moon shifts into the dynamic fire sign Aries.

The Full Moon occurs Dec. 13th in the curious air sign Gemini. Social contacts are a plus on this day. Good for networking and celebrations going on this week. And if you are still purchasing gifts this is the week to finish up before Mercury goes retrograde.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Dec. 20th. Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn just before the Winter Solstice on the 21rst the shortest day of the year when the Sun enters practical earth sign Capricorn. 
Your patience will be tested during the next few weeks, so take your time during the holidays because of the retrograde. It may feel as if all the joviality got taken away like the story of the Grinch who stole Christmas.  It’s rather the time to look beyond the material world and see into the light in ones’ heart to find the real gift of this season.
Happy Holidays!
Peace and Blessings




In the Stars for November
The fall season continues to enhance our lives with a show of autumnal colors, although there are some off season temperatures, yet still we cycle through the seasons. The transiting Sun is moving through the mysterious water sign Scorpio until Nov. 21 when the energy will change, as we move through the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius. In Scorpio the trend is to be more focused on your internal energy feelings, emotions and desires are emphasized during the Sun’s passage through deep feeling Scorpio.  This sign can bring up the best and the worst that lies deeper below the superficial strata in which most people like to stay in. In Scorpio we do get the help to face ourselves more honestly and our convictions.

Native Sun signs in Scorpio are intriguing, energetic, magnetic quiet types of individuals who do not show their feelings except once in a while. Scorpio’s like to get to the bottom of things. They are intrigued by the mysterious undercurrents they sense about them in life; this makes them very intuitive. Yet they do look for validation from others to check and make sure they are right about their intuitions. Scorpio natives have powerful feelings and emotions with a strong sense of purpose. They can be counted on to get the job done right. They may tend to be impatient, irritable and frustrated if they do not have an outlet for their pent up feelings. This tendency may cause them to be at war with themselves.  Scorpios are self-contained and self-centered; they are very imaginative, subtle, persistent, and determined. They have vast concentrations of stored energy ready to burst forth. They can achieve whatever they really wish to achieved due to their vast storage of energy. In life they can evolve from the scorpion with its vengeful sting, jealousy and unfulfilled desires to the soaring eagle free to rise above all the difficulty and live in freedom; that is the meaning of the two symbols. Happy Birthday Scorpio! Some of you will feel like the confusion is behind you and the inspiration to move forward ahead of you this year, as Neptune and Pluto make beneficial aspects to your Sun.

The Planetary Aspects in November
The first part of the month Sun and Mercury planet of communication and networking is moving through Scorpio adding a quiet low key yet industrious and hard-working energy about. Then later in the month  both planets will shift into the enthusiastic  fire sign Sagittarius and we can see  the energy pick up to a more outspoken energy coming from the masses as they conjoin serious Saturn also in Sagittarius there may be all kinds of opinions being projected about what is righteous, knowledgeable and progressive.

Venus is in the fire sign Sagittarius and will move into the conservative, security minded earth sign Capricorn on Nov.  12th . In Capricorn Venus acts out of fear and security to keep control over the status quo, this is one likely manifestaton or it may be that of clinging to weath for security in relationships.

Mars planet of action, war, and strategies moves from the materialistic minded earth sign Capricorn into objective air sign Aquarius Nov. 9th lifting the energy towards a more selfless quality.  Keep in mind doing the best for all concerned as Aquarius is about the collective mind.

Jupiter continues its trek through the fair minded air sign Libra. This transit brings about the cultivation of ideas which may lead to wisdom, and for us evolving egos to grow a sense of balance and justice especially in relationships, and it is particularly good for all the air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius to grow and expand this year and in 2017. However, it could be challenging and growth promoting for Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn natives as it squares these sun signs a jolt is the best way to trigger movement.

Saturn, planet of Karma, restrictions, lessons and tests continues to trek through the fire sign Sagittarius where it finds its expression through education, teaching and in some ways all that is foreign to us, like other nations, or other places and other belief systems in religion, philosopy and metaphysics. The signs most affected to experience growth through the awareness that restrictions, limitations, pain and suffering are: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. It may be best to perceive  this year and 2017 as a time of finding your inner strength and security that Saturn can help you grow.

Uranus and Pluto continue to trek in square formation bringing about some odd energy flows that are sudden, out of the blue, explosive in order to push the envelope on Change. Most Sun signs affected are: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

Neptune out there in its own sign Pisces emits those subtle pulsations, good for imagination, artistry, psychic and spiritual development. This can help those mutable signs most affected are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces natives. Go with the flow is the key that opens the doorways. Neptune goes direct motion Nov. 20th. There may be more dreamy, imagistic tendencies in the air late November as we move through the holiday season we can dream a good dream but a Sun/Neptune square will startle some folks into reality. Let there be more harmony, balance and moderation in all this holiday season. Neptune teaches us to Go With the Flow and Surrender.

The Lunar Cycle for November
We had the New Moon energy Oct. 30th a powerful Sun and Moon in Scorpio, may push the growth cycle this month for all who started projects on this date, as the new moon phase always brings about inspiration and the new burst of energy.
On November 7th the First Quarter Moon occurs in the objective air sign Aquarius a time of hope for all in this election year. A good day to remain centered on the good for the whole and not the few. The first quarter is a good time to look at decisions needed to be made and pursue building your project’s energy.
The Full Moon in the fixed earth sign Taurus occurs November 14th. This can be an odd energy day where you may want to evaluate what you have and be stuck in security consciousness and then in the evening be more flexible, open and curious with life as the Moon will shift into the quick minded air sign Gemini.  Full Moons are always great for evaluation, finding balance between the two opposite energies fixed earth Taurus what I have, and fixed water Scorpio what I desire and find a way to integrate the two. Tomorrow is another day.
The Last Quarter Moon in the fixed fire sign Leo may bring about decisions that are inspired by your new found enthusiasm, free will and leadership tendencies.  The last quarter moon phase is a good time to re-organize, clean things up and get ready for the new beginning within the week when the new cycle starts.
The New Moon phase starts Nov. 29th in the fire sign Sagittarius great new energy to go on an adventure, or plan something new and inspiring for this new growth cycle.

Happy Trails this Holiday Season
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In the Stars for October

The Autumnal Equinox and Mercury direct are good news to start the month of October. Fall initiates the festivities we plan for the next 3 months, as we move into the last quarter of the movement through the celestial zodiac. With cooler breezes and a florid of fall colors nature beckons us to move our forces inwardly and prepare the ground for the winter slumber.  The Sun in Libra fosters cooperation, harmony and balance in relationships which helps us with social networks, negotiations and the need to offer our best services towards others. The Libra symbol expresses the Sun setting establishing the balance between night and day, between self and others. The theme for this month is harmony and balance as the planets Sun, Mercury and Jupiter trek through Libra. 

Libra is a cardinal air sign meaning it enables Libra natives to take action and to associate well with others and share their aesthetic skills by creating a harmonious balance in whatever they are doing.  These skillful communicators are adept at promoting events.  These peace loving graceful individuals will stand up for the rights of others as they are great debaters and strategists who can outsmart their opponents with their subtle powers at persuasion as they can suggest and tip the scales in the direction they feel is the most satisfying and harmonious. They make the best of friends as they are gentle, courteous but they are not push overs, if they sense any intimidation that’s when the iron hand comes out of the soft glove. Libra natives will be the most pleasing and helpful mates as they crave companionship and are happier and productive as part of a team or in their marriage at which they remain romantic and devoted to their loved ones.  Happy Birthday Libra! This year benevolent Jupiter makes a positive aspect to your Sun bringing in more confidence, hope and possibly wealth.  Uranus and Pluto continue to add tension and friction to get you to move on to a greater awareness and excitement in your life. This is a good year to grow confidence and expand your interests.

The Planetary Transits for October
Mercury now direct motion shifts into the harmony seeking air sign Libra Oct. 7th, this transit helps move things along now with grace and ease especially around networking, parties, and social events, This transit will help all those who made decisions during the retrograde phase in September to fit things into place and find balance and grace.  Communication systems, exchanges, negotiations will fare better now.
Venus continues its transit through the secretive, mysterious and intense water sign Scorpio adding some drama in relationships. Venus transits through Sagittarius Oct. 18th intensifying the need for freedom, adventure and outspokenness in relationships.

Mars moves now in Capricorn where it does ambitious work charging the forces for rebellion as it aspects Uranus and Pluto mid-month. We must watch our words carefully as faster manifestations are a direct result of this aspect Sun/Mercury in Libra opposition Uranus squared by Pluto. A dynamic week is in store for us around Oct. 12th.

Jupiter planet of expansion, wealth and growth starts off in the harmonious air sign Libra where it functions well to ease the flow of debates and social paradigms that seek justice for all during its trek over the course of  this next year.

Saturn the planet that teaches us through restrictive structure, discipline and Karma continues to move through the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius where it demands discipline through the awareness that our conceptual religious and philosophical perspectives do affect the whole collective to be wanting in freedom to explore other perspectives for ethical conduct, testing our individual beliefs. During its 2 year trek through this fire sign we can evaluate our belief systems and experience the restrictions we place on ourselves thus seek a change towards a new perspective this would establish a new footing going forward of tolerance and conscientious intellectual responsibility if we are too moralistic and restrictive we squash our potential for creativity and adventure in life for it is a personal journey.  Saturn and Neptune still in aspect square to one another were responsible for the stuck-ness we felt this summer by wondering which direction to go in. Getting out of the rut is the best use of this energy.

Neptune fosters imagination in Pisces and an acute sensitivity towards our environment. Searching for a new perception and direction has been the theme for most due to this aspect impressing our minds all summer soon there will be a release of energy which follows later in Dec. when these two planetary bodies are no longer in aspect. The path will be clear once again.

The Lunar Cycle for October
The New Moon cycle started Sept. 30th in the harmony seeking air sign Libra. This is a time to start new projects and clear out of old outdated ideas find new social outlets for your enthusiastic goals.
The First Quarter Moon occurs on Oct. 8th in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn can kick start the decisions you are making and adds strategic focus has it conjoins with Mars also in Capricorn.
The Full Moon in the fire sign Aries occurs on Oct. 15th this lunation will focus on the harmony between our self-interests as we find balance relating with others Libra Sun. The awareness gained from positive interactions in sharing initiatives may be the best result of this lunation.
The Last Quarter Moon in the water sign Cancer brings things to a close Oct. 22ndjust as the Sun enters into the intense water sign Scorpio. We are in the fall season and feelings are strong during this day. A time for transformation and inner integration while the Sun moves through Scorpio gets us to access our feelings after all the social events while the Sun moved through Libra.
The Black New Moon occurs this month on Oct. 30th in the mysterious intense water sign Scorpio. As we prepare for the fall festivities like Halloween, this is a good time to ponder the mysteries of the cycle of life, death and rebirth which the seasons represent as nature now turns its forces inward here in the northern hemisphere. The Black Moon means there are two new moon cycles these months to initiate a new growth cycle.
Peace and Blessings


In the Stars for September-Solar Eclipse in Virgo-Mercury Retrograde

The transiting Sun is now moving through the practical analytical earth sign Virgo. The Solar Eclipse on September 1 initiates a charging, bursting new energy this month. Solar Eclipse energy works to wake us up to a new awareness at its best; at its worst it can upset those who remain unaware of the change causes apparent disruption.  These are the last weeks of summer and cooler temperatures arrive when the Sun enters Libra Sept. 22 on the Autumnal Equinox.  As the cycles continue with regularity around the celestial zodiac the energy of Virgo brings in a discriminating discerning busy energy around practical concerns which can revolve around indecision this month due to Mercury Retrograde. However, it will be a good time for research and evaluation.

Virgo ruled by Mercury is very much concerned with communication and organization. Traditionally, this is the time to evaluate and to harvest the crops clean up the garden and get ready for the fall. The symbol of the virgin stands for purity of mind and the stalk of grain indicates potential fertility. Virgo rules the abdomen and lower intestines both which focus on the elimination processes.  This is a good time to check dietary considerations, as the weather changes warmer foods, root vegetables are a good way to prepare to strengthen your body for those environmental changes.  As the analytical energy gets strong we can sort through our options and get ourselves organized, clean up loose ends with any project especially now until September 22nd since Mercury ruler of Virgo will go direct. The Solar Eclipse occurs Sept. 1 ushering a burst of energy evolving a new consciousness especially to the mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces a new life is unfolding.

Virgo natives are concerned with methodical action, effort, exacting drive and a sensible attitude. These intellectuals are discriminating which is an attribute of Virgo. Persons born from Aug.23-Sept. 22 are predominantly motivated by a sense of duty and service. They are likely to fulfill their obligations as the abhor procrastination, tardiness and laziness. Most are born with great impeccable taste in fashion and can design as they see patterns quite easily. They are motivated to be of service towards others and though they are practical rather than romantic they will commit to any relationship they feel they can be of service as ethics are important to them. They are logical and witty souls who enjoy detailed work that allows them to use their discerning sharp mind. To them facts should fall into an orderly sequence thus they make for great crafters, analysts, teachers to name a few profession. They enjoy friendships with more intellectual types and seldom waste precious time. They tend to be busy with many activities and projects going on at the same time. They are the ultimate multitaskers. To achieve fulfillment, they must feel that their work is of practical value to society. Most Virgos love to garden, write, create forms through crafts, or work with nutrition as they are motivated by health concerns. Happy Birthday Virgo! The next few months will be a great time to evaluate your life progress as your ruler Mercury is retrograde in Virgo; this strengthens your energy to put things in order and prioritize your interests and plans for the next few months. The transiting conjunction of Mars and Saturn together cast a challenging aspect to your Sun; this square will bring tension and pressure upon you to make needed decisions. Neptune is also squaring your Sun encouraging you to bring about a better vision of hope and dreams for the future.

Planetary Influences for September

Mercury is retrograde in Virgo until Sept. 22 when it turns direct. Mercury retrograde periods are a great time to evaluate, go over old plans and projects. Research, writing, planning can take on unusual detours. As Mercury rules over how things come together on the earth plane, it stirs up any material objects that are in need of repair. As things do not always move smoothly while this planet is retrograde we must pace ourselves, learn patience as schedules can change without cause, and troubles can pop up out of the blue to trouble shoot, and communication systems can break down.  Indecision, changes, orderly thinking is required as not all the facts may line up.  By transit Mercury retrograde conjuncts Jupiter planet of expansion and opportunities also transiting through Virgo this aspect can focus our energy to deepen our research regarding networks for expansion, wealth, perhaps helping us to develop a philosophy that is more practical, ethical and earthy.

Venus planet of relationships, values, negotiations is moving through the air harmony seeking air sign Libra. This is a great placement for Venus as it seeks to negotiate, create harmony and balance particularly with negotiations; relationships can benefit from the cooperation that Libra lends.

Jupiter will transit into Libra September 9th starting a new direction with the forces of expansion, distribution of wealth and may be helpful to the arts, relationships of all kinds where partnering is based on cooperation, respect and harmony plus a benefit to legal systems. The transiting Sun in Libra Sept. 23 conjoins with Jupiter bringing at least a two week period of optimism, hope, cooperation and enthusiasm to our spirits.

Mars and Saturday the lesser and greater malefic continue to move through the fire sign Sagittarius for the first part of the month then the tensions and frustrations will ease up mid-month.  This is a good time to watch your judgements about others and eliminate restrictive belief systems that bring about difficult karma.

Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn are still squaring showing us the challenges to maintain our freedoms and to change and reform restrictive governments, banking systems, and or anything that does not work for the benefit of all any longer.  Pluto Stations direct Sept. 27th this is a powerful station for the forces of transformation ,rejuvenation or endings.

Neptune in Pisces continues to exert its influence particularly to the signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. These Sun signs can benefit from hooking into the spiritual benefits of Neptune; love, imagination and surrender your ego to your higher self and let go of attachments that bring more suffering. Learn to go with the flow.

The Lunar Cycles for September

The New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs Sept. 1rts in the practical analytical earth sign Virgo. Eclipse energy brings great insights and changes like a wake -up call. We can feel the new energy bursting and opening our minds to greater insights. But with Mercury retrograde best to check things out before jumping ahead.

First Quarter Moon occurs Sept. 9th, in the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius, this may be a good time to explore new directions as Jupiter also moves into the air sign Libra and we can hope now to have more symbols of justice and retribution start to show up. This may be a good time for relationships.

The Full Moon occurs September 16th in the mystical water sign Pisces. This can be an inspirational time to revision yourself by surrounding yourself with beauty, music, or meditation on the universal flow of love and healing available to all; but watch escapist tendencies. Full Moon energy brings things to the zenith of their development and heightens our emotions.

The Last Quarter Moon in the water sign Cancer can bring a great shift to the many considerations and decisions made this month. This will be a good time to evaluate what has happened due to Mercury retrograde now direct by sorting and sifting what you want to keep or to fix any messes that occurred during the retrograde as they will show up. This is a time of back trekking before the New Moon starts a new cycle. Venus shifts into the mysterious intense water sign Scorpio intensifying emotions, agendas, and needs around relationships.

The New Moon arrives September 30th in the harmony social air sign Libra. This cycle starts off with good positive energy that helps get things moving forward again. Social graces, harmony, cooperation are the strong forces around today.

As always we can choose how to use the energy available and not be ruled by the stars.

Peace and Blessings




In the Stars for August
We are at the peak of the summer season as the transiting Sun is moving through its own fire sign Leo which represents leadership, pride and self- esteem thus the symbol is the Lion. This is a great time to notice who your leaders are in any group.  Do they display the positive traits of leadership like courage, generosity, service, follow through and completion or the negative ones like pompousness, arrogance, intolerance and autocratic ambitions?  These are all characteristic of Leo energy. In these last few weeks of the summer we can be channels for generosity, playfulness, basking in the Sun as the Leo energy may inspire us to relax and appreciate loved ones.
Leo natives are proud, courageous, creative, generous, fun loving, determined and dramatic sun signs. They love to be the center of attention and can be conceited, snobbish and intolerant of others. They seem to exert a type of nobility as they can be the most generous towards others whom they love and encourage. Happy Birthday Leo! You are likely to have positive reinforcements this month from Mars moving in Sagittarius and Saturn both whom form a supportive trine of energy to Leos drive for power and strength.
The Planetary Shifts
Mercury moves retrograde on Aug. 31rst so this last week of Aug will start to show all the miscommunications, mistakes, and things going off in different directions that are typical of Mercury retrograde phases. However, this is a good time to do research, finish old projects, and review things as Mercury is moving through practical analytical Virgo who loves to attend to the details, organization and research. Mercury in Virgo goes direct Sept. 22nd.

