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Sun in Sagittarius, Mercury Direct, Winter Solstice


In the Stars for December
This is the last month of the fall season, as the Sun moves through the fire sign Sagittarius. This fire sign brings in the energy for aspiration, enthusiasm and self-expressiveness. Ruled by Jupiter the ideas of grace, joviality, friendliness, versatility, adventure, philanthropy and it’s no wonder we anticipate a jolly old man with toys during this season. Morals and ethics, religions and spiritual concepts are linked to this sign.

Sagittarius Sun signs are folks who can aim for many different goals, they may be armchair philosophers, travellers, revellers; freedom loving people. They make good teachers since they like to espouse their dogmatism, versatility of ideas and points of view. Jupiter bestows the energy of grace, optimism, good luck and faith. The love of nature, adventure and pleasure are hinted at by the centaur shooting its arrow reaching for higher goals. As every sign has its upside, the downside is they can be arrogant, dogmatic, tactless, irresponsible, indecisive and capricious. Sagittarius natives are high-minded individuals who are honest and straightforward. They seek the truth in the most profound sense and speak the truth as they believe it to be. They are free spirits who are outgoing and friendly yet sometimes candid and short on tactfulness.  Happy Birthday Sagittarius, this year Jupiter which rules Sagittarius is in its own sign bringing in the forces of confidence, vitality, and optimism, so try not to indulge too much this year as Neptune in Pisces squares your Sun which is good for inspiration but maybe not help with decisions as you may feel dreamy, and for some there can be a loss of vitality and unrealistic expectations.

The Planetary Aspects through December
1rst week, Dec. 1-2nd. Mercury still in apparent retrograde motions moves into the intense water sign Scorpio and so does Venus both these planets in Scorpio can deepen our thought processes and relations as we are encouraged to deepen our sense of intimacy, inner resources, and we may feel secretive or jealous and try not to be blunt and sarcastic in relationships.

2nd week, Dec. 3-9th, The New Moon occurs Dec. 6th in the fire sign Sagittarius; this may bring lots of plans and ideas to the surface. Mercury turns direct motion in Scorpio but be aware that things may not flow as easily yet until around the 9th. if you are planning to start projects this would be the time to move forward as things will flow more easily.

3rd week, Dec. 10-16th, Mercury moves into Sagittarius stepping up the energy for ideas, and reforms. The First Quarter Moon occurs Saturday, 12/15 in the mystical water sign Pisces. A dreamy day good for creative work like music and art making. We may feel foggy minded best to avoid big crowds if you’re travelling about making purchases.

4th week, Dec. 17-23, The Winter Solstice on Friday 12/21 The transiting Sun enters Capricorn, and we start the winter season, celebrations with the lights and adorning the evergreen tree. A time to hope for the light to return in the spring especially in the northern hemisphere. The longest night and shortest day. The transiting Sun in Capricorn brings in more grounded energies and we may feel more ambitious and constructive to embark upon our tasks and projects.  The Full Moon in Cancer occurs Sat. 12/22 a good time to balance between sensitive emotions and practical considerations. A high energy weekend as Moon opposes the Sun and Saturn both in Capricorn.

5th week Monday 12/24, the transiting Moon in the fun-loving fire sign Leo will benefit those celebrating the holidays this Christmas, most will feel like having celebrations this week, especially if you are travelling and enjoying the gift exchanges.  The Last Quarter Moon occurs Sat. 12/29 in the harmony air sign Libra, some may feel like resting or finishing things up as we get ready for the New Year celebration the Moon shifts into the secretive quiet water sign Scorpio and Mars enter its own fire sign, Aries, both will intensify the energy on the 31rst, New Year’s Eve.

This year has been intense but we continue to push forward with our ideals now that Jupiter is in Sagittarius, we may feel more courageous and optimistic while Saturn in Capricorn strengthens us for any task we must engage in.
And that is the report for this month as we continue to live through the cycles of time. Happy Holidays.
Peace and Blessings

Stay positive


“Make the best of it. When you make the best of whatever you’re focused upon, your future will be better than your now. If each moment you’re making the best of what-is, no matter what it is, you make the best of it; make the best of it; make the best of it—your future just gets better and better and better, and better.”


Law of Attraction

“Our Varied Behavior Adds to the Planet’s Well-Being… When you remember that nothing can come into your experience without your Vibrational invitation of it, then you do the simple work of paying attention to your own Vibrational offering, and you save yourself the enormous and impossible task of controlling the behaviour of others. When you remember that the varied behaviour of others adds to the balance and the Well-Being of your planet even if they offer behaviour that you do not approve of; and that you do not have to participate in the unwanted behaviour, and will not – unless you give your attention to it – you become more willing to allow others to live as they choose.”