Mars moves into Sag. Aug. 3 and Saturn turns direct Aug. 13 also in Sagittarius.  This station will feel like a dramatic shift in the energy. The important thing about a Saturn station is that it sets forth the pattern of commitments you will follow for the next 6 months. Therefore this is a strong time for important decisions about the path that you are likely to pursue this year. Both Mars and Saturn are the greater malefics of the planets and moving together in Sagittarius we are likely to continue to experience and view strong debates regarding religious wars, ponder various religions, philosophical karmas with other cultures as Sagittarius represents foreign lands, belief systems, higher law and religion.  Perhaps we will have the moral courage to balance our codes, ethics and justice systems. Mars, Saturn and Neptune will continue to square agitating the energy for Mars is action, Saturn represents the force of restrictions and limitations which can cause suffering; frustrations like driving with the brakes on. Neptune  represents: illusions, dreams, fog, and imagination. This could be a difficult time to discern; what, which, direction to follow as you may need one more month to be in suspension before taking action.

Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are in meticulous Virgo pulling away from the T-Square we had for most of the summer, so things should start to move along now with a better sense of the details and direction for future plans.  However, we will go into Mercury retrograde for most of late Aug. and through Sept. 22nd.

Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn squaring continue to bring about the energy for sudden dramatic events, involving forms of rebellion, change and demands for the reforms of government.  Hopefully, our evolution through this time of change and tension will continue to show us better ways to use our energy for harmonious social systems and cultural exchanges.

The Lunar Cycle for August
A positive week starting Aug. 2nd we have the New Moon in the creative fun loving fire sign Leo, Mars shifts into Sagittarius. The week will be productive for most activities yet take your time starting new projects.

The First Quarter Moon in the intense mysterious water sign Scorpio occurs Aug. 10th. This can be a time to research, work tirelessly and develop your new projects. Moon in Scorpio quiets and internalizes the energy most people may appear to be moody and withdrawn.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the humanitarian air sign Aquarius occurs Aug. 18th. The Lunar Eclipse can be powerful for most Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius sun signs. It brings awareness and insight to those who are willing to balance between the conscious self and one’s subconscious forces. This is a good time to perceive the growth of this lunar cycle.
The transiting Sun shifts into the practical analytical earth sign Virgo on Aug, 22nd initiating in the fall and harvest season.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Aug. 24th in the fun and curious air sign Gemini. This can be a great day for networking, communications and social engagements that seek to fulfill ones sense of social curiosity. The last quarter moon is a good time to finish up projects, organize and clean things up as we get ready for a new cycle of activity in the next new moon cycle starting Sept. 1rst  Solar Eclipse in the practical earth sign Virgo.

And as always the planetary energies can incline our course but we make the free will decisions.
Peace and Blessings


bjasmine-cm-cancerIn the Stars for July

We are halfway through the western zodiac in the northern hemisphere as the Sun moves through the emotional intuitive water sign Cancer.  Summer is underway, once again the natural cycles continue.  As the Sun moves through Cancer, this can be a time of inner growth for us like in nature as the earth expands and all the vegetation are given the opportunity to grow, stretch out and expand. Likewise we can grow and expand inwardly as nature encourages us to grow.

The water sign Cancer attunes our vibrations to the more inward and protective; like the crab which represents the hard shell protecting the inner vulnerability.  Cancer Sun signs are nurturing, sensitive folks who hide behind  a sophisticated mask which allows them to hide their insecurities. They are conscientious, tenacious, and decisive once they feel they have the right course of action to follow. They are imaginative, responsive, sympathetic, gentle and kind except when they are hurt then the Cancer “claw” goes into action. When they get angry, the Cancer Sun sign can be sharp spoken though momentarily vindictive but soon after wards forgiving but seldom forgetting.  With their strong emotional drives they can get most tasks accomplished as long as they still care for them.  They may be hard to understand because their reactions depend on their moods and moody they can be. For them harmony can be attained by finding an outlet for them to understand their complex feelings, like meditation or any type of focused disciplined activity; this will help the tendency to be moody. They build their confidence through trial and error as they are self-centered preferring to find their own way. They tend to be non-combative; caring for others comes naturally to them as they like to protect the status quo. Quietly, they respond intuitively to the needs of others thus they make great hosts to any party.

Happy Birthday Cancer! A new dawn is here for most of you as Uranus and Pluto has been sending major waves for change, revolution, evolution and renewal to your sense of self. Rather than cling to past security paradigms go with the flow as a more inventive life style can emerge out of this time of apparent chaos.

The planetary shift this month is Mars in the intense water sign Scorpio goes direct motion giving a push forward to our actions. It will form a beneficial trine aspect to its consort Venus who is moving through the water sign Cancer for the early part of July. But then Mercury and Venus moving ahead in Leo will square Mars in Scorpio later in July setting off some tensions particularly in communications and relationships.
Jupiter in Virgo with the North Node square Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius and opposes Neptune in Pisces retrograde, These planets are still in forming a difficult T-square, emitting tensions and uncertainty whereby we are looking for practical ways to bring forth our vision of the future, still it may feel confusing.  The rise and fall of ideologies personal and planetary are undergoing a sort of analysis before we feel we got a better formula for growth through organized effort. This appears to be the “esoteric work” this summer.  Uranus the planet that represents change, chaos and revolution goes retrograde on July 30th at 24 degrees Aries affecting most Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn natives born later in their sign.  Planetary stations can bring about strong dramatic events and with Uranus in Aries there may be something that pushes change this month as Mars planet of action makes an in-conjunct aspect to Uranus. Expect something out of the blue around the middle of July. Good things come to those who know patience when the planetary energies open up all things flow more easily.

The Lunar Cycles for July
The New Moon occurs July 4th in the tenacious water sign Cancer- Happy Fourth of July! Celebrations are likely to involve home, family and security issues as a new beginning is underway for us this year in this country with the elections happening in the fall. The fourth is the USA birthday of this which is a Cancer Sun sign.  As a nation we tend to want to protect family, home and country and ideally support that of our partner nations.
The First Quarter Moon occurs July 11th in the cardinal air sign Libra. Cancer Sun square Moon in Libra makes for action oriented decisions which are weighed carefully as Libra likes to maintain harmony and Cancer is sensitive to the feelings all around.  This is good time for decisions that are fair and just walk in balance.
The Full Moon occurs July 19th in the practical ambitious earth sign Capricorn. We have the polarity of Cancer Sun and Capricorn Moon. This can be a moody day though with some practical decisions or where action and feeling work together in a positive way.  Full Moon meditations are a great way to use this energy to refine and clarify your plans before the next lunar cycle starts. Keywords are: cleanse and integrate the polar opposites of what you feel during the full Moon.
The transiting Sun shifts into its own sign Leo on July 22nd shifting the energy from the intuitive water sign Cancer with its nurturing and protective characteristics to the fire sign Leo with its solar independent individual spirit. We are at the zenith of our summer soon the energy will fall in September.
The Last Quarter Moon falls on July 26th in the materialistic practical earth sign Taurus. Though Taurus is a lover of beauty and comfort this may be the time you decide what to keep going for the next cycle of growth, edit your stuff wisely.
The stars can incline the flow of our energy but we make the choices to direct the flow.
Peace and Blessings


bjasmine-cm-geminiIn the Stars for June
This spring season ends and the summer season starts on June 21st.  The natural cycles continue despite any major global unbalances we bring on to ourselves as the earth/ Gaia maintains the balance of life on earth. The Sun is now moving through the curious air sign Gemini which puts an emphasis on social networking as communications systems get a boost and friends become more important as they open opportunities to us.
Gemini is ruled by Mercury this supports the intellectual drive, the dexterity, and fluency we see in Gemini Sun signs. They love all forms of learning and excel at brainstorming on a notion that may give them more in life. Gemini natives love to share, discuss and excel in their pursuits remembering most of the details of whatever they may be hoping to find.  Research appeals to their intellectual appetite as their interests are broad they may like to travel in their pursuits. The Gemini native is centered on making friends with everyone and so appears to be popular. This friendly curious sign has both positive and negative sides to the personality that is why it is referred to as the twins, Castor and Pollux who are flexible or skeptical, happy or sad. They are folks who love to explore new things always looking to know more yet they may flit from one thing to another they must learn to focus and finish their tasks. The can be forward with their progressive ideas and are always reaching for a brighter star. This year Saturn makes a strong impression on Gemini as it opposes their Sun helping them to find that focus for their valuable goals and ambitions. Knowing your limitations one of Saturn’s lessons can help you lift up and out of the fog.  Jupiter also comes along and squares their Sun adding in the possibility of growth and expansion. Neptune may bring them the hazy a notion for more clarity and truth with their perceptions. Neptune may also aid here in further psychic expansion to those inclined to search for deeper meanings. Happy Birthday Gemini!

Planetary Placements for June
the Solar Equinox occurs June 21rst the first day of summer, yay! The transiting Sun starts moving through the cautious emotional water sign Cancer thus shifting the energy from outgoing flirty air sign Gemini to an internal intuitive self-protective focus of Cancer. This is the longest day of the year in this Northern Hemisphere as it starts the celebration of the return of the light hoped for during the Dec. winter solstice.
The theme of uncertainty continues this month.  Mercury the trickster of the planets, the messenger of the Gods moves through and out of the slow, laborious security centered practical earth sign Taurus and will shift into the witty air sign Gemini which it rules on June 13th this will be felt like a lifting up and speeding up of the energy for connections, communications, contracts all get a boost after this date. In addition, difficult communications or hard work will give way as Mercury in Taurus and Mars in intense Scorpio will end their friction and those tensions will ease up. More flow will become available to our actions around the end of month when Mars turn direct motion.
Venus planet that represents love relationships, healing and values moves through Gemini conjoining with the Sun and then opposes old karmic Saturn in Sagittarius bringing in lessons and  gravity to anyone who is spaced out and flirty in relationships as Saturn always delivers the reality check.  This aspect makes for an increasing awareness of meaning and hopefulness of social connections, conduct, moral platitudes for some Gemini folks, and a need to explore more optimistic productive avenues as Jupiter in meticulous Virgo squares into these planetary focuses. Jupiter moving forward now in meticulous analytical earth sign Virgo gives expansion yet it is conjoined with the diverse North Node energy in Virgo adding smoky mists of uncertainty regarding the direction of the hoped for growth this month.  Mutable signs of the zodiac are: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces the planets in these signs are four this month a mutable grand square which can lead many of the above mentioned signs into a swirl of indecisiveness with regards to decisions and actions. However, it may be best to remain cautious this month as we pull the veils away from our eyes as reality verses illusion due to Saturn Pisces square aspect this month. Our security concept about time and space may change giving us a new set of realities to consider. Whatever the reality is there is always imagination to work with to bring about new designs for security and growth in life. We are inner-dimensional all the time so reality can always shift with a change of consciousness. Venus in Cancer and Mars in Scorpio form a beneficial trine to mystical Neptune in Pisces giving us a more creative, imaginative, romantic and nurturing energy to share and enjoy later in the month.
Uranus planet of revolutionary sudden changes continues to electrify our new awareness and Pluto which represents transformation; the challenge of the cycles of life, death and rebirth are still within square aspect initiating those challenging changes specifically to the cardinal signs affected: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

The Lunar Cycles for June
June 6th is the New Moon start of a new cycle for life and growth in the air sign Gemini triggers our feelings and aspirations for the new growth and development this month. It joins the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, North Node, Neptune and Saturn opposition of the grand mutable square that is bringing about all the uncertainty.

First Quarter Moon in Virgo on June 12th in meticulous Virgo joins Jupiter and the North Node and squares Neptune, the Sun and squares to Saturn. Again we have the activation of the grand square this month challenging our ideas, feelings, ethics, and direction of growth and expansion. This may be a really good aspect for those who like to be creative and flexible with plans and projects.

Full Moon in the fire sign Sagittarius opposes the Sun in Gemini right before the equinox triggers the grand square with Saturn and the Full Moon conjunct pulling on the other planets. Best to be really flexible consider things for their fun interesting possibilities. Dreams may be heightened during this lunar phase. Perhaps this is the night to watch the stars if the summer weather permits it.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs June 27th in the warrior-like fire sign Aries. The last square of the Sun and Moon finishes up this growth cycle. This may be the time when the plans we’ve entertained for the last 3 weeks can come to fruition. Clean up your space and get ready for the new energy in the next lunar cycle next month.
As always, astrology teaches us a way to navigate the energies that abound all around us to choose wisely.
Peace and Blessings



In the Stars for May

The spring season develops as nature starts growing all the vegetable plants, flowers and trees all filling up and out. Although the weather can be rough and erratic in some places, the seasons continue to be regular and constant. The Sun is transiting through the practical, earthy and security minded earth sign Taurus this month lending a practical perspective to our attitudes and affairs.  The Taurus symbol is the circle of spirit with a half crescent representing the life force being conserved and capped by the crescent. Taurus stands for purposeful action, steady drive, determined effort endurance, reliability, conservatism and fixed attitudes.   During this time we look for security in the things that have value to our sense of esthetics and may not want to make too many changes this month until mid-month especially while Mercury is retrograde through May 22nd. This fixed Taurus energy will shift May 20th when the Sun enters the curious intellectual air sign Gemini.  From the Book of Changes, I drew this hexagram for this month, Enduring, which states: Consider a flowering plant its new leaves stretching open, reaching for the life-giving sun; its roots anchoring deep into the earth, drawing sustenance into itself, as if prompted by an invisible imperative it forms its blossom and develops its fruit, thus Taurus is a time of Enduring.

Taurus is ruled by Venus which makes for Taurus natives to be earthy folks that are lovers of beauty and the arts. They are charming, loving, affectionate, and because they crave love and security they can be possessive, jealous of people and things. They are a fixed earth sign which means they are attached to their opinions, this may trouble them at times however it secures their interest in things. They can be flexible and sensible yet stubborn and always sure to get their business done and secured. Usually they are mild mannered and patient until they are crossed and can then we can see the temper. They are great loyal friends and expect others to be reliable like themselves. Happy Birthday Taurus! The transit of Pluto through Capricorn has been aiding your growth with changes and transitions in a progressing way to keep you evolving. Keep moving with the flow of energy not against it; what runs smoothly and naturally is a good course to follow.

Planetary shifts for May

Mercury retrograde occurs until May 23rd; it started its retrograde trek on April 28th. It moves through the earth sign Taurus which helps to focus and strengthen the mind and affects communications and connections in a very sure practical way like financial and material considerations are important, do not take any major risks but research, check things out, be sure it’s a practical move. If things are going to break down they surely will under the retrograde as things can pop up suddenly or fall through. Pace yourself with traveling and schedules during this time. I like to think of Mercury retrograde periods as a periodic learning curve.

Venus planet of love, relationships, art, healing, and values, is moving through practical security minded Taurus this month lending more stable and security minded vibes to our values and some may feel like indulging in purchasing pleasing things or food. Mars planet of action, Venus’ consort is retrograding through the idealistic fire sign Sagittarius and conjuncts karmic Saturn also in Sagittarius which makes for some frustrations with strategies, goals, and directions. It may seem as if our goals are not quite clear to us this month. Many people born in 1956-58 are having a second Saturn return which is felt like a summing up of a 28 year cycle and the beginning of a new one. Sagittarian issues come to light, like intellectual responsibility, morality, religious, political, freedom of speech, traditional vs broader expansive views are weighed during this time.

Jupiter planet that rules optimism wealth, expansion, travel, will move direct May 10th it has been retrograding through the practical analytical earth sign Virgo. Jupiter in Virgo gives us a time to evaluate our work ethic and to sharpen our discerning minds. Perhaps we can be more sensible and not so gullible this year. We can now sense things moving forward middle of May with growth and opportunity especially for those involved with the arts, fashion, and health and healing.

Uranus in the fire sign Aries asserts independence and prompts change and Pluto in Capricorn promotes an orderly change and may inspire positive growth for global governments. They continue to square each other through their respective transits affecting changes to governments and usurping power as they shine the light on corruptions everywhere. This is an exciting time for world movements and earth changes and here in USA we will have Pluto line up to its natal position at 27 degrees Capricorn starting Feb. 2022 in the USA natal chart signifying similar challenges which were faced in 1776.

Neptune in its own sign Pisces continues to help those water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces evolve to a more spiritual level. Jupiter which represents faith, hope and expansion while Neptune lends mystical energy to all it touches especially our imaginations, psychic attunements to other realms both planets have been in opposition lending sensitivities to those open to the other realms and by the dissolution of faith we can reach for greater joy. We may be struggling with our religious and spiritual conflicts, like who is right or wrong to believe such and such, as the story goes. How can we all believe in the Oneness when we cling to our own versions of deity?  This aspect can give us more insight into the illusions we create for ourselves. However, utopian dreams and ideals are pulsing through some of the current world affairs positively though they show where the hope lies yet the unreliable and deceitful agencies continue to confirm dishonest tendencies amongst leaders.

Lunar Cycles for May

The New Moon starts this lunar cycle May 6th in the fixed earth sign Taurus this is a good time to look at what projects or plans you want to give further energy to as Taurus energy can be more concerned with practical and matters that help to ground you like things that allow you to feel beautiful, secure and pampered. New moon phases are always energize us also Jupiter turns direct motion in Virgo this adds to the progressive energy natural to the new Moon.

The First Quarter Moon on May 13th, in the creative fire sign Leo begins a new phase of productivity and fun. This weekend can be mixed with challenges to change and grow as Venus and Pluto form a beneficial trine.

The Full Moon will be in Sagittarius on May 21 and the Sun enters Gemini on the 20th plus Mercury will station to move in direct motion on the 22nd makes for an eventful weekend full of optimistic energy for all to play with.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs May 29th in the mystic water sign Pisces. This day can be complex and highly intuitive good for creative work. The last quarter moon is a good time to summarize your projects, plans and areas of personal growth.

This concludes another month in the cycle around the zodiac. Remember we are the deciders of our destiny by making the choice to use the energy for our best expression.

Peace and Blessings




In the Stars for April
The invigorating spring season picks up speed this month of April as the Sun moves through the fire sign Aries and we start another cycle through the tropical zodiac, think of it as a way of looking at the energies available for our growth and evolution. Aries is the start; it inspires us to move forward with the inspiration liken to a seed bursting forth reaching towards the Sun for its growth and life.
The Aries Sun sign is full of vitality, vigor and verve, we may experience a more energetic time as people may move about focused on their individual initiatives. Aries being a fire sign,  represents the principle of the” I am the light” daringly goes forward to express its unique expression. Aries must be first in line and can be determined to rush into things sometimes without foresight but nonetheless a courageous impulse to follow their intense inspirations. Aries can be first at any new venture and always seeks the limelight in any field of adventure pushing forth despite limitations or restrictions. Aries likes to be active and in the last few years Aries natives have been pushed around by the Uranus/Pluto square aspecting their Sun to move, change, and be perhaps innovative with their life expression. Happy Birthday Aries! Try to take on projects that you can finish up.
Weekly Planetary Aspects
This first week of April, the transiting Sun in Aries is conjoined by Mercury and Uranus both in the impulsive fire sign Aries which makes for an energetic time where we may selfishly pursue only our individual instincts and wants. The Sun squares Pluto and this may trigger some challenges especially for the Sun signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn whom have been having changes to their ego identifications, Pluto transforms what it touches.
The New Moon April 7th, begins this monthly lunar cycle in the fire sign Aries and conjoins with the Sun, Uranus both in Aries and squares Pluto this could be a challenging week full of shifts and changes in plans and in awareness.  Some likely ways the energy can be of benefit is to know that this is the start of new things,  so you can plan as new ideas are abundant this week.
Venus planet of love and values will shift into the passionate fire sign Aries and will trine Mars in the adventurous fire sign Sagittarius its consort; a lively time time for those in relationships or looking for romance. Mars in the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius will go retrograde until June 30th. Mars will conjoin with retrograde karmic Saturn also in Sagittarius later in April bringing some caution and perhaps frustrations to Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces natives who may feel this aspect as a wave of resistance to move past it yet with the awareness that caution may be a good thing. Jupiter in the analytical earth sign Virgo retrograde and Saturn in Sagittarius will form a challenging square perhaps inspiring those mutable Sun signs:  Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces to sort through the details, find new values and ethics in the spirit of service.
Saturn went retrograde in Sagittarius late March. This is significant because whatever ideas, plans or decisions you made or have been contemplating up until March, will be pursued for the next 5 months as Saturn retrograde periods gives us that inner commitment to pursue our personal challenges and obligations and bring things to their conclusion. Think of this as a train track to follow for the next five months.
On April 13th,  the First Quarter Moon in the water sign Cancer squares the Sun in Aries.
We can now make decisions this week to either finish projects or to pursue the launching of new ones before the end of the month when Mercury goes retrograde.
Mercury planet of communication and networking will shift into the placid materialistic earth sign Taurus and later in the month we go retrograde motion until May 23rd. Mercury retrograde periods are good for research and creativity. Things do go in unexpected ways schedules may change, machinery and computers may breaks down. This is a good time for patience and in Taurus Mercury may be slower than usual however very practical in its approach to material things and concerns like money making schemes.
The Sun shifts into the material practical earth sign Taurus on April 19th, bringing in more peaceful vibrations. Taurus slows things down so we can appreciate what we have and enjoy the earth this coming Earth Day celebrations April 22nd while the Full Moon in Scorpio brings more awareness to the deeper meanings of life.
The Last Quarter Moon finishes up this lunar cycle and this month’s calendar in the objective air sign Aquarius which promotes progressive ideas.  Take time to sort through to what you want to continue to grow in your life as we move forward into this new cycle of the zodiac in this wonderful spring season.
This may be a challenging month;  with five planets moving in apparent retrograde motion, yet they help us deepen and strengthen our awareness.
Astrology teaches us to be aware of the energies available and to choose wisely.
Peace and Blessings

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bjasmine-cm-piscesIn the Stars for March

The Sun has been transiting through the imaginative mystic water sign Pisces. This sign signals the end of the winter cycle and mid-March brings the Vernal Equinox when the Sun enters the fire sign Aries.

The Pisces Sun sign is the most fluid sign of the zodiac as it ends the cycle. The symbol of the two fish swimming in opposing directions while fastened together by the silver cord of life symbolize the dual aspects and confusion attributed to Pisces. Pisces natives are: romantic, imaginative, sensitive, psychic, introverted, giving them strong deep emotional inner life that they must sort through to feel love and compassion as faith verses worries and fears which can dominate their consciousness. Because Neptune and Jupiter rules Pisces these folks can be very kind, sympathetic, receptive, intuitive and humble and conversely dualistic, vague, indecisive, secretive, careless and often are not very adept at dealing with the physical world. They may have high hopes that they reach for through their use of their sharp creative visualization skills. What they imagine is likely to become their reality as they have a strong desire body. Their best traits are when they have developed their spirituality and allow it to shine as they can bring joy to many through their unending generosity and sacrifice. “I have faith”, is the keyword for Pisces. Happy Birthday Pisces! This year Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune make significant aspects to your sign. These aspects can strengthen your personality by manifesting challenges that allow you to see your true path that allows you be your own authority and find your solace in spiritual creative quests. Find faith to believe you are always provided for by Source and stay optimistic. Music is a source of deep comfort for Pisces as it is the language of their soul.

This month features the Solar Eclipse and the New Moon in Pisces on March 8th. This new energy is likely to feel very expansive on the psychic intuitive side, but because Pisces can fluctuate we may be also be attuning to imaginary things and fears or apprehensions. Neptune and Jupiter both aspect the moon lending more of an exaggeration to this New Moon initiatives you may creatively imagine. Plus Saturn forms a challenging square which may add a reality check to this planetary configuration. March also features the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd, in the air sign Libra which brings forth the polarities of Libra air harmony and balance the spirit of cooperation and teamwork opposed by Aries fire initiative and independent action. Eclipses represent a time of powerful changes, challenges and insights. This is a time when things that have been simmering come to a head with new beginnings in the air. Look at the houses in your natal chart will show the issues and actions needed.

The Planetary Aspects for March
Mercury moves into Pisces as Venus planet of love, relationships and values does as well. Lending sensitivity to communications and relationships. Mars planet of action and passion moves into the fire sign Sagittarius and joins up with Saturn also in Sagittarius making for some mixed energy mid-month as they square the inner planets Sun, Mercury and Venus. This can be a challenging time that pushes decisions to the forefront however frustrating things may seem and we may be overly sensitive as Jupiter retrograde also joins in the square in opposition to the Sun Mercury and Venus in Pisces. It may feel like a time of dual thinking, fogginess, confusion, frustration and sluggishness due to retrograde Jupiter. Saturn turns retrograde March 26th this transit of Saturn determines our commitments to projects and plans for the next 5 months the things we will commit to and follow through to completion.
Uranus planet of sudden change and insights continues to square Pluto in Capricorn both urging us to change and reform our thinking, the framework for controls our civilization lives by. We all feel some sort of change is needed as we move forward in this Age of Aquarius. Line up with what you believe in and all else will follow. Neptune planet which helps us attune to the more imaginative, psychic, ephemeral continues its trek through its own sign Pisces where the more spiritual vibrations are affecting our consciousness some of it creates illusions, fog, and the idea of surrender to a higher plane of inspiration. This transit affects the Sun signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces the most.

The Lunar Cycle for March
The Last Quarter Moon sums up the previous cycle in the fire sign Sagittarius. This is the last phase of the moon where we can finish up projects, directions chosen, and a good time to rest as we await the new moon. The Moon in Sagittarius brings idealistic feelings or passion, restlessness and adventure. It’s a good time to go outdoors play and appreciate our surroundings. This is a time when our higher aspirations for self-improvement can be fostered.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse is exact on March 8th ushering new energy in mystical water sign Pisces. We may glean what desires are on the horizon and hope for positive manifestations this month. Some may experience this Solar Eclipse as a renewal of their faith in spirit.

First Quarter Moon in Gemini occurs on March 15th, traditionally known as “Beware of Ides of March” signifying the mid- point in the month when Julius Caesar was assassinated which changed the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire. It is observed by religious factions as a turning point in history. It is a curious time especially with the Moon in Gemini as we can indulge our intellectual curiosity. This mid-point in the month does bring in the change of energy as the Sun enters the charging fire sign Aries the start of spring time. And we feel that awakening of our energy a good time to cleanse the body by eating more greens and fruits.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd, brings the energy to a heighten level. The Sun in Aries yearns for initiatives and independence while the Moon in Libra seeks teamwork, cooperation and harmony in relationships. This can be a good time to socialize to start new networks and experiences. The full moon may affect the cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn as it is a time of awakening and insight.
The month finishes up with the Last Quarter Moon in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn. This may be good time to finish up projects, organize your space and find time to evaluate the month and rest up get ready for the new cycle. Anything that needs transformation and reform will show up in your life this week.

As the celestial zodiacal stars have their movement and orbs we can be the masters of our destiny by making informed choices that is the study of Astrology.
Peace and Blessings



In the Stars for February

February features: Groundhog Day, the countdown for spring to arrive in March and Chinese New Year celebrates the year of the Monkey a good omen for the year, Ash Day, Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day and this is a Leap year that is 29 days- still an irregular month perhaps part of the Aquarius energy.

The transiting Sun is moving through Aquarius this brings an outgoing self-expressive positive energy. Aquarius encourages us to communicate with objectivity our humanistic ideals through involvement with group work and sharing original ideas that may be unconventional. The symbol for Aquarius is of a male figure pouring energy from a large vase into the earth. Some of the possible meanings behind this symbol: is that we are to develop compassion, progressive energy programs, sharing, one humanity, social reforms and the understanding that we are energy vibrational beings. Life is moving faster in this Age of Aquarius.

Aquarius natives are outgoing disseminators of knowledge who are likely to be a friend to all people. Their path in life helps them grow a greater awareness of the endless possibilities in their quest for knowledge. They can be unpredictable, unconventional, and holding an objective attitude that makes them appear to be detached or on another level and possibly spaced out yet they are loving folks.  They are a paradox to understand for they can be stubborn with their own views, inconsistent, conceited, rebellious, ego centered and yet tolerant, unselfish, patient, and allowing others to be their unique selves. Impersonal and detached are traits of theirs that shows an interest in all types of people and anything that is different. Freedom to do as they choose is important to them some are likely to develop or invent things and they do like popularity. Happy Birthday Aquarius! Mars in Scorpio may challenge you this month yet in general your Sun is not affected as strongly right now by the outer planets Uranus and Pluto as other Sun signs are. Do as you will but harm no one.

Most of the hassles with communications and systems breaking down should be over now. The good news is that Mercury, the trickster, is moving in direct motion now through the ambitious earth sign Capricorn and will shift into Aquarius and move into alignment with the Sun and Venus in the zodiac this month. We can experience a greater level of objectivity and concerns for others, a good time to develop new ideas and values to pursue.

Mars in its own powerful water sign Scorpio will challenge us to develop strategies and persistence with our ventures, our ideas and concerns. Now we can move forward in some respects.

Jupiter is retrograde in the analytical earth sign Virgo. Since Jupiter is the planet of expansion, wealth and wisdom in Virgo we may find ourselves delving in more to access all the details of our work ethic, service, and any plans for investments are scrutinized well to use caution. Jupiter retrograde last until May 10th.

Saturn continues its trek through Sagittarius inspiring conscientious intellectual responsibility and serious views based on traditional concepts. Themes like ethics, religion, philosophical precepts that we are responsible to maintain or reap the karma of what we hold important. Saturn can represent austerities, lessons in the limitations we create for ourselves. Those mostly affected are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces natives. Look to understand were you feel the most limited and that’s where you can change your perceptions thus your reality.

Neptune represents forces that affect us generally to inspire our imagination, grow spiritually, develop our psychic abilities and intuitive faculties. In Pisces it strengthens these faculties towards the intangible qualities of our human experience. The water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are most affected by this transit to help them grow to a new spiritual understanding or enlightenment.

Uranus and Pluto continue to trek forward in Aries and Capricorn both forward moving cardinal signs. The square ignites changes and challenges to Sun signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, the effect is more dramatic if you resist. In general, this is a time for invention, courage, and ambition for we are all stirred to breakdown the old and initiate new paradigms during this long transit ended in 2019 when Uranus enters Taurus.

The Lunar Cycle for February

The New Moon in the objective air sign Aquarius occurs Feb.8th.  This is the Chinese New Year. The year of the Monkey and this moon encourages outdoor activities, friendships and a time to observe with detachment and allowance. New moon phase is great to start new projects and launch initiates. We may see signs of spring and some bulbs can be planted.

The First Quarter Moon is exact Feb. 15 in the fixed earth sign Taurus. This first sun/moon square encourages decisions that may be stressful. This is a good time to work with the tension and make a move forward. This is a time to grow, develop with concentrated effort.

The Full Moon in Virgo on Feb. 22 brings in the new energy as the Sun is in Pisces. Awareness is the key to the full moon phase. Pisces helps us to develop feelings of empathy and compassion above its opposite Virgo which is more focused on details and critical views. Balance is everything.

Astrology is the study of the celestial movements through the Zodiac a way of navigating time on our earth plane. We can choose how to use the energies that are available, a good way to see this is like a weather report where you choose the appropriate clothing to wear on not to, and it’s your choice.

Peace and Blessings




In the Stars for January 2016   Mercury Retrograde

Happy New Year!  This calendar year 2016 resonates to the number 9 which in numerology represents: completion, compassion, love, generosity faith, travel, sharing as we finish up and start a new program in 2017. We complete another cycle of our western calendar and the last cycle of the zodiac which starts the Sun’s transit now in Capricorn and ends the winter season in Pisces.

Capricorn is a practical yet ambitious earth sign ruled by Saturn which represents, time, longevity, restrictions, limitation and karma. This makes Capricorn a serious sun sign. This passage of the transiting Sun can influence us now to be practical and pay up our debts, (those incurred last month while the Sun was in optimistic Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter Saturn’s opposite) that’s why people can get depressed during this time. Capricorn teaches us how to be resourceful with few resources and to strive for the top of the mountain of our spiritual pursuits that’s why the symbol for Capricorn is a goat with a dolphin’s tail. Through Capricorn, a soul born in this sign, will learn numerous lessons in self –worth overcoming fear;  that is how we pass through the gate of spiritual initiation that Capricorn symbolizes. Time and perseverance are some of Capricorn’s attributes like being able to see its goals come to fruition in time. The older a Capricorn is the younger they become in spirit. That is a re-born Capricorn who has conquered fear. Capricorn rules the knees, which correlates with the Capricorn drive to keep climbing, to persevere and overcome obstacles. Most Capricorns are practical, efficient, prudent, patient, persistent and ambitious. There is a strong mystical component to the evolved Capricorn who uses there psychic abilities to converse with all that is and seeks out the clarity of the truth in any matter. However, negative Capricorn traits are that they are fearful,  cold, calculating, controlling, rigid, pessimistic and conventional. They make loyal friends and can be trusted to get the job done. They are organized, executive, materialistic and conscientious dedicated towards their objectives which may be the yearning for accomplishment and recognition within their community. They key word for Capricorn is ”  I Use”. This refers to their ability to take advantage of the right moment for them to have their goals come to fruition in time. Happy Birthday Capricorn! The major planets Uranus and Pluto have been aspecting your Sun bringing in lots of changes with challenges to transform yourself, find your own truth and purpose in life to please yourself thus gain inner self worth coupled with the joy and peace that brings. This year 2016 will add completion to most of your goals and  desires so get organized and wait upon the will of the heavens.

The major transits this month are Mercury goes retrograde Jan. 6th -26th and will turn direct right on the Full Moon, in Leo/ Aquarius polarity. Mercury retrograde is a good time to research, review, edit, fix things that usually break or malfunction because this is a good time to repair as Mercury does hold things together the retrograde it gives us the opportunity to  check things out. It may be difficult to launch things as they can go in different directions. Travel but give yourself time to get to your destination without too much stress as delays are likely.

Venus continues it the idealistic Sagittarius where we continue to get a good dose of wanting to be adventurous in relationships, make them perfect and fun. Mars the planet that symbolizes actions, marital arts, war, sex and passionate drives finishes its trek through harmonizing Libra and gets intense in its own sign Scorpio for most of this month. Mars in Scorpio is strategic, resourceful and a hard worker. Action is planned and carried out with courage.

Jupiter also goes retrograde starting Jan. 8th through May 10th. Jupiter which represents expansion, wisdom, wealth, optimism benevolence and generosity will strengthen these attributes especially the details of them through the practical analytical earth sign Virgo. Service, ethics, perfectionism, analysis, and discrimination, these thought-forms may be more present in our collective mind in that we are more efficient in taking care of things especially regarding health matters, the earth’s ecology. Also, fact finding in any issue and with regards to things ruled by Virgo like agriculture, health, some sciences, writing, textiles to name a few.  Generally speaking , the energy is intensified during the retrograde period and perhaps we will learn to be ethical and not superficially discriminatory.

Saturn continues its trek through idealistic Sagittarius, we can continue to pursue our philosophy yet karmic-ally gain insight as we look at strict moral codes or strict adherence to religions that no longer serve our more enlightened consciousness. Saturn in Sagittarius can strengthen our intellectual capacity to discern the positive aspects of our morality or where it has failed us so we can set things on a better course within this 2 year transit of Saturn. Look at where your religious, philosophical authority resides if you want to know if you are reaping a positive or negative karma. Guilt may also be coming from previous beliefs and now would be the time to ferret those out. The signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are the most affected by Saturn’s transit. The more positive aspect of this transit is that you may feel like dropping burdens, finding your own authority in life and therefore feeling more focused.

The outer planet Uranus in Aries continues to form that transformative square with Pluto in Capricorn; thus shaking things up, revealing those autocratic patterns that we no longer wish to follow in terms of the way our society organizes and issues out the power paradigms. On a more personal level this square is  helping those Sun signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn to become aware of their own uniqueness and create their path as they like it this is the challenge for planets in these cardinal signs.

Neptune affects our spirituality or lack of it. In Pisces its own sign it is strengthening our imagination, psychic abilities, healing with energy or creative visualization to name a few modalities. Neptune in Pisces will bring a period of peace where the better forms of the Aquarian Age will start to be noticed this transit lasts until 2025. The way to know if you are using this energy is by seeing how creative you are with any activity. Sun signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces may be most affected by Neptune’s spiritualizing vibrations.

The Lunar Cycle for January

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Jan 2nd in the harmony seeking air sign Libra. This Saturday will feel positively good if you are prepared to clean things up and get ready for the new moon before starting any new projects. Time to think over the pleasant holidays and set forth on the new regimes you want to follow this New Year 2016.