Mercury Retrograde, Venus goes direct


It is that time again for a Mercury Retrograde phase. Mercury in the fire sign Sagittarius encourages new ideas and ventures to re-examine travel plans, finish up old projects, don’t start something new because it can go in different directions, although some like the creative excitement this phase can stir up. Oftentimes, machinery, computers, things that are about to malfunction do, so fixing things can be part of this journey. Changes in plans, caution with anything that requires orderly thinking. Research is best during this time. Go with the flow. Mercury goes direct Dec. 7th on the New Moon.



Venus is moving in direct motion,  shining the way in relationships in its own sign Libra. This will help us manifest more just reforms, relationships get the green light to go forward with the song of balance and harmony.

In the Stars for November



In the Stars for November

The fall season continues as the Sun moves through the intense water sign Scorpio this can be an emotionally charged time with some people exhibiting strong passionate drives others delving inwardly searching for a deeper meaning to the cycles of life and death.  This is a good time for self-analysis and perhaps embarking upon an inward journey to know one’s deeper emotions and motivations.

Historically, the symbol for Scorpio is the scorpion whose venomous sting characterizes the biting sarcasm attributed to this sign while others ascribe the eagle and or the Phoenix. The ideas behind the symbolism are greatness, intensity, sexuality, death, transformation and rebirth. Ruled by Mars and Pluto, Scorpio people are intense, passionate, resolute, enduring, persistent and courageous. These Scorpio Sun signs are strong-willed, masterful, and fearing nothing. They can overcome insurmountable barriers driving themselves hard and may get sick when they reach the point of exhaustion as they are hard workers. They present themselves with a quiet thoughtful and analyzing demeanour. They bring emotional depth and passion to anything or anyone, yet they are selective in their choice of companions and are very loyal loving and protective of their loved ones and on the contrary perhaps shrewd, suspicious, jealous and possessive depending on their evolution. They can be vengeful towards anyone who hurts their friends and private interests.  Oftentimes, expressing an extreme point of view life is either black and white right or wrong – they need to seek the middle ground. They can be naturally curious and suspicions seeking to probe until they ferret out the truth seldom are they fooled or victimized by others. They are full of power, strength and courage. Happy Birthday Scorpio benevolent guru planet Jupiter transiting through your sign has been showing you ways to grow and expand your power and gifts.

Planetary Aspects for November

1rst week 11/1-4th, Venus retrograde moves into the harmony seek air sign Libra stirring up the energies for communication, justice, fairness, equality in relationships this month, we are in the last quarter moon phase, finish up projects, make decisions and prepare for the next New Moon phase.

2nd week, 11/5-11th, Charging and energetic week as Uranus planet of erratic, revolutionizing change moves retrograde and re-enters Aries until March 2019, more intense fast moving erratic impatient energies abound, 11/7 New Moon in the intense water sign Scorpio charges up the energy for new beginnings with invigorating energy.  11/8 benevolent Jupiter enters its own enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius perking up inspiring ideas, modes of expression with some folks telling it like it is. Jupiter in Sagittarius is great for educators, presenters, philosophers, travellers to name a few. Sagittarius Sun signs will benefit, with some wanting to grow, expand, perhaps travel, and be more inspired to do creative things.

3rd week, 11/12-18th, First Quarter Moon in the humanitarian air sign Aquarius brings in the start of projects, interests in impartial but friendly communications. Mars the planet of action and strategies moves into the impressionable water sign Pisces could help to mellow things down, romantic drives, gentleness and compassion may help reduce the tension in the air. Venus stations moves direct 11/16 this will help no more waiting to make choices around money, values, and relationships.  Mercury which rules communications, networks, and schedules is moving retrograde between Nov.16-Dec.7th. Plan your schedules with opportunities to allow changes, read the fine print if you are purchasing big items, and it will be moving through inspirational Sagittarius, this can be a carefree time.

4th week, 11/19-25, the energy shifts this week, we build up to the Full Moon 11/22 Thanksgiving Day, in the witty air sign Gemini, the Sun enters into inspiring Sagittarius. A good day to share ideas, travel, learn and have fun. The Sun in Sagittarius brings in the energy for holiday merriment as we finish the fall season on Winter Solstice December 21. Neptune in Pisces turns direct motion and we can begin to collectively come out of the confusion and be imaginative and inspired.

5th week, 11/26-30th, we finish up the month on the Last Quarter Moon cycle in the analytical earth sign Virgo, this will be a busy day full of the energy available if you need to finish, clean up on all your projects this weekend.

And that is the forecast for this month if you would like readings of the aspectual transits to your natal chart call 928-203-6461.

In the Stars for October



In the Stars for October

The fall season continues to show us the change in season with an array of brilliant colours that nature produces this month as the Sun moves through the air sign Libra. Themes abound such as justice, equality, sharing opinions, communications are increased, and people are more likely to be social and engaged in groups focused on teamwork. While the Sun is in Libra we have a sense of harmony and balance perhaps demonstrating more ease with sharing. It is a positive time to get things done, take action, and follow your instincts towards generating more ideas, romance, and social networks.