The New Moon comes in Jan. 9th under the energy of Saturn ruled Capricorn. New ambitions may be met with some restrictions in executing since Mercury is also retrograde in Capricorn and Jupiter turns retrograde today. Patience and perseverance will see you through.

The First Quarter Moon occurs Jan. 16th in the fire sign Aries. This first square of the Moon to the Sun will feel like taking those steps forward around the new initiatives. The cycle is forming now and you can see which direction things can grow.

January 23rd shines brightly as the Full Moon in Leo now opposite the Sun in Aquarius brighten things up Leo likes to party. Under this lunar influence, we may intuit quite clearly on how our creative expression contributes to the whole. Those are the attributes of the Leo/Aquarius polarity. We may glean during this full moon in  meditation what is the meaning of this new Age of Aquarius. What are some of the examples of it in our society. Are we becoming more inclusive of all that is, and how are these objectives developing , some things to meditate on during this full moon.

The Last Quarter Moon finishes up the month and lunar cycle in the intense emotional water sign Scorpio. People tend to be quiet, hidden or secretive under this moon. This is a good lunar time to finish up projects now that Mercury is going direct motion we can really tune into what we want to move forward with in the next lunar cycle.

As  always it is wise to know the stars and to work with the energies for further growth and spirituality.

Peace and Blessings




In the Stars for December
The fall season with its many beautiful colors and crisper cool weather ends this month as the Sun will move out of the fire sign Sagittarius into the earth sign Capricorn on Dec. 21rst, the Winter Solstice. It is the longest night of the year as the Sun reaches 0 degrees Capricorn in our Northern Hemisphere. As our ancestors did in olden times, traditionally we light candles as a sign of hope that the light of the Sun will return again in the spring and summer months. We honor nature’s green forests which have provided us with nurturance, shelter and warmth by adorning our homes with wreaths filled with berries and the lighted evergreen tree.
The Sun in Sagittarius lifts up our energies towards the inspirational, enthusiastic and hopeful forward moving energies. We look forward to the pursuit of our goals. The symbol for Sagittarius is the archer-shooting his arrow towards greater heights.  This mutable sign favors self-expressiveness towards the positive. Outdoor sports and activities are favored during this time.

Sagittarius sun signs are versatile folks with a sunny disposition ruled by expansive Jupiter. They love travel and philosophy. They are friendly, open-minded, outgoing, jovial and optimistic for the most part. However, they can be outspoken to the point of being tactless, irresponsible and capricious. They can appear to be on a “high-horse” or arrogant, if this energy is not tempered wisely. These encouraging people do light up a room, party or event with their broad expansive outlooks.  They make for good lawyers, theologians, teachers, diplomats, advertising agent to name a few occupations that suit their temperament. They love their freedom and may be flirtatious but settling down for them may come later in life if at all. If they are settled down they need plenty of room to be independent. Because they are restless, they may choose to be self- employed more often since they dread rigid routines and a sedentary life. Happy Birthday Sagittarius. This year may feel like you are more disciplined, dutiful and focused since Saturn aspects your Sun.  Neptune squares your Sun, challenging your focus and determination to be more practical and discerning. Some aspects of reality may be blurred so self-analysis will soften any deceptive tendencies. However, these aspects can usher in an inspiring time for you to bring forth your talents.

Mercury planet of communication is moving forward from optimistic and inspirational Sagittarius to the ambitious yet practical earth sign Capricorn. Pursuing ambitious yet practical affairs take the forefront for Dec.

Venus planet of love, relationships and values has focused our attentions through the graceful and socializing air sign Libra, and will now move into the secretive and intense water sign Scorpio on Dec. 5th. Venus will conjoin with Neptune, Dec. 6th through 20th. This aspect can throw a highly romantic yet secretive and clandestine energy to relationships. The water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will be feel more compassion and romanticism abounds.

Mars planet of war, action, strategies and sexual love will continue its trek through the diplomatic negotiating air sign Libra. Perhaps this placement of both Venus and Mars in Libra has tempered down the temperaments in the current geopolitical tensions towards patience and peaceful negotiations rather than rash outbreaks of war. However, Mars, Uranus and Pluto form a challenging T-Square which may continue to stir things up unexpectedly this month in terms of the world’s political affairs especially tension between governments. This energy continues to rise up to bring forth a challenge to the usual assumptions parties hold onto dearly. Uranus which rules sudden changes, rebellions and revolution turns direct station on Dec. 26th right after the Full Moon in Cancer on Christmas. This aspect will challenge the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn Sun sign natives to take action and grow through current struggles. On the world stage, this will heighten our emotional awareness of the current world collective struggles currently impinging on our minds since the Moon rules the mass consciousness. We may find ourselves wanting to be protective of loved ones, patriotic and somewhat fear based as Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces form a square to this energy adding a dose of fear and anxiety and challenging us to consider our beliefs, moral codes and ethics as we sort through this energy. On the one hand, we are forced to face reality and on the other Neptune deceives by confusing the issues. Turning towards escapist activities will not soothe this energy, best to intend through prayer for solutions. This aspect may alert us to face the true issue of the nature of the problems today rather than just to deceive ourselves with quick remedial strategies which are ineffective in the long run. This month will prove to be challenging in that it will force us to face ourselves as a collective in which we have to work on our inter-dependent relations world-wide. The nature of these struggles will somehow enrich our collective mind to have more of a pull towards world unity and harmony rather than focus on the differences that divide us. In short we are in the building blocks towards a more enlightened world this is an exciting time on the world stage.

Jupiter the planet that rules, wisdom, wealth and expansion is moving through the analytical earth sign Virgo helps to bring about the details of service. However it can heighten the discriminatory tendencies. We can see people getting bogged down in the details with no real solution towards harmony yet. Jupiter forms aspects to the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo and Pisces by challenging these signs towards expansion and growth.  Jupiter will move into the harmony and justice concerned air sign Libra in September 2016.

The Lunar Cycles for December
The month begins with the finishing up of the lunar cycle as the Last Quarter Moon occurs Dec. 3rd in the analytical earth sign Virgo. A difficult aspect on this day to sum things up, the Moon opposes Neptune which can make for a confusing time, yet a Moon/Saturn square may help to make decisions. Stay positive.

The New Moon occurs on Dec. 11th in the sunny inspirational fire sign Sagittarius. Bursting with energy we start a new lunar cycle full of optimism and verve. Getting new projects underway is the key for this lunar phase. Adventure, travel; we can go in many directions try to stay focused.

The First Quarter Moon occurs Dec. 18th in the mystical water sign Pisces.  The first quarter moon urges us to evaluate our progress on our projects yet this can be a dreamy day in which it’s best to put off decisions and contemplate the ephemeral and the beauty that surrounds us. The moon in Pisces can attune us to the psychic and imaginative realms.

The Full Moon occurs Dec. 25th in the emotional water sign Cancer. The Cancer/Capricorn polarity is great for sorting through intense emotions and sensitivities. We may feel vulnerable, sentimental for the good times and indulgent on food and creature comforts. Sun in Capricorn focuses us to blend that sentimentality with practicalities and realistic expectations. Perhaps this Full Moon will really bring out the best of both. The Uranus station will bring in unexpected surprising events and clarity.
Challenging times are always the best time to grow and change as we desire better for all of us- solutions will be at hand.
Astrology shows us the movement of the planetary cycles through the tropical zodiac. We can always choose the better path as we are conditioned to grow and evolve.
Let there be peace on earth.
Happy Holidays Yahaira


bjasmine-cm-scorpioIn the Stars for November
The fall season continues with the transiting Sun in the mysterious water sign Scorpio. This is the time of metamorphosis and transformation as nature withdraws and begins the process of hibernation. We see this change in the trees changing color and shedding their leaves in order to strengthen for the winter months ahead. We can gain wisdom from nature and honor our body’s natural instincts to rest and turn our attention inward.  This is a great month to give thanks for all the growth gained this year.
This water sign ruled by Mars can increase our ability to pursue our activities with intensity and unrelenting drives. Scorpio delves deeper into the mysteries and occult meanings of life as it can be concerned with life, sex and death- the cycle of transformation and rebirth. Scorpio natives can be difficult to understand as they are very quiet and hold their opinions inwardly unless they are confronted then they tell it like it is no holding back, the sting can pierce leaving their opponent dumbfounded. Scorpios crave intensity and drama yet they like to pursue their interests with purpose and intense drives. They are courageous and thorough as they have amazing innate power. They can be masters at whatever they turn their attention to.  They may be busy with their own research into matters and hide their true feelings behind an iron mask. They can be curious and suspicious able to ferret the truth in most circumstances and they cannot be swindled easily. They make selective friends and can be passionate lovers and or enemies. These folks can be protective, resourceful and vengeful if the need arises. Happy Birthday Scorpio! Now that Saturn has passed over your Sun you should feel free from the burdens of the previous years. Mystical planet Neptune trines your Sun now lending more spiritual vibes to your sense of Self this can help point you in the right direction.

Mercury is traveling with the Sun in Scorpio intensifying our efforts to network around our focus. Mercury in Scorpio is intuitive, insightful and able to penetrate into hidden nature of things, good time for research and planning.

Venus and Mars continue to move in the practical and analytical earth sign Virgo and then shift into the air sign Libra around middle of the month. We get to have more harmony and balance this month and hopefully this brings an end to the self- centered critical energy that characterized the Virgo influence on both Venus and Mars especially noticeable around critical assessments of relationships. Venus rules Libra and this will help to soften and pick up the energy for harmonious interactions a good time to socialize and network.

The earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will continue to increase in confidence and a pleasant time as Jupiter planet of benefits continues to trek through Virgo. You may find yourself accomplishing a lot of work during this time while Jupiter stays in Virgo. Work ethic and precision can go a long way.

Saturn in the fire sign Sagittarius continues to influence the Sun signs:  Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces in some challenging ways. This transit can strengthen your ego to face your reality with reserve knowing that whatever you do focus on you can appreciate yourself more as you get it done. Face your fears and know that you are being strengthened to be fearless. There is nothing like the Saturn-ian influence to inculcate discipline to those souls that need a dose of concentration. Often times folks can feel tired and dread all kinds of things when Saturn impacts their Sun. The fire signs Aries and Leo are also helped by Saturn this year.

The forces for renewal, change, inventiveness continue to prod us as Uranus  in Aries continues to whip up some positive challenges to Aries, Leo and Sag., to make the needed changes, and Pluto in Capricorn can challenge the earth signs  Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus, plus square Libra, and oppose Cancer; this is a time of deep transformation, inner clearing and enlightenment if we choose to work with these forces  which are challenging us to look at our beliefs in the light of a new world that is developing as we search for a wholesome vantage point to how this world is managed and by whom. How do we form heaven on earth? Creative forces are always present for us to solve our dilemmas.

The Lunar Cycle for November
We ended another month with the Full Moon Oct. 27th in the earth sign Taurus. Now we are ending the lunar cycle with the Last Quarter Moon in the fire sign Leo on Nov. 3rd. Leo likes to have fun, be creative and lead forward. The last quarter moon is always a good time to review your monthly activity and progress and clean up or make decisions has to what you will continue to carry forward when the New Moon starts a new cycle.

The New Moon occurs November 11th in the intense water sign Scorpio. A great time to start something new and charge ahead perhaps keeping your plans to yourself as Scorpio can influence our collective mood to be quiet yet busy with plans.

The First Quarter Moon occurs November 18th in the humanitarian air sign Aquarius. This is a good time to seek out others with similar interests and be objective towards those with different viewpoints.  Moon in Aquarius can be good for intellectual rather than emotional motivations we can find our own uniqueness in a crowd. This is a time to put your plans into action and watch them grow.
The transiting Sun shifts into Sagittarius November 22nd and the energy changes once again as the fire signs always lifts us up after being emotionally centered while the Sun was in Scorpio.  We can now pursue new perspectives with vigor as and or outdoor activities like sports.

The Full Moon occurs November 25th in the curious air sign Gemini.  The Sun has now shifted into happy go lucky Sagittarius and the energy will feel more enthusiastic and creative ideas will fill the air. This will be part of the holiday energy for Thanksgiving so expect a good social time this thanksgiving. You will enjoy socializing and entertainment.

And we finish another cycle. It is said that,”it is a wise man who follows the stars and a fool who is ruled by them.”
Happy Trails
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bjasmine-cm-libraIn the Stars for October
The fall season has begun another cycle of time fulfills our calendar time as measured by the seasonal shifts. Nature slows down from growth outward to inner resting  with the transiting Sun in intellectual air sign Libra. We can take a cue from this process and start our own inner journey as winter approaches.
The Libra symbol, the scale stands for harmony and balance and innate sense of justice, fairness and balance. Nature changes its colors and we are inspired by this time to change whatever issues or plans came up in the summer months to get out of the rut. It’s time for action with strategy. This air sign stands for cooperative action, approval seeking drive, mentally motivated effort, harmony, teamwork and impartial attitudes. Our drives, depending on how open we are to the energy, will help us to engage in harmony seeking communications that sets things right with others and self. Harmony and balance coupled with a love of beauty since Venus rules this sign, makes for refined esthetics. Mercury retrograde in Libra adds a learning curve to the energy. We may find ourselves reviewing information we thought we knew well, going over ideas as our minds are sharpened during this time.
Persons with the Libra Sun (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) are mild mannered and peace-loving. Librans try to resolve their problems by arbitration rather than by force. They don’t like violence yet they will fight for principles of justice but most likely as a last resort. Librans like to debate and are strategist who can outsmart their opponent with subtle persuasion. Librans can plant ideas and wait for them to come to fruition through negotiation. They are gentle, amiable, and courteous most of the time their strength is intelligence and diplomacy. They take their time to make decisions weighing the pros and cons because they want to be fair and unbiased. They love teamwork, playful exchanges, and need companionship. They are the life of the party sharing their graciousness wherever they go they’ve got a friend. These folks are romantic and love to be married for the companionship they can nurture. Intellectual pastimes appeal to them like chess, word games, reading, and puzzles. Cultural and artistic activities are a must in their life. Happy Birthday Libra! This month with Mercury retrograde until Oct. 10th may seem like you are reviewing your ideas which may be more focused at this time. Be tactful and patient as freedom seeking change, upheavals and rebellious tendencies are being triggered by Uranus and Pluto squares.  The ambitious drives can be dramatic with these aspects like ego drives yet aim for what you can achieve to change during this time.

Mercury retrograde goes direct Oct. 9th give it a week to come up to speed again in the air sign Libra Mercury fosters fairness, decisions are weighed carefully this can cause vacillation and indecision. Whatever decisions you come to make them after the retrograde for things can change after the first week. Usually after the retrograde things surface that may need to be set right or further clarification is needed especially with communications and decisions. However Mercury retrograde periods lend creativity and learning processes are sharpened -a great time to grow. Remember the matrix bends.

This month we have Venus, Mars and Jupiter transiting through the practical and analytical sign Virgo.  This energy is about service, details and analysis to the areas ruled by these planets. Venus love and service, Mars action and strategies, Jupiter expansion, wisdom and faith. Virgo can seem at times critical, discriminating, intellectual and demanding. We can benefit from these energies to clean things up, adopt a wise health regime. Assimilation, systematic action, service are the keywords for this time.

Saturn rules time, limitations, longevity, authority, and karma.  Saturn will transit through Sagittarius now for the next two years. People born during 1956- 1958 are having a second Saturn return. This means a cycle of 28 years has passed and the influence that Saturn brings is to review one’s life achievements and make plans to bring about a sense of purpose for the next 28 years. Usually the second Saturn return occurs in our late 50’s a time to think about retirement from the track you’ve been in and a summation of your soul’s purpose in life –this can be a great time or a challenging time depending on how you feel about your life. Saturn brings the sense of time and longevity and the completion of Karma meaning  the quality of our past and present behaviors and the sense of destiny or Dharma meaning the code of ethics we live by that promotes our spirituality. Saturn in Sagittarius inspires conscientious intellectual responsibility and serious views based on moral standards. Saturn in Sagittarius is a teacher of moral codes. This can be a time where we review our traditional religious and moral standards in the light of today’s changing world views. The I Ching, the Book of Change consuls: Conscientiousness means preponderance of the small.  Inner development requires some personal humility. Any manifestation of pride may lead you away from important insights. Focus on the details not on grand ambitions as you start a new trek during your Saturn return. Saturn in Sagittarius brings challenges to the signs Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius a time of strengthening and decisions. This time can feel like you are under pressure.

Uranus and Pluto continue to square affecting the signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The challenge for this time is freedom, changing attitudes, awareness, transformation and reform. You can choose to listen to your inner voice and make the shift or allow it to change you.

Neptune the planet that intrigues our imagination and perceptions into the psychic spiritual realms continue to trek through its own sign Pisces. This is an important time for the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces as Neptune can erode our perceptions and increase the search through the fog for spiritual meaning. Open up and receive.

The Lunar Cycle for October
The Full Moon Eclipse on Sept. 27 in the fire sign Aries continues to influence the high energy of this first week in Oct. As we gather the insights from this last full moon we will see the effects March during the Spring Equinox. The energy decreases as we have the First Quarter Moon Oct. 4th in the sensitive water sign Cancer. This last square between the transiting Moon and Sun in Libra urges constructive decisions or changes. Cancer steps up the emotional energy get in touch with your mood swings and clean up whatever is not in harmony to you during this last phase of the lunar cycle.
Oct. 12th brings in the strong forces of the New Moon a cycle begins for growth in the air sign Libra. This can be extremely charged up day as Mercury is starting to move in direct motion also in the air sign Libra. This is a time to glean those new initiatives that are popping into your awareness.
The First Quarter Moon occurs Oct. 20th in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn. This first square of the Moon and Libra Sun can be felt as charging energy forward with decisions to carry out executively. Communications can be erratic on this day as the Moon squares up with Uranus planet of sudden changes.
The month ends with yet another Full Moon in the sensuous earth sign Taurus. Taurus energy is stable and security minded. The Full Moon in Taurus and the Sun now in Scorpio brings about the deeper levels of security and instinctive motivations. This is a good time to feel the innermost depth of your security and values. Scorpio energy is intense and dramatic. This can be a day bursting with energy as the Moon also trines Pluto. Dancing going for a hike and enjoying nature can be a good way to celebrate this Full Moon.
Astrology is the study of cycles as the celestial influences touch our being, we decide through our free will how to best use the energy, so choose wisely.
Peace and Blessings
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In the Stars for September
The end of the summer season is here with the transiting Sun in the analytical earth sign Virgo. This is the time to clean up the gardens and get ready for the harvest at the Autumnal Equinox when the Sun shifts into Libra. This change in the planetary energies lends a strong focus on material matters. Virgo signifies purity, fertility, chastity and rules over the plant kingdom. This sign is adaptable allowing us to be more flexible and yielding in our actions. Mercury rules Virgo natives so this month we have a more analytical approach to our direction checking information and details for the most part. Especially since Mercury will turn retrograde Sept. 18th. Mercury retrograde enhances relations in the air sign Libra. Our focus on establishing harmony with others and engaging in the exchange of ideas is stirred up during this time. Mercury helps with research, finishing up projects and evaluating all sorts of materials. It’s a good time to clean things up, fix that which is about to break, and communication can be challenging during this time. Give your-self plenty of time when traveling and study contracts rather than signing on the dotted line as things are most likely to change after the retrograde on October 10th.

September brings powerful energy shifts: first the Solar Eclipse occurs Sept. 13th this is a wake up time. Then we  have a strong change mid-month in that the Autumnal Equinox occurs Sept. 23 starting the fall season ushering  climate changes bringing cooler temperatures, lovely fall colors as nature prepares to slow down the growth cycle. And lastly, a strong Lunar Eclipse/ Full Moon the Harvest Moon occurs Sept. 27th a good time to celebrate the harvest and finish this summer season by giving thanks for all the growth we’ve had.

Lovely Virgo natives are meticulous and enjoy material objects but not in a possessive way. In Virgo the Mercurial energy expresses itself on a practical level. These folks love to analyze, critic all things with a sharp eye they are discriminating, modest, orderly and most are conventional. They like Gemini also ruled by Mercury love words, language and all forms of codification. They are capable of retaining and assimilating facts. They can get stuck on the details and worry over small matters which may cause them to be indecisive. They love to be useful and serviceable towards others. They are motivated by a sense of duty therefore will go the mile to help others. They are good friends and devoted partners. Happy Birthday Virgo! This is an important year for Virgo as Saturn lends a challenging square helping you take firm action. Plus Pluto is throwing a beneficial aspect to your Sun this helps with the work of transformation of the persona as in “taking back your power”.

Venus the planet that rules love and relations moves in direct motion Sept. 6th in the fire sign Leo may lend more enthusiasm to love relations also Mars is in Leo so this can stir up the motivations for those seeking romance. However, Mars in Leo is fiery and charged up to take action and is ruler over leadership matters. This may be a time when we see politicians expounding high platitudes yet enthusiasm and positive energy is in the air. Saturn adds more fuel to this combination as it shifts into Sagittarius commencing it’s transit for the next two years. All the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius and Pisces will feel the constructive, disciplining Saturnian influence. Saturn always delivers the reality check. Saturn used wisely can strengthen a person’s persistence and resolve. Saturn in Sagittarius inspires our intellectual responsibility and serious views based on traditional concepts. We can learn to treat problems in an ethical manner. This transit can really help grow our collective consciousness especially around moral, ethical and religious inclinations. Flexibility and consideration goes along way perhaps we walk in another shoes.

Jupiter in Virgo lends more of that analytical practical energy as it is joined by the Sunthis month. Jupiter in Virgo, until Sept. 2016, is focused on the work ethic. We will feel this influence as we ask ourselves about our purpose in life-is it to the benefit of others? The positive side of this influence is being of help service making a difference vs being discriminatory and judgmental you get to choose which during this next year how you want to use your energy.

The outer planets Uranus in Aries helps bring strong changes, Neptune in Pisces helps to spiritualize and lend inspiration from the other realms increasing our psychic sensibilities and spirituality and Pluto in Capricorn also stations direct Sept. 24th, this is important in that it provides a doorway for those souls wishing to transition to the other side thus they transform back from ego matter into the body of light. Pluto destroys structures and limitations that no longer serve our growth and collectively we will meet these challenges to accept one another and grow as our wholeness and unity will redeem our life on this planet.

The Lunar Cycles for September
We start another month with the Full Moon in Pisces. This is the height of the lunar cycle tomorrow starts a finishing up as the Last Quarter Moon occurs Sept. 5th in the intellectual and social air sign Gemini. We can go out entertain and have fun this holiday weekend. Finish up projects and tasks and get ready for the New Moon on Sept. 12th.
This New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs Sunday Sept. 12th/13th depending on what coast you are on in the practical analytical earth sign Virgo. New work, purpose ideas get to be gleaned and put into practice but it during this Mercury retrograde so you may find your-self busy with the small details before its smooth sailing.
The energy increases as the Moon hits first quarter in the cycle on Sept. 21rst in the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius. This is a good time to define your beliefs, and feel the positive energy of this growing cycle.
We finish up the month with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the fire sign Aries.  Lunar Eclipses bring things to a head. If you know where Aries falls in your natal chart, this is where the greatest insights and revelations will emerge. Look at the house and its meanings for more information.  There will be lots of change in the air during this full moon. The Sun in Libra now inclines us towards action, cooperation and establishing harmonious relations.
As always the stars incline but we are the deciders of our destiny.
Happy Trails
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bjasmine-cm-leoIn the Stars for August 2015

The summer season reaches its height as the Sun’s transit through the fire sign Leo which it rules bringing hot dry days and an increase in the growth cycle. We feel aware and awake with renewed clarity now.

Leo is ruled by the Sun so in this sign we get a full dose of vitality. Our actions are more influenced by the enthusiasm this sign lends. Leo natives are creative, graceful dignified, proud, determined and dramatic. They seek to be in positions of power where they can exert their ego drives with courageous effort. Center stage is where they seek to shine to exert their innate magnanimity. Their pride in themselves gives them the self- esteem to live up to their perception of honesty, integrity and reliability. However, they are generous enthusiastic, expansive and often good organizers and executives.  Their negative traits are that they can be conceited, snobbish, intolerant, patronizing, dogmatic, and pompous. Yet Leos shine because of their innate connection to divinity that spark of life in their hearts shines with tremendous generosity and love which encourages and helps others. They enjoy friendships and form many lasting associations.  Most Leos strive to be proud of their life achievements and do will themselves to the top of any field they are focused on. Happy Birthday Leo! This year Jupiter has been going over your Sun lending expansiveness, opportunity and confidence. Saturn will also lend a trine aspect to your Sun fortifying your resolve and strengthening your position in life and decisions you must make will be sure footed.

The Transits of the Planets

Mercury, Venus retrograde and Jupiter have been transiting through Leo.  This energy has been cheering us up to enjoy the creative principal of life by attending celebrations, concerts and engaging in romance. Jupiter increases our desire to promote what we believe in and take risks.

Saturn retrograde continues to trek in the water sign Scorpio then the energy shifts when it stations direct on August 2nd.  This station can be felt quite strongly has a time to let go of any obligations that no longer have a hold on your energies,  as Scorpio encourages the ending and transformation of karmic patterns. You may feel yourself ending certain associations  or cycles as Saturn in Scorpio finishes up in this water sign by mid- September and enters enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius.

Uranus and Pluto continue to aspect changes that are sudden and transformative. This aspect can create drama that offers breakthroughs should you choose to make the needed changes. Pluto stations direct in September and another major shift affects the collective. Retrograde planets have a way of intensifying the energies somewhat like taking a strong dose of a remedy. Inward growth is intensified in order to change and transform thereby releasing creative energy.

Neptune in Pisces continues to increase our psychic perceptions, imagination and compassion. This transit helps all the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces by helping them to reach for a more spiritual template to live by.

The Lunar Cycle for August

The Full Moon on July 31rst still influence the early part of August. This full moon in Aquarius puts us in touch with our humanitarian ideals. This is a good time to know your place in the cosmos as an aspect of the creative divine spark. Ceremonies and celebrations are a good way to join with others at the height of this summer season and give thanks to the principle of life, love and compassion to self and others. Full moon energy brings issues to a head with resolutions which restore harmony and balance.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Aug. 6th in the fixed earth loving sign Taurus. Our security and comfort are in prominent at this time. Seek to understand that what makes your feel secure is it possessions, relationships, or status. The last quarter moon phase is a good time to clean up projects, home and your inner space. This ending phase puts us in a sort of up in the air mood which enables us to attune to our subconscious creative side as we wait to know what further action to take.

The New Moon in Leo occurs Aug. 14th this energy is like a burst of creativity and releases fun and spontaneity in us. Leo moons are great for a party and celebrations. You may feel more inclined to take risks with new ideas during this phase as it promotes our creative urges. Leo moon can help us be more spontaneous, joyful and kindhearted.

The First Quarter Moon occurs Aug. 22nd in the intense water sign Scorpio. First quarter moon phase encourages analysis of a new growth cycle as the Moon’s job is to grow our desires. See what needs to be fashioned better, work on your projects and steer them in the right direction and stick to your convictions. This weekend can be a bit moody and quiet as we process us desires.

We finish the month with a once again with a Full Moon this time in the mystical water sign Pisces. Last month we had two full moons fall in the calendar cycle known as a blue moon. This Full Moon in Pisces increases our psychic impressions, imagination and attunement to the astral plane. We may feel more passive, reclusive and wanting to escape the everyday grind. Listening to music, writing poetry and meditation is a good way to use this energy. Some may feel more inspired by this full moon especially Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces Sun signs.

The season will change with the transiting Sun in the practical analytical earth sign Virgo on Aug. 23rd. The harvest time commences and we feel the shift in the solar energy as fall is around the corner.

Astrology teaches about the celestial cycles that influence all growth and how we can choose to use the energies. Happy trails.

Peace and blessings


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In the Stars for July

The summer season is here now with the Sun moving through the sensitive water sign Cancer. This solar energy influences our feelings concerning family, friends and country. Cancer is a patriotic sign and is the U.S.A’s natal Sun sign. This helps explain why our country has all these military interests abroad and likes being the caretaker of other nations as Cancer concerns itself with national security and foreigners. However, Cancer being a cardinal sign likes to take action and can make for a restless time this month.
Cancer is a very caring and nurturing water sign concerned with family, security and protecting what they value. They can be fiercely protective and defensive and times if they feel their security is threatened. They are creative with their strong intuitions. They are conscientious partners wanting to nurture and protect their loved ones best interests. Cancers may appear elusive trying to side step issues they are not comfortable with and they may appear shy and retiring and unassuming. They can hide their true emotions behind a sophisticated mask. They are so sensitive its best to use tact with them and no ridicule or derogatory remarks especially as children. Sunny dispositions and helpful to all people like them sensing this trait immediately upon meeting them for they are trustworthy souls. When they are in a good mood they are a joy to be around and make great hostesses and entertainers yet they must develop self- confidence. Happy Birthday Cancer! Major changes continue to your persona and psychology as Pluto and Uranus continue to challenge you towards better changes-you can meet your challenges.
Planetary movements for July
It’s not Mercury retrograde any more affecting computers, satellites and weather; it’s been the solar flares! Mercury is now direct motion through the intellectual air sign Gemini, this energy lends curiosity to our thoughts and favors networking. Mercury will shift into the water sign Cancer June 9th and will conjoin with the Sun and Mars both in Cancer around the middle of the month. This changes the energy towards a more aggressive yet emotional and intuitive orientation and people may be a bit more moody as they pursue their strategic aims.
Venus and Jupiter the both benefic planets in lending good influences conjoin in the fiery sign Leo. This can boost our confidences, inspire romance and wealth. They can bring about fortuitous benefits especially for the fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
Old father Saturn continues its last trek through the secretive water sign Scorpio. This will culminate any challenges for Scorpio born in the early part of November. Thus you will finally be free of any difficult karma that was challenging to you this last year.
Uranus and Pluto continue to give us the challenge to thrust us forward towards the areas we want to change and transform. This aspect is particularly affecting the Sun signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Let go and allow the flow of change to take its course, continue to ride the wave.
Neptune the planet that tends to illuminate and evolve us through its mystical ethereal vibrations continues its transit through Pisces were it strengthens our psychic abilities, intuition and imaginations. This Neptune transit marks an important time for Pisces natives to ascend to a higher plane of faith and understanding otherwise you may still feel lost in a sea of fog.
The Lunar Cycles are important because they help us grow the things in our lives.
The Full Moon occurs July 1rst in ambitious earth sign Capricorn. This lunar energy increases the lunar pull between the Moon in earth element and the Sun in water element. This full moon energy may feel draining for some. This is a good time to conserve your energies and put your ambitions into perspective. Do what must be done but seek to rest and feel secure with what you have. Appreciation goes a long way to ward off negative tendencies and depression. This can be a high and low full moon. A time to evaluate and analyze your progress.
The Last Quarter Moon in the fire sign Aries will end this lunar cycle with a strong punch of energy to initiate changes and perhaps endings to some plans. Later in the evening, a trine aspect between Mars and Neptune lends some more subtle energy good for imagination and dreams. Take action and clean things up and get ready for the new cycle.
The New Moon in the water sign Cancer occurs July 15th. As this is a cardinal sign it will lend the energy for starting new fresh projects and plans. In Cancer we are more likely to come from a place of inner security and seek those choices that give us comfort and protection.
The First Quarter Moon occurs July 23rd in the mysterious water sign Scorpio. Perhaps a quiet intuitive day to process what is most important. Mercury shifts into the fire sign Leo. This may pick up the energy towards the more fun seeking activities for this day.
Astrology teaches us about the energies that are available for us to make choices and be the directors of our own destiny.
Peace and Blessings
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In the Stars for June
The transiting Sun is in the air sign Gemini. This sign lends the energy for communications, thinking and networking. Gemini is a social air sign which stirs up the energy for excitement through curiosity, intellectual pursuits are strengthened and are more likely to be imaginative and find ourselves restless to pursue new avenues.
Gemini Sun natives are witty, intellectual and fascinating with their mental brilliance. They see both sides to everything and are likely to be changeable, adaptable and talkative. Gemini is ruled by Mercury which makes them able to turn and shift quickly as does Mercury. This is the sign of the twins, Castor and Pollux; they represent two sides of one personality. They are adaptable people who love to communicate and entertain many ideas in a fun and entertaining way. Witty, versatile, logical, inquisitive and spontaneous is how these folks bring on their charm. However they can be nervous, restless, superficial and inconsistent. This can make them appear elusive though they try to stay grounded. Happy Birthday Gemini! Mercury your ruler has been retrograding for a few weeks those born between May 21 through June 12th may find themselves reviewing their identities, purpose in life more seriously as Saturn opposes Gemini in Sagittarius may be stressful for some.
The energy shifts mid- month as the transiting Sun moves into the water sign Cancer June 21rst is the Summer Solstice the Sun reaches the zenith of its trek in the northern hemisphere and the increasing light starts to shorten once again the cycles of the seasons are running in a regular manner.
Mercury is retrograde in Gemini until June 12th. Give it a week for things to start to move in a regular fashion again. Mercury in Gemini is strong for communications, writing, intellectual pursuits.
Venus the planet of love will shift out of the water sign Cancer and into Leo June 6th. We are more likely to want to entertain, socialize and be more daring to explore our desires. Mars the planet of action is moving through the versatile air sign Gemini and will conjoin with the Sun in Gemini. This aspect charges our purposes and actions with strategic designs for our intellectual and networking pursuits.
Jupiter the planet that represent wisdom, expansion and spiritual growth has been transiting in ardent Leo and continues to throw a beneficent aspect to our relationships and values as Venus joins the greater beneficent later in June giving benefits towards love and abundance especially to people with their Sun in the fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
Saturn the planet that represents karma, restrictions and limitations has been transiting through the fire sign Sagittarius where it is attuning our enthusiasm towards more ethical and religious considerations. Saturn will retrograde back into Scorpio for the last time until Aug. 2nd. This can be a trying time for the water sign Scorpio and Taurus those born late in Nov. and May. Saturn always brings caution, reaping of karma, and one can grow spiritually from the process of suffering.
Uranus continues to retrograde through the fire sign Aries causing some rebellion, impatience and sudden changes. It is still squaring Pluto in Capricorn as these two forces continue to influence new ideas, reforms and governmental structures.
Neptune in the water sign Pisces continues to influence all water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces by helping these folks to attune to the more spiritual and imaginative side of life. Neptune in Pisces lifts us out of the mundane by enhancing the meditation, psychic forces and imagination. The collective mind may seek greater solace through forms of faith and hopefulness.
The Lunar Cycle for June
We start the month again with the Full Moon in the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius on 2nd. This lunar phase stirs our minds more intellectually with passion for ideals. This lunation emphasizes the need for balance between what we know and what we would like to broaden in our perspectives.
The Last Quarter Moon occurs June 9th in the mystical water sign Pisces. A time to dream, imagination is stirred and we can sense the spiritual side of our nature. Our sensitivity to music and other intangible forces can make us too emotional and susceptible to self-sacrificing tendencies. This can be a time to withdraw from the harsh world and develop compassion. The last quarter moon is a good time to finish projects and clear your space.
The New Moon occurs June 16th in the air sign Gemini. This new burst of energy is the start of this next lunar cycle to develop and grow your projects and plans. Gemini moon can make us more adaptable, talkative and changeable. People like to consider their ideas, plans and networking strategies.
The First Quarter Moon occurs in the air sign Libra on June 24. This lunar phase helps us to boost our efforts and the energies are available for decisions, and re-designing our ideas and plans. Libra is a social sign aiding us with establishing more harmony with our relationships.
The celestial influences can provide us with the raw the material to use our will and manifest our desires, hopes and dreams as opportunities to create abound by their configurations.