Sun in Libra natives are highly intelligent, strong with communications, and they have a strong sense of aesthetics.  They can be gifted artists, engineers, mediators, diplomats and businesses managers that involve partnerships.  They are playful, fair and just.  Libra being an air sign seeks to work in partnership with others. Their sign is ruled by Venus, so they love to please others, find beauty and harmony wherever they go. They prefer to debate rather than just quarrelling. Sharing ideas and manifesting the art of persuasion is their forte. Happy Birthday Libra, Saturn squares your Sun this year and that aspect will challenge you to move forward despite your fears you may need to be committed and dedicated to removing obstacles yet Saturn always strengthens us.

The Planetary aspects for October
1rst week- 10/1-7th, we start off with the Last Quarter Moon in the water sign Cancer, this week is good finishing up projects, and on Friday, Oct. 5th, Mercury in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn now moving direct motion, this aspect can change patterns towards a sense of harmony and balance to any new organization of thought within the larger collective.  Venus planet of love, relationships and values goes into a station retrograde phase until Nov. 15th, travelling through the intense magnetic water sign Scorpio. A time to delve deeply into subconscious patterns around relationships, values, money, secrets and yet a lot can be renewed and cleansed during this time.  Scorpio is about the transformation of the deepest primal forces within us. While Venus moves through this sign, expect to form deeper intimate connections with loved ones. Venus opposes Uranus retrograde in Taurus could bring up unusual, out of the blue information around money, securities and current values. Mars and Uranus in a square aspect to each other will continue to exert tensions around the concepts of unique and authentic expressions and breakthroughs of progressive ideas.

2nd week-10/8-14th, The New Moon boosts up the energy in the air sign Libra, this Sun/Moon conjunction is an awakening point in this month’s cycle. Libra loves to be the hostess, so going out and sharing ideas are good on this day. Tues 10/9 Mercury will shift into the water sign Scorpio where it operates more on instincts and not always very clear and will join up with Venus also in Scorpio and both plants oppose Uranus on Wed. There can be a lot of unusual energy in the air, with regards to actions, communications and tensions as Venus squares Mars in Aquarius we have some fixed attitudes which are revealed;  mid-week can be a time full of tensions. Yet some people thrive on challenge and intensity. On Friday, 10/12 the Sun squares Pluto moving direct motion in Capricorn, the forces of power, renewal, challenges with the Justice system continues to cause intrigues.  Be aware of those who use ruthless tactics, subterfuge, and coercion to get their way.

3rd week- 10/15-21, The First Quarter Moon in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn, shows us how much work and planning needs to be done around new projects.  Mercury in Scorpio conjoins Venus and trines Neptune on Friday 10/19 this could be a dreamy moody weekend good for inner awareness, imagination and artistic processes.  Mercury in Scorpio squares Mars in Aquarius lending tension with communications, conflicts can arise easily so try not to be rude, pushy with intellectual debates as this aspect increases more of our primal instinctive drives, like jealousy, turbulent emotions, resentments and vengeance, in some folks. those who are more aware, follow the flow of energy with persistence and drives around their purposes.

4th week 10/22-28- The Sun enters into the deep mysterious water sign Scorpio on Tues.  10/23 we will experience four planets in Scorpio this month:  The Sun, Mercury, Venus retrograde, and Jupiter, these planets in Scorpio will be in aspect to Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto,  lending some ease to the intense Scorpio energy perhaps some type of check and balance on any overly irrational emotions as Mars in Aquarius will aspect them by square causing challenges and tensions to our fixed inner emotional, primal instinctive energies. A good time to meet and resolve the inner shadow, fears, survival instincts and the passion is there for some o get a lot of work done this week.
The Full Moon occurs Wed. 10/24 in the fixed earth sign Taurus, Sun in Scorpio, the themes of inventive change vs security issues of our collective comfort zone is being challenged. The best way to use this energy is to let go of clinging to outward notions of comfort and security. As we see today that the charge for change and transformation is clearly visible in the political arena where the systems that operate to restore the balance, harmony and justice for all is under the scrutiny of the masses during this Full Moon.  Fall always brings us the change in the weather patterns cooler temps and amazing colourful landscapes.

Have a Happy and safe Halloween on Wed. 10/31 as the Moon shifts into the Last Quarter Phase in the fun and easy going fixed fire sign Leo.

The study of the movements of the stars can show us the patterns of the celestial energy available in creation, Astrology shows us how we can best choose and use the energy creatively.
Peace and Blessings
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Autumnal Equinox/ Full Moon



Fall Leaves


Yes, autumn is here! Cooler temperatures an equal balance between day and night this weekend, a new charge is in the air as Libra an air sign is focused on establishing harmony, peace, and balance between new ideas that may be challenging with the Full Moon in Aries charging the atmosphere with the innovative. This Full Moon is about teamwork, cooperation and balance of the self within the group. The fall colours are beautiful everywhere get out and enjoy the nature.