In the Stars for May
The transiting Sun is now moving through the practical earth sign Taurus. This sign is ruled by Venus thus lending the energy for practical values focused energy through beauty, love, harmony, earthly delights and taking care of our material possessions. The spring season continues to flourish visible are natures beauty which should help to provide us with the calmness typical of Taurus natives.
Taurus sun signs are lovers of beauty and are very charming individuals who charm us with their affection. They can be loving and devoted towards anyone or thing they commit to. They are reliable, industrious and have a persevering work ethic. They are not likely to jump into things without careful consideration or forethought. Once they choose a course they stick with it unless circumstance dictates otherwise. Known for their unrelenting stubbornness these folks can change. However, they are likely to resent anyone who stands in their way and may develop a very stubborn and unrelenting attitude towards anyone or thing that tries to interfere with their plans towards material stability. Watch out for their anger though not easily aroused but can emerge when they feel crossed or opposed. They are generally easy going and sensual with focused instincts towards their creature comforts. They love nature, beauty, color and may be artistic in some sense. They search for the genuine article in human relations having great inner integrity. They can be great money managers using their inborn sense of value. Happy Birthday Taurus! Now that Saturn has moved into Sagittarius the last few years effort and strain are behind you now. Jupiter in Leo now helps you expand your horizons towards the choices you are making.
Mercury the planet that connects all things on the earth plane goes retrograde on May 19th right after the New Moon cycle starts. Mercury stations at 13 degrees Gemini, the sign it rules this makes for a powerful retrograde where we can review our ideas, communications and networks. Gemini is the entertainer, the witty wordy designer of communications thus this period can be great for negotiations, projects and plans that need to be reviewed or edited. During the retrograde be aware that things may not go as you plan as surprises are likely; practice flexibility. You can make plans but give yourself time to let them develop thus this can be a wonderful creative time. Are minds are sharp and inventive. Mercury retrograde periods can bring up technical difficulties or problems with things that need our attention to fix them or to consider all the facts before signing the contract as orderly thinking may be lacking during this time. If you are traveling expect some delays so pace yourself accordingly. Mercury goes direct June 12th.
Venus in Gemini now shifts into Cancer by mid-month shifting our values towards our home, as nurturing and protective instincts are enhanced. Venus opposes Pluto in Capricorn and around May 20th. This transit can drive our passions, bringing about control issues centered on the affairs governed by them, like relationship struggles with negotiations, clashes of values, and organization of issues in need of transformation and change are likely to occur.
Mars the god of war, action and strategy is moving through the practical earth sign Taurus lending fixed values and conservative trends now. Mars shifts into Gemini mid-month and will join up with Mercury in Gemini. This transit can stir things up and provide us with a diverse set of decisions to make but consider wisely since Mercury is retrograde. You may see many sides to the issue before you can embark on the course of action. Retrograde Mercury encourages Gemini and Virgo sun signs this month with decisions and plans.
Jupiter planet of expansion continues its trek through the generous fire sign Leo. This transit lends optimism, passion for expenditures and encourages creativity and risk taking. This transit helps to ease Aries, Leo and Sagittarius sun signs.
Saturn planet that represents limitations, karma, continues retrograde in ethical fire sign Sagittarius. This transit can help us enrich our ethical and philosophical concepts by reviewing the limitations we set upon ourselves that can be re-structured. In other words an up-leveling of what we view to be true about ethics, religion and wealth. Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius sun sign are mostly influenced by this Saturn transit to develop maturity and strength.
Uranus in the fire sign Aries continues to square Pluto in Capricorn this long transit does bring about extremism fanaticism world- wide witness the forms of rebellion going on around the planet politically and environmentally. This square prods the signs Cancer, Libra and Capricorn to change, grow and get out of the box.
Neptune in its own sign Pisces fosters sympathy, sensitivity, spiritual idealism and psychic awareness. This transit encourages the signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces to attune to the more sensitive side of life.
The Lunar Cycles for May
The Full Moon on May 3rd in the secretive water sign Scorpio can bring events to a head. This is a powerful full moon good for integration and balance of deeper feelings about material possessions. Changes are due for some great time to access the transpersonal side of existence.
The Last Quarter Moon occurs on May 11th ends this lunar cycle of growth and development in the humanitarian air sign Aquarius. This is a good time to review the progress of projects and clean things out and ready your-self for the new moon cycle.
The New Moon starts the new cycle on May 17th in the practical earth sign Taurus. This is a good time to start new projects that are practical and productive to pursue. Yet Mercury goes retrograde so things may not seem to clear through this lunar phase so you may want to protect the status quo.
The First Quarter Moon occurs Memorial Day May 25th in the analytical earth sign Virgo. This conscientious lunar sign can be good for practical analysis of what needs to be done efficiently. The days aspects feature working feelings of limitation because of a Saturn square plus Venus and Uranus may kick up the dust around relations arousing changes.
As the stars lend their energies we get to choose how to use the energy. Astrology teaches us the trend through the cycle of time.
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bjasmine-cm-ariesIn the Stars for April

The spring season is underway with the a new cycle around the zodiac initiating a new beginning in this life of spirit as the Sun transits through the energetic fire sign Aries. This is a time to move forward with new initiatives and drives as we strive for more in this year. This fire sign represents the bursting forth of spirit into a new expression this is the natural inclination to be the first in all things for the Aries native. This forcefulness is much like the ram the symbol for Aries inclination to charge on ahead no matter what the cost. The Aries influence gives and adventurous, pioneering spirit, courage and blunt direct manner of approaching life. Aries people are forever moving forward into new plans and projects. Aries people don’t like to keep down by restrictions and limitations they want to be guided by their inspirations and drives. This year will bring continual change to Aries natives as Uranus and Pluto continue to prod you accepting the changes and challenges to move forward and be transformed.

We have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this first week of April as we move forward with the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra. This energy helps us move into the challenge between the individual spirit urges for self -expression and the need to balance and harness our driving forces. The signs mostly affected by this Full Moon Eclipse are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn natives. Lunar eclipses bring things to the surface. It’s a good time to gain an acute awareness of our hidden feelings and subconscious drives. Just in time for the Easter celebrations to let go of the old and bring in the new as life continues to dance its natural rhythms.

Mercury is in Aries conjoining with the Sun and Uranus this transits brings quick and active decisions and overall our movements are likely to be changing suddenly out of the blue bursts of energy.

Venus and Mars are both transiting through the practical earth loving sensual sign Taurus this helps us appreciate nature and our possessions with great passion. This can also be a creative time for lovers and those involved in the arts. The status quo of relationships particularly since Venus and Mars are representative of our more primal natures is more likely to stay the same for now. These two planets in Taurus help all the earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn this month.

Jupiter the planet that represents expansion and growth is moving forward April 9th in the fire sign Leo. This transit helps us find more opportunities for wealth and expansion of our interests. This is a good placement for philosophies or wisdom pertaining to children and creative leadership programs.

Saturn father time, the bringer of growth through limitation is moving retrograde in Sagittarius giving more lessons for fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarian natives to break free of restrictions.

Uranus in Aries continues to charge ahead helping Aries, Leo and Sagittarian natives to make those wanted changes by lending courage and intuitive flashes in the growth of consciousness.

Neptune in Pisces its own sign strengthens are desire to connect on the spiritual levels and live a life more attuned to those vibrations. Psychic and intuitive development is enhanced by this transit. Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio natives benefit from this transit to trust and develop their intuition and use their abilities for the good of the whole. Surrender is the keyword in this time.

Pluto continues to break down old rigid structures as we make way for new forms of organization through the ambitious practical earth sign Capricorn. Under way are all signs for the reforms yet to be realized through this 16 year transit; develop shed and question authority.

The transiting Nodes are moving through Libra and Aries bringing in new directions especially for Aries and Libra sun signs. It may seem confusing now but it will be all the better once this transit is complete by Nov. 2015.

The Lunar Cycle for April

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse April 4th the moon in Libra and Sun in Aries sparks up our ability to appreciate the differences in one another; through contrast we grow.

Last Quarter Moon in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn April 11th. This sums up the last three weeks of activity as we can analyze and weigh what projects or plans we wish to continue to develop this month. Capricorn can make us feel limited with current circumstances yet urge us through limitation to formulate solutions. This is a good time in the lunar cycle to clean things up and organize get ready for the new cycle.

The New Moon arrives April 18th in the fire sign Aries. This energy comes in like gang busters. Moving forward with enthusiasm are good ways to express this energy but do watch out for the other guy. This is the time to start new projects and or to launch them.

Our planetary energies are always in motion and we get to decide how to use and harness the energies through our free will choice.

Peace and Blessings


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bjasmine-cm-piscesIn the Stars for March

The transiting Sun is moving through the mystical water sign Pisces. This brings us to the end of the winter cycle this month. A new cycle through the Zodiac begins with the Vernal Equinox in the fire sign Aries initiating the spring season. We are moving away from an intuitive imaginative time where we are more susceptible to the shifting tides of moods and feelings than changing towards assertive action by mid- March when the Sun moves into Aries.
Pisces is a sensitive water sign and Pisces natives are very intuitive and imaginative. Pisces epitomizes subdued action, lethargic drive, disorganized effort, compassion, martyrdom and vacillating attitudes –this is because they feel both sides so then it’s difficult to choose. This is a mutable sign which can appear as indecisive with the Pisces native. Ruled by nebulous Neptune Pisces natives can be difficult to understand. They are very compassionate, impressionable to their surroundings and the opinions of others. They are caring towards others experiencing empathy to expand their spiritual heart. For some it may feel like they are ending a cycle of incarnations. Mystical studies and psychology are good subjects for them as is the arts. Happy Birthday Pisces! For those of you born late in February- March 15th this is a fascinating time for your spiritual development because you are feeling the strong mystical vibrations of your ruling planet Neptune. These next few years are a great opportunity to connect spiritually with your higher self through your faith and compassion. Some of you may be feeling more open to the psychic forces around us and getting sharper psychic hits on things use your intuition but listen to your voice and walk gently.
Mercury is moving through Aquarius and shifts into Pisces middle of March things are now chugging along nicely. Mercury in Pisces is great for work that involves imagination like art, writing and creative expression. Mercury gets us to tune into the more mystical or escapist part of our nature.
Venus planet of love and values has been moving quickly through the impatient fire sign Aries perhaps charging up our desires and passions. Mars also conjoins Venus in its own fire sign Aries giving us strong passions and perhaps for some feelings for assertive action on the love front. It’s a good time to pursue your desires and values. Aries does tend to make us passionate and one-sided in love.
Jupiter the planet that represents expansion, wealth and wisdom is moving retrograde through the fire sign Leo. This transit can increase our inner wisdom towards new forms of leadership and directives for progress in those areas.
Saturn now moving through the fire sign Sagittarius can charge us up with a sense of responsibility around our belief systems that influence our educational systems, religious and ethically codes of behavior. This is a significant Saturn station retrograde this month on March 15th right before the equinox because it sets the tone for the next 5 months of those goals that you are committed towards pursuing.
The outer planets Uranus and Pluto continue to square off in the cardinal signs Aries (pioneering effort) and Capricorn (executive controlling action) both of these planets are charging up the transiting Sun in Aries where we are focused for action and initiatives later in the month but more intensely in April. Expect to feel a charging fiery energy for a change it can feel like a wake -up call yet filled with insights about how your perspectives are changing. This is a wonderful time for growth. The north node continues through Libra which seeks new directions for harmony and balance to this planetary opposition and feeding into the Sun/Uranus square Pluto bringing in some alternative ways to negotiate whatever are the terms of any face off.

The Lunar Cycle for March
The Full Moon occurs first week of March on the 5th in the analytical and practical earth sign Virgo. A good day to process not just from the intellectual but the intuitive and imagination as the Sun and Moon oppose one another it good to take the time to evaluate, integrate and combine ideas and feelings; the flow with the energy.
The Last Quarter Moon occurs 13th in the inspirational fire sign Sagittarius. This is the last phase of the cycle it is best to finish projects and evaluate their growth. New ideas, idealism and feeling restless can be felt with this lunar influence.
The New Moon occurs March 20th in the water sign Pisces. This lunar energy focuses our energy towards new initiatives and more outward reaching drives. The Sun shifts into assertive fire sign Aries and we have the Vernal Equinox of spring. Nature starts to awaken all types of new growth during this exciting time think about what you would like to initiate in your own life. This season is great for dietary cleansing foods or for starting to fast on raw food in the diet as we move away from warming foods to cooling foods like leafy raw salads instead of starchy foods.
The First Quarter Moon occurs March 27th in the sensitive emotional water sign Cancer. This is a good time to look at what comfort and security you have going for you in your life. This is a time to spend with at home with family or friends.
The spring season brings new beginnings and growth. The cycles continue to move in their regular rhythms of growth, expansion despite some of the see saw patterns due to weather changes.

peace and blessings from the heart
Yahaira Volpe



In The Stars for February

The winter season continues with the transiting Sun moving through the humanitarian minded air sign Aquarius. This sign helps us to direct our thoughts towards ideals that enrich the collective towards unusual and progressive evolution since Aquarius can be an erratic air sign many people can tune into alternative patterns of thought and share with others. Aquarius likes to share knowledge.
The Chinese New Year for 2015 features the Goat/Sheep a positive sign for the world to experience prosperity, peace and harmony.
Aquarius is an outgoing self- expressive positive air sign. These folks like to share ideas that help their friends and family. They may have many friends and associates yet Aquarius likes to remain aloof and likes to separate from the whole. They can have grandiose ideas on how to reform society. They do have valuable and original ideas given that they do usually have more of a progressive outlook than most other sun signs. There reforms can bring enlightenment to others. They are original, inventive intellectual, friendly independent idealistic, revolutionary and sometimes straining to be unconventional. This last attribute may cause them more difficulty with authority figures as freedom and originality are very important to them as Uranus is the planet of revolutionary action. Their detachment and egocentricity can cause them to be reclusive preferring to live within their lofty reality. Yet they are loving but in an impartial way as their caring is best expressed within the group where they can remain detached some may not be comfortable with individual types of intimacy. Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus in modern times. The glyph looks like electro-magnetic waves which is the appropriate symbol for this Age of Aquarius we are living through. Happy Birthday Aquarius! Now things should be feeling lighter for most now that Saturn has moved into Sagittarius. This new energy will be more supportive of your reforms and ideals.
Mercury is still moving retrograde in the air sign Aquarius and will go direct motion Feb. 12 and continue its transit through the eclectic air sign Aquarius. This transit has been great for innovative thinking but perhaps some computers, television radio and electronics may have been behaving erratically while Mercury has an unusual orbit especially coming up Feb. 8-18 while it stations direct again. So schedules and communications are likely to change-be flexible during this time. We may seem to be more aloof and self- centered while Mercury conjoins the Sun both in Aquarius. If you did make any major decisions during the retrograde those decisions are likely to change after Mercury goes direct around Fe. 18 at the New Moon things will start moving forward.
Venus planet of love, values and healing continues its trek through the empathic water sign Pisces until Feb. 20. Mars is also in Pisces these two planetary energies are likely to stir up our desire for love, poetry and sentimentality just in time for Valentines. However, after the New Moon in Aquarius on the 18th the fires are lit and we can charge ahead later in the month when both Venus and Mars enter into the fire sign Aries. Expect more energy to be available for initiating new projects while Venus, Mars and Uranus all move through Aries and are trined by Saturn now in optimistic and ethical fire sign Sagittarius at the end of the month. The collective air is likely to experience sudden changes and decisions which these aspects promote. These planetary energies can really stir us up towards the creative and innovative as we seek to get out of the rut and find or create better horizons.

Jupiter in Leo continues its retrograde transit helping the Sun signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius realize their self-worth, courage and leadership qualities.
Neptune the planet that seeks to spiritualize all it touches in its own sign Pisces continues to help water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces realize their faith and spirituality- a mystical time for these signs.
Pluto moving through the executive earth sign Capricorn continues to help us change and evolve our system management and government also we learn more lessons around being stewards of the planet that is where the true “power” lies in government. Pluto was in Capricorn during the American Revolution and we are seeing those themes come up as we endeavor to change the barter system and input an efficient system as Capricorn can be a great organizer. Something to think about is how most of our data is filed away now by computer systems which organize and file most of our data the ideal of which is the New World Order we are living.

The Lunar Cycles for February
The Full Moon occurs Feb. 3rd in the party happy fire sign Leo. This is the time in the lunar cycle to evaluate and integrate the polarity between where you see yourself stand on the side of the independent ego alone in the world and the collective whole one in the many the many in the one. This is a great time to see the unity in all things. The night sky if you are interested in the stars should be very expansive on this night. Fire sign give us dryer weather in general.
The Last Quarter Moon occurs Feb. 11th in the intense water sign Scorpio. This can be an intense day also with Mercury going direct in Aquarius. Take your time making or changing decisions.
The New Moon starts the cycle up all over again this time in the progressive and cool air sign Aquarius. We do get to move forward now with plans but give all things a few days to implement as Mercury starts its regular pace again. This is a good time to clean up any mistakes and messes in communications made during the retrograde.
The transiting Sun enters into the mystical water sign Pisces. The ensuing prevalent stream of energy changes from the Aquarian cool and telepathic lofty focus to the more mystical feeling centered intuitional awareness of Pisces.
The Last Quarter Moon occurs Feb. 25 in the curious intellectual air sign Gemini. This lunar energy can help us find better outlets and networks for our ideas. This can be a great time for social events.
As always, “It is a wise person who rules the stars, a fool who is ruled by them, over and out “ as Darrell Martinie used to remind us.
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In the Stars for January 2015
Once again a cycle is completed and a new one begins Happy New Year! This year 2015 resonates to the number 8 in numerology that vibration carries the forces of giving and receiving in balance. This number carries the forces of infinity that which is a balance between spiritual forces through the material plane on this earth. Some key words for this year are force, wealth and power. Reap what you sow; as the number 8 represents Karmic forces. This can be a good year to place things in order and work with courage integrity, trustworthiness and stability.
Winter is here as the transiting Sun is now in the ambitious and practical earth sign Capricorn. The winter solstice occurred Dec. 21rst. Now as the Sun transits north again from the southern hemisphere where it is summer now, the light increases for us in the north once again as we move through the seasons towards the summer. Astrology is the study of the cycles through the zodiac. The seasons are maintained although there may be differences in the temperate zones we move once again forward as the light increases each day until the summer solstice in June.
Capricorn is an earth sign ruled by serious Saturn the planet which represents time, longevity, structure, difficulties and limitations. Time is important to Caps as they seek to be as efficient with it as possible. The historical symbol is the goat fish or sea goat. The long face expresses the serious sober nature of Capricorn, the goat represents the ability to forage and make do with little resources and the tail is the psychic sensitivity of this earth sign. The harsh things in life keeps Capricorn on their toes and to focus on their goal to head up that mountain of ambition no matter what the handicaps or extreme limitations appear as blocks that they must over –come. Fear is the first obstacle to overcome, then being alone as it is lonely up the mountain top and lastly to develop the confidence within them as they reach towards greater heights of their consciousness. Capricorns are known to be organized, status seeking, calculated and cautious with their energy expenditures. They must first overcome their fears in order to develop self- esteem which they seem to lack as Saturn bears down on them with responsibilities and tasks to execute. Psychologically this is the sign that suffers from melancholia born looking old and serious; yet Capricorn looks younger and happier as they grow older are full of wisdom because they got the experience to back it up. Despite the somber life they may be born into, Capricorn instinctively seeks to better them-selves and their surroundings thus they can be great executive managers of any project they are interested in pursuing. Self-discipline is a must as Capricorn is not really allowed to be lazy for too long for Saturn will pressure the native to get going on their tasks. Capricorn can be thrifty, formulating plans that are practical to implement. They are known to use all that comes into their sphere be that information, knowledge or material things. They seek to secure their future resources by being keenly aware of their environment. Although the appear to be serious and somber these folks do possess a deep heart and can be quite generous with the possessions knowing that they can always manifest more for self and others as they overcome the fear of abundance. They prefer loyalty in matters of the heart and choose their few friends who are sensible and mature. Happy Birthday Capricorn! Self -regeneration is the keyword for this year as Pluto the planet that represents change through death and rebirth will continue to transit over your Sun bringing a new sense of self when the aspect is over. Keep on removing the fears as they are the obstacles to overcome making you more empowered and strong,
The transiting planets Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto have been moving through cautious and ambitious Capricorn. Changing to the air element Mercury will shift into Aquarius Jan. 5th at the Full Moon phase and it will turn retrograde Jan. 22 after the New Moon and will move direct again on Feb. 12th. As you may know, Mercury represents how things are connected to one another on the earth plane therefore if things break down during a retrograde cycle it’s because they needed to be repaired, or re-structured. Mercury rules communication and systems of communications computers are also affected as is machinery. This is a time to be orderly in your thinking and planning as things may change right after the retrograde and other options may be considered. So signing contracts are usually best put off until after the retrograde. Plans and schedules may change with delays or miscommunications can unsettle those who are naturally impatient. Go with the flow during this time. Mercury in Aquarius is very intellectual and is concerned with progressive thoughts, plans and projects. This transit can be a very inventive time for creative thinking a plus for the sun signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Venus will transit through Aquarius all of January. This will add a tone of objectivity to our relationships. Being in love with unconditional love for all is the goal of Venus in Aquarius. Our attitudes towards relations may be more open and less attached while this transit lasts. Mars in Aquarius will transit into the mystical and sensitive water sign Pisces Jan 12th our drives and actions are more likely influenced by our feelings for compassion and empathy at best during this transit. Mars in Pisces calms down the forces for action, as Pisces is a sign of insecurity which does not fit Mar’s aggressive agendas and strategies. Vacillation and indecision may cause delays through mid -January. Jupiter the Santa Claus of the planets continues to retrograde in fun loving fire sign Leo. Our theosophical thinking takes on a more creative path as Leo is proud of its creations. Saturn the planet that represents time, longevity and Karma has shifted into the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius. The more colorful side of Saturn influences our traditional concepts regarding ethics, morals and religion. We may find ourselves cultivating a more expansive view of our historical religious institutions. We may hypothetically find ourselves intellectually growing up within the next two years of Saturn’s transit for the better way as we consider the value of our morality and belief structures –are they really fair, decent and progressive? Saturn teaches us how to reap what we sow.
Uranus and Pluto continue to trek in square aspect bringing about changes to the cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Consider that “Change is the only constant in the universe”.
Neptune in its own sign Pisces influences our spirituality by revealing the illusions we cling to for escaping the harsher aspects of reality. When the fog lifts Pisces natives are a lot more spiritually focused this year as are the other water signs Cancer and Scorpio. Neptune transits until 2024 through Pisces ushering in a new spiritually motivated collective-keep your fingers crossed!
The Lunar Cycle
The bright winter Full Moon occurs Jan. 4th in the powerful water sign Cancer. This Sun and Moon opposition can be a very magical for these two signs can bring out the mother/father principle of nurturance through our material resources in the collective. The earth is a magical place if we allow ourselves to commune with her elementals who give life to the minerals, plants and trees as well as our own bodies. Go out into the forest and listen to nature’s song.
The Last Quarter Moon occurs Jan. 13th in the harmony seeking air sign Libra. This is a good time to finish projects and plan on getting ready for the new cycle of growth. This ending moon is good for letting go of what isn’t working in your life like stuff left over from 2014.
The Sun enters Aquarius and conjoins the New Moon on Jan. 20th in the progressive air sign Aquarius. The Sun and Moon conjunction brings the Aquarian energies to fill the psychic air ways for the rest of the end of this month and into Feb. Aquarius is an objective air sign dedicated to bringing new knowledge to humanity. While the planets transit through Aquarius people will want to be more objective and progressive in their approach to life. This is a time to start thinking about new projects but start them in Feb. when Mercury is direct.
The First Quarter Moon enters into the fixed earth sign Taurus Jan. 26th and we have the influence of mellow earth sign Taurus bringing a slower energy as the month comes to a close. Appreciate what you have today and share with others. Singing is a good way to use this Taurus Moon energy.
Peace and Blessings
Happy New Year!
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sagittarius_tnIn the Stars for December

The festive holiday season arrives each year when the Sun transits through the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius. Is it a coincidence or was this planned ages ago? We are now out of the murky deep and intense Scorpionic waters and into the expansive joy seeking Sagittarius spirit. We now feel the hope and eagerness of positive thought that Sagittarius ruled by expansive Jupiter brings between Nov.22-Dec. 21. Then the Sun shifts out of expansive Sagittarius and into contractive cautious Capricorn ruled by Saturn. We can anticipate the joy of the holiday season but then as the energy shifts Dec. 21rst we get the reality check comes on Christmas when we feel the shift in the energy as the winter solstice brings the darkest longest night yet the light will increase again as the Sun moves northern direction once again. The celebration of the lights mark this time as like our ancestors we honor the green woods with Christmas trees and garlands and respect the resting inner change of this wonderful winter season knowing that the earth will again produce life in the spring. As someone commented to me today, “I will have fun yet be aware” , a good motto for this holiday season.

Sagittarius is an expansive fire sign it characterizes Sun sign natives with unlimited optimism, idealistic drive, eager effort a spirit of adventure and a philosophical attitude. Sagittarius likes to express opinions as honestly and straightforward as they can. They are happy go lucky, filled with humor and candor. These high minded folks will tell you what they think sometimes whether you like it or not. They seek the freedom to express their philosophical drive. Most Sagittarians are flirtatious but few are seriously interested in romance. They are naturally wary of involvements that might curtail their activities thus their desire to remain single or seek alternative lifestyles that allow them the freedom to come and go. Their exploits are motivated by a desire to truly learn, grow and expand their horizons. They are versatile, averse to a rigid routine and sedentary life this would make them restless and unhappy.

Happy Birthday Sagittarius! Keep right on following your dreams! The major planetary energy coming your way is Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius starting Dec. 24, 2014-Dec. 21, 2017. Saturn in Sagittarius inspires conscientious intellectual responsibility and serious views based on traditional concepts. It may be a time to review your ethics and morals and see if they are worthy and worthwhile keeping. You may feel blocked or restricted from the usual having it your way while Saturn transits over your Sun this brings a serious demeanor while the transit last.

The Sun transiting through fiery Sagittarius conjoins idea centered Mercury and relationship focused Venus both moving through Sagittarius this aspect livens up communications and relationships get an extra dose of activity. Sharing opinions despite how they are conceived for ill or good may be the high light of interactions early this month. Fortunately quarrels can pass quickly under the Sagittarian influence, forgive and let go of being right all the time-that is a good motto for this month. Saturn will start its transit through Sagittarius until 12/21/2017 for people born during the years of 1956-1959 and 1985-1987 will experience the second Saturn return. This conjunction happens every 28 years and signals a re-evaluation and a re-alignment of your path in life. New beginnings are possible and a time of knowing your inner worth matters more than what status you have achieved thus far in life. Saturn returns help us get back on track with our goals.

Venus planet that represents relationship values shifts into the serious security minded yet ambitious earth sign Capricorn. Relationships take a more practical turn as natives seek others for the security benefits relationships can give. Mars the planet that represents our physical drives and strategies moves out of ambitious Capricorn and into the humanitarian minded air sign Aquarius. Mars in Aquarius gives us the flair to be innovative and unique. We may seek more freedom to do as we please without restrictions during December.

Happy expansive Jupiter continues its trek through Leo helping Leo natives feel more confident and expressive in a creative way. Leadership positions continue to receive this added jovial energy perhaps sometimes aggrandizing with dramatics those agendas in the hands of leadership. Risky business is just that during this time. Jupiter turns retrograde motion Dec. 9th through April 8th 2015. This apparent retrograde motion can result in intensification and focus on the principles of intelligence, leadership and free will. Creeds are lived openly and ostentatiously. We may see more businesses promoted that are made in U.S.A.

Uranus the planet of sudden changes, disruptions, revolutions and eclectic manifestations is turning direct motion Dec. 22 in the impetuous fiery sign Aries where it has been squaring transformation causing Pluto in Capricorn. This is the aspect that creates sudden changes which can topple rigid structures that rob us of our freedom. Sudden changes to existing governing bodies, revolutionary protests and demand for transformation and change are strongly in the air during this month.

The Lunar Cycle for December

The Full Moon energies start this first week of Dec. with the Moon in Gemini opposite the Sun in Sagittarius. Lunar energies compel us to pursue balance and harmony between what we know and what we seek out more curiously during this lunar phase. The parties will enliven this holiday season with folks looking for all types of new information to buttress their belief system.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Dec. 14th in the mutable flexible earth sign Virgo. This day should be positive for all types of meticulous work or processes. This lunar energy is great for cleaning things up and there is a romantic energy this morning as Venus sextiles mystical Neptune good energy for art and decorating. The transiting Sun in the last degrees of Sagittarius trines Jupiter in Leo lending more optimism to this day.

The First Quarter Moon arrives with a bang Dec. 21rst in the ambitious yet practical earth sign Capricorn conjoining the Sun we have the winter solstice celebrations this weekend. A new beginning helps us promote new projects as we also feel the push forward as Uranus planet of sudden changes goes direct on this Sunday.

The First Quarter Moon occurs Dec. 28th in the fiery sign Aries. This energy will help promote any New Year’s resolution you want to make them on this day. The coming year 2015 resonates to the power number 8 also the vibration for transformation and change.

Happy Holidays and look up to the stars as we evolve right with them.


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scorpio_tnIn the Stars for November

The fall season continues to offer us a bounty of beautiful colors the air is crisp and cooler temperatures are on their way. The transiting Sun is now moving through the intense water sign Scorpio. This is a good time to really delve down into the deeper feelings and motivations on subconscious level as Scorpio teaches us to be thorough with our emotional understanding for personal ambitions and direction. This transit is until Nov. 22 when the sun enters the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius. Look at your natal chart and see what house the transiting Sun is moving through that’s where the focus will be for you.

The symbols associated with Scorpio Sun sign are the scorpion and the eagle. Known for its secretive nature Scorpio Sun sign folks are however kind, sensitive and focused on their internal world that is what makes them secretive. Depending on the age of the soul, the Scorpio person will be helpful by feeling things out and like a detective getting to the source of things and finding a systematic strategy for whatever problem they need to solve. Ruled by Mars, they can have a temper which is hidden until they explode and come out fighting. This sign is associated with regeneration, sexual expression, death, metamorphosis transformation and life after death. They are intense, action orientated with many passionate drives endurance and purpose. They don’t give up easily and always find a way to get their way. Scorpio is likely to keep their true feelings to themselves and agree with others as to not expose them-selves for fear of being hurtful or vulnerable. However, they can be your friend or enemy, agree or disagree as they are polarized in their perspective there is no in between and are never indifferent to holding an opinion. Scorpios are curious, sociable only to satisfy their curiosity. Like good detectives or psychologist they get to the bottom of things rarely fooled by others and never the victim but the victor! Happy Birthday Scorpio. The good news for Scorpio Sun signs born between Nov. 10th – 22 is that Saturn will be leaving Scorpio and moving into Sagittarius Dec. 24th. That will be a welcome relief for you. The struggles of the past 2 years will start to lighten up. Realize that the strength and perseverance due to Saturn strengthening your Sun makes you a better focused person and stronger with your convictions now that the transit is over.

Now that Mercury is in direct motion things are getting cleared up if you got confused during October now you can fix up whatever mess is left over. Take your time with delving into matters Mercury will move through Scorpio intensifying our ability to be thorough and persistent with our tasks.

Venus moving through Scorpio will help by giving you more nurturing, comforting and soothing relationship energies into your love life. Venus in Scorpio conjoins Saturn mid Nov. bringing in an intense time for decisions that are reality based as Saturn brings in the deeper lessons of the limitations or possibilities to any value we contemplate.

Jupiter in Leo will square the planets in Scorpio: Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn this month bringing in some pride, extravagance, exaggerations, verbal chatter, inability to listen and setbacks.

Jupiter is expansion and Saturn limitations, these two will square off this month and for the last time the tension will produce some interesting results as to what is possible for future expansion of personal interests. Some wishes do come true.

Mars is moving through the ambitious earth sign Capricorn where it is exalted helps to increase our ambitions particularly for earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. This month should be productive for all seeking to get things done.

Uranus and Pluto continue to square but will be more action orientated next month with needed changes those that come out of the blue.

Neptune in mystic Pisces will move in direct motion Nov. 16th Neptune is the planet that pertains to our spiritual growth. It’s indicative of our imagination, spiritual and intuitive faculties. In Pisces the sign it rules those abilities are enhanced during the 14 year transit through this sign (2012-2024). This means that most people are now more aware of their intuitive, psychic side of their life. This is really no longer a mystery to be kept secret. Hooray! The lies and deceptions can now be left at the door as everyone does know the truth that we are all telepathically connected in the Age of Aquarius.

The Lunar Cycle for November

The Full Moon in the fixed earth sign Taurus occurs Nov. 6th. Get in touch with the polarity that this Full Moon enhances that which is fixed secure and practical with that which is transformative, regenerative and rebirthing Scorpio. Rise up out of the ashes and fly like the eagle today. Full Moon ceremonies and meditations are very psychic and emotionally cleansing under this lunar influence. On this day, if you can go out in nature and feel the inward motion of the earth’s energies moving towards the resting, inward spiral movement that Gaia and the Sun initiate in this northern hemisphere which helps us get into the regenerative quiet state of winter.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Nov. 14th in the fixed fire sign Leo. This lunar square to the Sun is most important in settling issues. Make decisions about those things you will continue to develop in the next lunar cycle. Leo Moon likes to have fun, party and just bask in the Sun.

The New Moon initiates a new lunar cycle Nov. 22nd. A power packed day as the Sun enters Sagittarius where it shines out those hopeful rays and enthusiasm for life abounds! Enjoy initiating those holiday parties to help those in need giving thanks for our abundance.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Nov. 29th in the mystical water sign Pisces. This mystical water sign inclines us to be more elusive seeking the spiritual on this day. Listening to music or perhaps making art is a good way to use this energy. However, the last quarter Moon is a time to clean things up and finish projects.

We are not ruled by the stars as Astrology is a good way to understand the cycles of energies so that we may make better choices for our growth and evolution.

Peace and Blessings


libra_tnIn the Stars for October

October is my favorite month of the year as the fall season brings in cooler temperatures and changes the natural landscape which appears to be painted with a myriad of the beautiful colors. It’s a magical time as the psychic forces strengthen with the planets starting to transit through Scorpio at the end of the month.

The big shift is Mercury retrograde this month through the water sign Scorpio starting Sunday Oct. 5th and then shifting into air sign Libra until Oct. 26th when it will station direct motion again. This gives us time to review our communication and negotiation skills while Mercury moves through Libra as this sign emphasizes teamwork, cooperation and social outlets. Lunar and Solar Eclipse charge the energies this month for strong insights and challenges depending on your chart.

The transiting Sun is now in Libra until Oct. 23rd. Libra is a positive active assertive air sign. It lends communication and relatedness as it seeks out to find a balance thus the maiden with the scales is one of the symbols associated with Libra. The symbol also represents the setting Sun expressing the balance between night and day between self and others. While Libra is considered to have a positive polarity and it is ruled by Venus the receptive planet of charm and beauty. Libra Sun signs idolize harmony and balance and are fearful of discord because of this fear they become pleasers or indecisive. They can try to control their reality by using their charm and beauty. If that fails then they can get really tough to deal with as they are known to show that they have” the iron hand in the velvet glove”. They can easily see the value of each point of view often because they do not hold a definite opinion of their own. In their search for balance, Libra Sun signs and Rising sign can strive to show both sides of an issue for the fun of the argument or debate. However they are usually easygoing, diplomatic idealistic and romantic and have a refined physical appearance demonstrated by balanced facial features. They can be gullible, frivolous and flirtatious. Happy Birthday Libra! Those born between Sept. 23 and Oct. 12th have been undergoing major changes and challenges to their ego desires as Uranus planet of sudden unexpected changes and Pluto planet of transformation, death and rebirth has been forming a challenging opposition and square forming a cardinal T-square to Libra natives. In other words, take charge of your life direction and do not allow others to dictate your choices to you, step forward feeling empowered!

Planetary transits

Sun in Libra conjoins Venus since Venus rules Libra this aspect strengthens our leaning towards a strong focus on having harmony and balance with: relationships, beautiful things, negotiations and for building team work.

Mercury- the trickster is moving retrograde once again in water sign Scorpio where it has been for a few days and then going back into Libra where it was all of September. This means that where ever you have Libra in your chart this house will be activated by the retrograde. Retrograde periods are a great time for research, finishing up old projects and playing creatively with new ideas. It’s a time best used to go over projects not to launch new ones for things may not go as you expect them to evolve. Therefore astrologers warn against signing major contracts that are binding since disagreements or mis-communications are likely. If machinery like cars and computers are about to break down it will so you can fix it that’s actually a nice thing to be warned in this way. Mercury does want things to flow efficiently since it is responsible for connecting all things on earth. Mercury goes retrograde Oct. 4th until Oct. 26th the week before and after the stations are the most compelling.

Mars the fiery planet of action, war and strategies is moving through the fire sign Sagittarius where it focuses on new adventures, truth, foreign countries, philosophy and wisdom. It gives courage and the urge to act on ones convictions.

Jupiter continues its trek through the fire sign Leo where it focuses the energies for dramatic displays of one’s belief system. This placement helps us attune to our own self -esteem and find the will power to pursue our own course of action however be aware of arrogance, pomp and belligerence some of the negative characteristics of Leo .

Saturn continues to cautiously move through the shadowy Scorpionic waters helping to bring to the surface old karmic patterns to realize and release any misappropriated guilt.

Uranus and Pluto continue to square off bringing in the energies for change, revolution, transformation and rebirth. Notice the formative steps this month in the negotiations towards new structures and paradigms with the world order leaders.

Neptune in its own psychic water sign Pisces increases our perception to feel and perceive the other realms and dimensions now available during this current “20:20” expansion of consciousness. Perhaps as we become more aware of our psychic abilities we can glean a world of better harmony. On another level this is an added frequency to our continuing evolvement through the “ascension” process towards spiritual aspirations individually and collectively.

The Lunar Cycle for October

The First Quarter Moon occurs October 1rst in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn. The transiting Moon squares the Libra Sun energizing the forces towards taking decisive action on projects and plans. This will be an action packed day as the Moon conjoins Pluto intensifying our need for restructuring our lives.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs Oct. 8th in the impulsive fire sign Aries. The day will be full of aspects from the Moon to Pluto, Uranus, Sun, and Venus to Pluto and lastly Mars to Jupiter. This full Moon may be quite a challenging time with 6 planets involved in aspects. During the Full Moon it is best to spend time meditating, listening within to the small silent voice. Try not to get caught up in this day’s drama. Find time to celebrate the change in season, harvest what is left in your gardens and appreciate this earth we live with.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Oct. 15th in the emotional water sign Cancer. This could be a dreamy day where we may feel we just want to be comforted or comforting towards loved ones. Moon in Cancer gets us in touch with security issues and family concerns-it’s a good time to protect the nest.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse comes in on Oct. 23rd in the mysterious and intense water sign Scorpio the Solar energy shifts into Scorpio which will lend intense focused energies. People may appear more quiet and intense as they withdraw into their own world in contrast to the previous month while Sun in Libra engaged us in fun, social engagements and merriment. The mysteries of the universe unfold before us; watch the night sky this night as the Orionids meteor showers may pass you by tonight ushering a new beginning.

As always the planets can incline us towards a direction, but we ultimately make our own choices as to which direction is best for our evolution, so choose wisely.

Peace and blessings


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In the Stars for September

The transiting Sun is moving through the analytical earth sign Virgo and fall is right around the corner as September brings the change in season with the Autumnal Equinox falling on Sept. 22nd in the air sign Libra.

Virgo represents the harvest time signified by the virgin holding a shaft of grain this symbol represents the potential for fertility. Virgo, ruled by Mercury, produces more with the mind then the body. The concept of purity is further exemplified in the glyph which represents the female reproductive system.

Virgo Sun signs are methodical, dedicated and discriminating people. They have a knack for details and are dedicated to any effort they are obligated to complete. They are efficient and industrious to the point as they like to be logical and perceptive making sure nothing goes amiss. They like their world ordered and efficient. If things are not in place then they get insecure and must put things in order. However, sometimes they lose their discernment and focus on trivia losing sight of what they wanted in the first place this drives them nutty. They are modest, gentle and somewhat reticent individuals. They like to make the best use of their time and not fritter it away. Since Virgo is the sign of service, they are thoughtful and want to be of service toward others especially loved ones. They like independence and will help anyone achieve that for themselves. They are serene cool and full of ethical knowledge to help anyone in need. Happy Birthday Virgo! Pluto the planet of transformation has been casting a positive aspect to your Sun lending the energy for positive change and growth. Be the butterfly this year that grew wings and found freedom in the wind.

The Planetary transits are Mercury moves into Libra this first week of September. Mercury will act to make things fair and balanced. Venus shifts into Virgo Sept. 6th were it will transit for this month focused on the fine details of life with precision and keeping things in order. Health concerns receive an extra incentive will Venus looks at the latest health trends. Venus in Virgo is connected to the harvest and the celebration of the feminine force as experienced as Gaia nature celebrating life in the most pristine way this fall season.

Powerful Mars is in its own sign Scorpio is providing an intense thrust to any strategies for breaking away from the repressive holds to our energy that Saturn has been helping to release from the psychological dungeons while it finishes its transit of Scorpio this year. For those who are attuned to the Scorpio energy it’s been an intense dance with the shadow of fear. This is a good time to realize that limitations are only there because we find that those restrictions are useful to our growth in some way strengthening our spirit with courage. Let go and seek a better plan if you have planets in Scorpio. Jupiter in Leo has been bringing in an expansive inspirational charge to creative efforts.

Jupiter and Saturn will square aspect one another this will set up a tension this month around finding a balance with leadership and working with resources on how to implement things to move forward yet with caution.

Neptune mysteriously imbues us with lessons around mysticism in its own sign Pisces this brings a good strong aspect to the water sun signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Your psychic abilities grow while Neptune is in transit this year for those water signs born between the first 10 degrees of their sign. Neptune is now transiting at 6 degrees retrograde until Nov. 16th. Generally this transit of Neptune’s will help the collective tune into the other dimensional realms as we are mysteriously hearing the music of the spheres.

Uranus and Pluto continue the cardinal square breaking up traditional mores, revealing new paradigms and disassembling old structures. Revolution is only within for it to be real.

Pluto will station direct Sept. 23rd. This is a significant station as Pluto being the god of the underworld in mythology gathers the souls and escorts them to the other side. Pluto has a tendency to bring transitions during its stations helping us to accept that life and death are two directions that connect in one point in the circle of life.

The Lunar Cycle for September

First Quarter Moon in the adventurous fire sign Sag. This signals a new direction for plans and projects this month. This is the time to create more of what you would like to see manifest this month. Sagittarius moon sees the possibilities and aims to fulfill them.

The Harvest Full Moon occurs Sept. 8th in the mystical water sign Pisces. Dreamy Pisces full moon can give us insights to the ephemeral in life away from the worries of the materialistic world view. Meditation and dancing is a good way to celebrate this harvest moon energy. The seasons change with regularity and we can count on the harmony and balance prevalent despite all the negatives about the planet being out of balance. Nature does know how to balance herself.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Sept. 15th in the witty air sign Gemini. This energy helps us to find social time to display our ideas and it can be an opportune time to fine tune what projects you want to keep going in the new lunar cycle coming up on the New Moon.

The New Moon occurs Sept. 23rd after the Autumnal Equinox the Sun enters Libra and the moon conjoins it. The fall season begins bringing in sunny days and cooler breezes as the earth starts in the northern hemisphere to ready itself for the inward gestation of the winter.

The New Moon brings new ideas, plans and designs. Social networking is a good way to use this energy.

As always we are the deciders of how we work with the celestial forces in this way we create our own reality.

Peace and blessings


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In the Stars for Julycancer_tn

The transiting Sun is now moving through the nurturing and security centered water sign Cancer. Happiness is family and home for this energy compels us to feel our way through life in order to nurture our possessions, friends and family. The patriotism we express on the fourth of July under the Cancer Sun, as our country was born on this day, is one of Cancer’s qualities, as well as: sympathy, fertility, family, home, and the security of the nation that being at the forefront of our collective intention as a Cancer Sun sign nation.. The summer season has just started and family vacations are in order.
Cancer Sun sign people are sunny happy go lucky and very helpful to all. They love to nurture things as if it’s their own. They have an internal barometer to care and nurture thus they derive security within themselves. The outer shell of the crab represents the self-protective mechanism that surrounds the sensitive intuitional inner core. Cancer can appear to be quiet as they process life through their highly sensitive intuitional emotional body. Wearing masks is another way they protect themselves though at times it may appear to be a way of hiding their true inner feelings they just don’t want to hurt others.
They are kind, gentle yet seldom angry but when hurt that’s when the claw goes into action.
Cancer Sun signs don’t readily reveal their true feelings as they fear disapproval causing them to be secretive. Warm and non-combative they like to be self-sacrificing in love and loyal and sentimental.
Happy Birthday Cancer! These last few years transformative Pluto has been opposing your Sun, affecting your drive for power and authority. Progressive career moves will continue this year as you let go of anything that does not serve your greatest self-expression.

Planetary Influences for July

Mercury, the magical trickster, goes direct July 1rst and will continue its transit in the intellectual air sign Gemini, then it will shift back into the water sign Cancer on July 13th. It takes about 5 days after the station for things to run smoothly expect the energy the first week of July to be irregular and full of surprises as Mercury starts to regain its rhythm around July 5th.

Saturn in intense water sign Scorpio will station direct July 22rst. This is an important station in that it sets the course of our decisions what we will commit to for the next 6 months. Resolve important decisions around this date.

Venus in the social air sign Gemini will trine Mars also in harmony seeking air sign Libra (now coming out of the difficult square with Uranus and Pluto we had in late June). The ease and flow of the trine should bring about better communication energy especially for all types of relationships through midmonth.

The transiting Sun enters Leo July 23 and is conjoined by positive Jupiter also in Leo dramatizing and creating the energies for greater expansion of our creative energies yet watch out for ego-centric fixed opinions, self-aggrandizement, exaggerations and frustrations as Mars moving into its own fixed sign Scorpio will bring up some challenging conflicts to this aspect later in the month. The fixed Sun signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are mostly challenged this later in the month.

Uranus which represents the forces of dramatic changes, erratic and eccentric energies will also station retrograde on July 22nd, further ingraining our consciousness with new inspirations for growth and change until December 22nd 2014.

The Lunar Cycle for July

The New Moon occurred June 27th in the gentle nurturing water sign Cancer. A good time to initiate the things you feel you want to nurture this month.

The First Quarter Moon occurs July 5th in the harmony seeking air sign Libra. This energy encourages socializing, cooperation and teamwork. The Libra moon is great for entertaining guests, making art and seeing that all is in balance.

The Full Moon occurs July 12th in the ambitions earth sign Capricorn. This Sun and Moon opposition helps us to attune to what nurtures ourselves and plan and seek for more sustainable resources both inner and material.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs July 18th in the fiery sign Aries. Decisions are likely to surround new initiatives; plans are shaped for the next step, and clean up whatever isn’t finished during this part of the lunar cycle.

As always the planets exert their influence by their celestial alignments around the zodiac yet as beings we direct our free will to make the choice of how to use the energies. “It is a wise person knows the stars a fool is ruled by them”.

Peace and Blessings
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In the Stars for June

The transiting Sun is currently moving through the curious and sociable air sign Gemini. This transit steps up the mental focus on communication, networking and restlessness. We are coming to the end of the spring season and the start of summer. Gentle breezes and warm sunshine a very comfortable season for outdoor activities like gardening and travel. A good time to enjoy nature’s growth process as nature is blooming and growing all around us.

Gemini is an inquisitive, curious flexible air sign. This is the sign of the twins being able to see both sides to everything. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini are versatile, witty, logical spontaneous and talkative. Gemini specialize in duality as they typify diversified action, intense intellectual drive, diffuse effort, dexterity, fluency and attitudes that are both flexible and skeptical at the same time. The Gemini individual strives for a lifelong pursuit for knowledge without the persistence to concentrate on one particular field or topic for a long time. They learn easily and remember what they learn and are clever and curious to know more. They accept little at face value and don’t follow popular trends unless they find out the value for themselves then they are great promoters. Their interests are broad but too many interests are difficult to maintain so they need to learn to choose the best ones for themselves. They make friends easily and are able to impress others with their witty minds and laughter. Happy Birthday Gemini! A good positive beneficial aspect from Mars in Libra will energize you this month.  Mercury retrograde later this month in your own sign Gemini will support your Sun stepping up the focus on communication, writing and networking.

Planetary shifts in June

Mercury will go retrograde June 7th in the water sign Cancer then move into Gemini for the rest of the transit ending July 2nd at 24 degrees Gemini when it stations direct. Mercury retrograde is a good time for research, finishing up projects and re-prioritizing. Give yourself plenty of time to finish things as this phase will slow you down especially around the first phase and last phase of the stations when things can really go awry. Mercury is the planetary energy that connects all things; so if computers, machinery and communications break down you’ll have time to fix them. If you are signing contracts just know that details can change after the retrograde. Be flexible during this time.

Venus the planet that represents values, love relationships and material preferences is moving through the fixed earth sign Taurus and will oppose Saturn in Scorpio 2nd week of June. This can lend some constructive energy to decisions that have to be made. With Saturn still moving through the intense deep transformative water sign Scorpio we can expect to keep clearing away and delving inward and face the shadow side of our fears especially with Venus opposing around our relationships and values. This aspect will last for about a week and it can give the awareness to move beyond conditional love to unconditional love as you remove your fears. Evolution of beliefs and values is always an option.

Mars the planet which represents our energy, action and strategies continues its forward movement in the harmony and romance seeking air sign Libra. As it moves through Libra our energies seek to create balance and justice especially in relationships which are important to Mars in Libra where it strives for cooperation.

Jupiter the planet of expansion and rules over wealth, wisdom, and laughter continues to move forward in last degrees of the water sign Cancer lending more optimism and hope to Sun signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces this month.

The Grand Cardinal Square – a call to change for these sun signs and ascendants in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto are forming a Grand Cardinal Square which is an action orientated aspect involving the signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. You may notice that some of the energy pulsates with sudden changes in direction, transformative insights coming to light, disruptions, and tensions.  Think about what constitutes right action in your life but go with the flow as Mercury is turning retrograde. This aspect is particularly strong this month and will start to diminish by the end of June.

Later this month the summer season begins with the transiting Sun moving into the emotional security minded water sign Cancer June 21 and we celebrate yet another summer solstice.

The Lunar Cycle

We started this lunar cycle in May with the New Moon in Gemini charging up the new phase with ideas, concepts, networking and social events.

The First Quarter Moon occurs June 5th in the meticulous earth sign Virgo. This is a good time to evaluate and sort through projects and plans. Virgo energy is about processing.

The Full Moon occurs June 13th in the optimistic fire sign Sagittarius. We will need this philosophical Sagittarius energy today as Saturn and Venus oppose one another causing a sew saw to the awareness for the need to compromise around our expectations and values this day. Moon and Mercury also oppose giving mixed feelings and messages on this Full Moon.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs June 19th in the impressionable and psychic water sign Pisces. This lunar energy focuses on impressions, imagination and  the probable future.  This lunar phase is the finishing up of the cycle its good for cleaning things up and preparing for the new energy arriving on the new moon.

The New Moon occurs June 27th in the emotionally sensitive water sign Cancer.  This is the beginning of the new lunar cycle energizing us with a burst of vitality. In the water sign Cancer the moon focuses our attention on feelings and intuitions a time to realize insights greater comfort at home with family and for areas in our life which we seek to further nurture and grow.

As always the stars incline us to choose the energy and evolve as we master our free will.

Peace and Blessings


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In the Stars for May

In the Stars for Maytaurus

We had a dynamic Solar Eclipse this last week starting the month right off with a new burst of energy as the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus helps us ground the energy towards more practical concerns. Taurus energy is the most pleasure orientated of the earth signs given to being more in touch with the earth plane particularly all of nature.

This practical sensual and earthly Taurean energy sensitizes our senses now towards the finer qualities of this sensate realm. The energy feels slower paced and less concerned with pushing ahead as we did when the Sun was in Aries. Now it’s time to slow down a bit and celebrate the earth, get out in nature, watch trees and plants grow get in touch with the magic of life bursting all around us in the northern hemisphere and connect with the earth element as the Sun transits through the fixed earth sign Taurus until May 20th when the Sun enters into the curious air sign Gemini and the energy will be strongly influenced by this intellectual sign.

Taurus natives are purposeful with a steady drive in their approach to life. These folks can display persevering effort towards their objectives. They can be loving, creative, indulgent yet possessive and jealous around their loved ones. Some of their attitudes are traditional and conservative as they don’t like change as much as other signs-sticking to routines and security is better than risk taking for them as they don’t like to jump into things. But once they choose a course they do stick with it therefore they can be reliable and trustworthy. They value their time, possessions and relationships as Venus their ruler, allows them to focus on the value of things. Venus also gives them the desire to appreciate and create beauty where ever they find themselves. Music and art making may be their best hobbies in order to entertain their friends and find self-gratification while they enjoy their earthly time. Their patience eventually does pay off and they can benefit from their investments as money making can be a past time. They can however be indulgent, lazy and stubborn at times preferring to stick to routines way past their usefulness.

Happy Birthday Taurus! This year will be full of new surprises as the recent solar eclipse has brought in energy for perhaps dramatic change for the fixed signs and for Taurus being fixed earth now is the opportune time to move forward and change whatever needs changing about your consciousness.

Some Taurus sun signs may need to take care of their health as the eclipse can stir up existing conditions, be proactive and watch over these for the next 3 months.

The other planets

Mercury transiting now through the earth sign Taurus will shift into the versatile communicative air sign Gemini after the First quarter Moon stepping up those intellectual exchanges and connections.

Venus will shift into Aries bringing in fire and drive to our desires for relationships to be more fun, ardent and intriguing just watch out for a display of impatience with social interactions. Mars the planet of war and action moves retrograde through harmony loving Libra until May 20th when it will go direct. We can then move forward on plans and project with much more grace and ease. Mars in Libra can also bring in a graceful type of justice where it is needed to sustain the balance of things. Mars will start to oppose transiting Uranus closer to the end of the month and into June where it can really charge up the atmosphere for change and movement after this slower quieter month of May culminates.

Expansive Jupiter continues its trek through the security sensitive water sign Cancer lending confidence to all those Cancer Sun signs. This early summer is especially charged for crisis change action on the horizon. For those who are facing crisis now Jupiter lends the faith, optimism and courage to see things through where the change is needed. The cardinal grand cross of Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto will lend more tension closer into June with Mars going forward it will be Mars leading the way in Libra perhaps more action around social justice and interdependent relationships on the global scale- cooperation is more likely that out and out war. This energy will be more charged up in June. Saturn the force of karma continues to move retrograde through Scorpio deepening our lessons around intense drama; right use of will, self –preservation, secrets, taboos and all things associated with debt, death, karma, regeneration and lastly liberation.

Neptune continues its trek through the elusive water sign Pisces which it rules. The Sun signs in water; Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces born in the early part of the sign continue to get more spiritual vibes influencing their developing consciousness.

The Lunar Cycle for May

The First Quarter Moon occurs May 6th in the fun loving fire sign Leo. The first quarter moon is a good time to look at how things are starting to develop. Get out socialize, throw a party, or use your leadership skills to start a trend.

The Full Moon occurs May 14th in the fixed water sign Scorpio. This could be a moody emotional day. Take time to meditate, cleanse and find ways to transform your negativity. Another aspect from Saturn to the moon may create harsh conditions for decisions to be made.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs May 21rst in the compassionate water sign Pisces. This moon signals the ending phase of the lunar cycle. This is a good time to think and evaluate what you want to let go off and or keep in your life. Moon in Pisces can attune us towards greater surrender to the higher forces all around us.

Stay in the light and remember the planets may incline a direction but we ultimately choose the course by the conscious use of our free will.



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